Wild West

Group 421

Puzzle 1

Someone who lies out absorbing the solar rays

Viral children’s song about a fish family

Solo speech

Limited product beer maker

__ Gaulle, French airport and general

Car maker with Defender and Freelander models

Outspoken non-conformist

Rendered immaculate

Plates, glassware, cutlery etc

1950s skiffle group created by John Lennon

Puzzle 2

Promotional booklet used to announce an event

Wedge or heavy object keeps a portal open

The __ crew keep stores free of dirt

Boringness, dullness, triteness

Catastrophic failures or fiascos

Religion based on Siddhartha Gautama’s teachings

Funeral attendees

Russian leader who signed SALT II

What the abbreviation EU stands for: __ Union

Tiny reservoir for creatures that swim

Puzzle 3

Sauce for a croque-monsieur

Deception, deceit, sleight of hand

Capital city of Australia

Telling the waitress what you would like to eat

Mary Poppins advises a __ of sugar

Periorbital haematoma

Ricky Martin’s Latin pop anthem, Livin’ la __

Keep information to yourself

Those up for an award


Puzzle 4

Green headwear with a buckle, worn by leprechauns

Less full

Avian Batman nemesis Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot

__ Bell, Sousa tune adopted by Monty Python

Drivers take turns driving each other to work

Revive, reanimate, reenergize

Person whom police believe committed a crime

Talkative birds

Criminally dishonest or immoral

Armistice of Mudros, in 1918, ended this empire

Puzzle 5

__ practice, improving shooting by repetition

Musician and first son of John Lennon

Making noises like a pigeon – or a baby

Nation whose 1st governor was Ioannis Kapodistrias

Boy __ or Robin, Batman’s faithful sidekick

Stuns, amazes

Excessive pride or self-confidence

Dorothy’s home state in The Wizard of Oz

Bugs Bunny always had one of these to eat

Group 422

Puzzle 1

Four-piece orchestra

Cut or shortened, like a photograph

Waterfall shared by the US and Canada

Custom-made shells that improve the look of teeth

Supervise, preside over

Rabat serves as this N. African country’s capital

Whale spear

Pierced with a long, pointed weapon

City of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

70’s pop music with outrageous make-up and clothes

Throwing out, dumping

Changing direction quickly to avoid an accident

Type of restaurant most likely to serve sushi

Capital of Sierra Leone

Rocky’s species on Rocky and Bullwinkle

Emits a loud noise

The silvery metallic element Sm

Someone who doesn’t belong, a stranger

Sudden electronic bugs or faults

Sowing a seed or an idea

Institutions where books are held

Made an incorrect assumption

Lake used as a source of water supply

Gerard __, French actor of Cyrano de Bergerac

French government body 1799-1804, led by Napoleon

Relating to the stomach or mid-section of the body

Decorative stationery for sending by post

Grumpiness, sourness

Tool for hand-washing clothes, turned percussion

Cold, frothy dairy drink

Puzzle 4

First Beatles hit in 1962

Small country houses

1815 Belgian battle in which Napoleon is defeated

Starred opposite DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can

Beating eggs until they become light and fluffy

Battle equine

Romeo __, one of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers

Nationality of a native of Warsaw or Gdansk

The month after July

Talk rapidly and without making sense

Unfasten, separate

Milk container made of cardboard

__ Dumpty, nursery rhyme character was broken

Mother of Minos, the legendary King of Crete

Most decorated Olympian of all time

The white outer layer of the eyeball

Undercover, clandestine, hush-hush

Dolly __, singer and Dollywood theme park owner

Group 423

Puzzle 1

A performance of a piece of music or drama

Small bite-sized French cake eaten with coffee

Lasting, remaining, clinging on

Sherlock’s role that involves workers and a queen

US state where Baton Rouge is located

Substance that slows down a chemical reaction

What a bicycle rests on

Access the Internet here while sipping coffee

Requires one to do their duty

The direction in which the hands of time move

What flows through royal veins

Puzzle 2

Horoscope arachnid creature

One who interrupts a sports event by running nude

Designated a task

Returned to the original status

Did everything the law required

Hanging loosely

This veggie is known as an aubergine in the UK

Inventor of the first motorcar

The tendon connecting the calf to the heel

Metal cuffs applied to prisoners’ wrists, ankles

Puzzle 3

Employing, giving work to

Lana __ US pop singer of Summertime Sadness

The American version of the Sindy doll

The __ Connection, Hackman drove a Pontiac Le Mans

Museum housing Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

Floppy-eared hopper

Tall cupcake, perhaps blueberry or chocolate

Sea where the Greek island of Santorini is located

Revoke a law

Four in Portuguese

Puzzle 4

Popeye’s significant other

Embarrassing mistakes

Musical genre to which The Sex Pistols belong

Said the same thing more than once

Reaching a place


A weight hung from a fixed point that swings

Able to perceive or feel things

Number of breakaway American colonies

Place to pick up old car parts


Scale to measure wind speed

Puzzle 5

Observer, bystander, onlooker

Something to say when leaving

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of __”

Striking something or someone

The most savage animal, the least tame

Site of cave paintings in France

Morally sound

Speed up, accelerate

Small perfumed bags used to scent clothes

Divergent actor Zoe’s famous singer dad, Lenny __

Curly or flat-leaf herb used as a garnish

Rick __, Ghostbusters, Spaceballs actor

New York baseball team

Group 424

Puzzle 1

Male skilled in DIY and household repairs

Unmarried man

Explosive device goes off at a set moment

Dog comes in types Dobermann and German

Providing liquid to plants

Where a business carries out operations

Electric tree-cutting tool

Shrinks, dries up

Elimination tournament at end of NBA season

Symbol that represents initials on a personal item

Dwelled in self pity

__ Syne, New Year tune

Round particles, droplets

Puzzle 2

Fun meet-ups for children

White Wedding punk rocker

Shot on goal that was not accurate

Works, performs, operates properly

All-seeing, attentive

Causing upset or distress

Substance to reduce friction, especially in cars

Businessmen may use one to carry their documents

From where nuggets of precious metal are excavated

Milliner from Alice’s Wonderland

Brad Pitt manages the Oakland A’s in this film

Puzzle 3

__ burner, lab equipment that has a gas flame

Back fin on a shark

Jack the __, killer in London’s Victorian East End

Small pool left behind after a rain

Swiss city home to the Cathedral of St. Pierre

Car maker with S-type and E-type models

Stroke in an affectionate manner

No rhyme or __

Mediterranean island invaded by Turkey in 1974

Puzzle 4

A coarse flour made from kernels on a husk

__ car, temporary replacement

Castle, Scottish home of Queen Elizabeth II

Someone who is jailed, kept in captivity

Ocean-surface pollution from a tanker spill

Pardons, excuses someone for wrongdoings

Promoted to Sir by the Queen

Geological time period of the first dinosaurs

Engage in pointless work to while away the hours

Spooking, harrowing

Central target on a dartboard

Internet __, Microsoft web browser

Tom Hanks played Woody in this Pixar movie

Speaking a foreign __ might help you abroad

Welcoming and warm

Puzzle 5

Marked, scratched

Low seat that is also a storage box

Posy of flowers carried by the bride

Die __ Day, Madonna sang this Bond theme


The lower and back part of the hip bone

Digital media player from iPhone company

Trainees, often unpaid

__ cookie, Chinese biscuit with a special message

American Revolutionary long-barrelled guns

Group 425

Puzzle 1

General name for an egg-laying mammal

Fanciful, quirky, humorous

Early long-distance communication device

Demand money in return for not releasing info

Incandescent sphere in the home

Portmanteau word for pals and adversaries

Made by Mme Tussaud of those who were guillotined

Linked like twins born fused together

The Dark Side of the Moon rock band

Large glass vessels with stoppers for wine

Self-service lunchroom restaurant in a workplace

Parades first held in New Orleans in 1838

Puzzle 2

Appreciating a tweet by clicking the heart

Official UN language that’s first alphabetically

Wiener in a bun

Sloped, leaning

Mother or father

One who works in clay

These are used to dry a person after bathing

__ of the Jungle, Tarzan spoof

NY NBA team that plays in Madison Square Garden

Surname of Barbie’s fashion doll partner Ken

Puzzle 3

Cheap purchases, heavily discounted

Daddy __, childish-sounding name for a crane fly

Dead, scaly skin on the scalp


__ Graffiti, with George Lucas’s yellow Ford Coupe

Quick, inexpensive dining option

Moustache with long drooping ends

An order to make less noise

Pink Panther inspector

A quick pause for rest

Puzzle 4

Supply, give out

Foretell the future

Official who marks the route of a race

Fill it with air or helium

Orange gourd

Bird kept for its eggs or meat

Medical term for German measles

Bobbing the head

To wash and iron clothing

To forgive past offences, “Let __ be __”

Puzzle 5

Traditional Mexican brass band

Arthur __, Poirot’s sidekick and narrator

Tip-off play used to start every basketball game

Small hollows for snipers, say, or vixen and cubs

Intended as a cure

Spanish vegetable soup served cold

Triangular tombs found in Egypt

Not having a worry or responsibility

One who displays allegiance to the government

Canadian city with the most French speaking people

Dutch exotic dancer and WWI spy

Your visual organs


Film franchise with terrifying lizard beast

Privilege granted as a special honor

Group 426

Puzzle 1

Famous and respected

Band known for Stayin’ Alive

San __, geological fault that covers California

Shiraz, Merlot or Malbec, for example

Shoulder blade

The Walking Dead is overrun with these creatures

Long backless seats

Telephone number set up for emergency use

Chemistry and biology fall under this subject

Sagrada __, Catholic church in Barcelona

Hold something dear

Puzzle 2

Width of a plane or of a bird

To water crops

Your daughter’s boy

Having a high temperature

In tennis, after a 6-6 score, comes this

Owned up to, claimed guilt

Non-alcoholic mixed drink

He sat at a feast with a sword hanging over him

Extravagant, lavish, excessive

Blinding headache

Puzzle 3

__ agent, spy working for two opposing sides

Nick __, British novelist of About a Boy

Dutch beer brand named after the Dutch capital

Not formal

Rat or mouse

African religion practiced in New Orleans

Hit, impacted

Ingrid Bergman & Great Garbo were born here

Adam Levine’s band, __ 5

Articulate, eloquent

Ancient Egyptian sky goddess, consort of Horus

Puzzle 4

The process of growth or increase

Dreadful, shocking

Damage done to property

Instrument played by Bill Clinton

Soaking up

Cracked or snapped

Suddenly shoot up high, e.g. prices


A flight of steps

Tidal mouths of large rivers

Puzzle 5

Lazy, slothful

Commonly delivered off-speed pitch in baseball

Feral feline

Spice found in many pumpkin desserts

Carved in stone


Selfless concern for the well-being of others

Foo __, Seattle rock band, members from Nirvana

Capital of South Australia

Group 427

Puzzle 1

Film with Kevin Costner protecting Whitney Houston

Small white arthropods found in rock pools

Island off the Massachusetts coast near Cape Cod

Solidifying, becoming tougher

Stem from, derive from

Food elements vital for good health

Ancient Egyptian queen

City where the band known as ABBA originated

Another name for a white blood cell

Has the opposite outcome to what was intended

Puzzle 2

Bacterial infection sometimes known as lockjaw

Official who investigates suspicious deaths

Warm up the oven

They’re used for steeping leafy beverages

__ Cars, love song by Snow Patrol

Socialize, mingle, schmooze

Fast-flowing stream

Legendary winged horse born from Medusa’s blood

More resilient, stronger

Coiffure slicking product

__ Diaries, TV show based on LJ Smith’s novels

Hire an aircraft for a particular trip

Puzzle 3

Where children store their sandwiches for school

Mixed up the cards

Keeping out of view, waiting for drama to pass

Small hole in a tire

TV bloopers

Leaned back

City where Mozart lived most of his life

Clean and hygienic

The most exhausted

Puzzle 4

GPS tech company based in Switzerland

Both India and Bangladesh share this river’s delta

Second thoughts, feelings of doubt

Shakespeare’s Two Gentleman were from here

Brazilian town of shacks, very poor residents


Doggy __, swimming stroke for canines and babies

Puzzle 5

Thought up a notion

Italian word for feud where revenge is sought

Illegally impeding the path of offensive players

Religious travellers

Label indicating how much a garment costs

Beach TV show starring David Hasselhoff

Working from a distance, not in the office

Benedict Arnold did this when he turned traitor

Making clothes from wool using long needles

Radical group that devised the Reign of Terror

A break in a bone

Mountain range along the entire Italian peninsula

Parallel lines on a map represent this

Music sung by a man under his lover’s window

Raised wooden platform for workers

Facial decoration applied ahead of entering battle

Group 428

Puzzle 1

Lands, estate


Italian saying meaning “cooked in the oven”

Amateur singalong at a bar

Car maker with Panamera and Carrera models

Gouging a pumpkin for Halloween

Become small and dry

Oil that helps eliminate head lice

The opposite of success

To rob using violence, like the Vikings did

Manolo __, the shoe designer

Yoked, tethered – or even married

Poisonous plant given to Socrates in a drink

Puzzle 2

Steroid hormone used as an anti-inflammatory

French breakfast pastry, half-moon shaped

Circular sideways handspring with extended limbs

Accentuates a mouth’s rim, a la Kylie Jenner

Hidden, tucked away

Dame who won an Oscar in Shakespeare in Love

Not deciduous

To change, evolve

Lacy iron ones adorn the Big Easy’s French Quarter

The fat priest in the tales of Robin Hood

Superman’s archenemy

Centre where plasma donations are stored

Those who marry while legally wed to someone else

To follow a trend is to “jump on the __”

Sending into exile

Puzzle 3

City where the Blue Nile and White Nile meet

A final showy performance by a theatrical type

How to order a thoroughly-cooked steak

Tepid, no longer boiling hot

Shapes with a knife

Painful, sudden involuntary contracting of muscles

Record label started by Madonna

Bosses on boats

Not usual or standard

The action of using campaigning for social change

Honoured, respected

Puzzle 4

Least old

Japanese jet ski and motorcycle manufacturer

Art piece with three separated panels

The third largest religion in the world

Most succulent

The acquisition and sale of animal pelts

Liquid fat that softens ear wax, found in kitchens

Orange pet that swims

In Greek mythology, the city founded by Queen Dido

Decency, virtue

Puzzle 5

Usual color of an airplane’s black box

Flower from which vanilla is derived

Rare-earth element and soft metal, symbol Ce

In tennis, score after 15

__ Depp; DiCaprio’s on-screen bro, Gilbert Grape

Japanese car company, makes the Celerio

Horizontal trim above a fireplace opening


__ clock, Switzerland’s gift to history

Tasteless and gaudy

Spanish word for ice cream

Shiny metal foil strips to hang on Christmas trees

Group 429

Puzzle 1

Lets, permits

Donna __, queen of 70s disco

Beer maker

Cat with black spot native to Central & S. America

Card shown by a referee when booking a footballer


__ of Fear, the last of the Sherlock Holmes novels

Minister ranked below a Christian priest

Tall and lanky

Beverage you get at Starbucks

Extracting coal and ores, say, from the ground

Puzzle 2

Interfering individual

ABBA song about Napoleon

Term for the crime of killing a king


Provide a person with a reason for action

Roman emperor, husband of Agrippina the Younger

Adding colour to walls with a brush or roller

Alternative plan when all else fails

Instructional meeting

Phnom Penh is the capital of this nation

Sweet green melon

Puzzle 3

Suppose that something is true without evidence

Small tests of general knowledge

Song by the Beatles: “__ Rigby”

Join in

Gripping tongs for delivering babies

Dents on a golf ball or on a person’s cheeks

Vestal __ guarded sacred fire at Vesta’s shrine

Winter statues of frozen water

Stinging, burning insect that marches

An outing where you do not stay overnight

Temporary, provisional

Puzzle 4

Ladies’ jeans style with a relaxed fit

Fear of bees

Capable of adjusting to new conditions

The person to whom a letter is sent

In the manner of a male sibling

Rock where John Lennon and Yoko Ono married

Card game, also known as twenty-one

Limited time offer for cheap drinks

Someone who fights in a private army for money

This band sings Hotel California

Puzzle 5

Not straight

Ingrid Bergman’s character in Casablanca

False optical orb

Steep plunge downwards by an aircraft

Place in a house for children’s toys and games

Lands ruled by male royalty

To be filled with a deep, reverberating sound

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelp’s sport

Taking off the top layer of paint with a tool

One who lives in a rural community

Cyclist’s path

Lively, spirited

Group 430

Puzzle 1

Goes to get

__ States, former name of the United Arab Emirates


Fringes grouped together that dangle from cushions

An empty hotel room, space for someone to stay

To confuse or fluster

Hebrew name for god, used in the Old Testament

Sean __, early James Bond, Scottish actor

Fruits rated on the Scoville scale

80’s rock band that had a hit song, “Call Me”

Move downward

Signs, gestures or sounds as instructions

Puzzle 2

Daryl Hannah mermaid movie

Family ruling Florence for most of the Renaissance

Fraudulently copied

The core, central part of something

Leave a lasting impression

Acronym and name of a US stock exchange

Largest Italian island

Inventor __ Telsa

Three-line Japanese poems

Every seven days

Ancient Egyptian capital established by Akhenaten

Puzzle 3

Dig a hole

Replying in anger

Type of cake with candles on top

Advice to help someone resolve a problem

Products designed to clean dirty hair

Large water amphibian

Prison photos of offenders’ faces

Margaret __, author of Gone With The Wind


For outside storage on top of a car

State again strongly

Puzzle 4

Having the qualities of a kid

Emotional pain felt in the chest

Remembering, bringing to mind

Lunar glow

Coarseness, rudeness

Insect with taste buds in its feet

British director of Corpse Bride and Beetlejuice

__ Gang, responsible for Rapper’s Delight in 1979

Basketball brand with Jumpman logo

Fashion leader

Citrus element in a margarita

Dangerous mass of falling snow

Puzzle 5

Having a very pleasant smell

Subterranean living space

German Nobel prize winner who discovered X-rays

Put up with, endure, bear

Mountain range situated between France and Spain

Making butter from milk by stirring constantly

Singer of Subterranean Homesick Blues

Swords, guns, clubs, etc.

Public displays in museums

Came before

Zeppelins and blimps

Group 431

Puzzle 1

Published collection of poems

Incapable of going wrong

So foolish it’s funny

Active at night

Debonair Hollywood leading man of the 1930s

Small pond of water left when the ocean recedes

Robot, android, cyborg

Charlie Brown was often heard saying this

Glass sphere with fake ice flakes and a scene

Disturb the normal position of a joint

Head over heels in love with someone

Waving air onto

Type of sugar found in milk

Swinging decade that followed the Fifties

Ability to speak and understand a foreign language

Bubbling, effervescing

“Feeling a bit under the __”

Great happiness, euphoria

Ammunition for guns

You cut these out to receive discounts at a store

Religious colony established by William Penn

Puzzle 3

Ancient trade route that connected the East & West

The highest branches in a woodland

Ritual of clinking guests’ wine glasses at a party

Deep male singing voice

Insects flying in large groups

A noisy argument

Deliberately confuse someone

Canine-powered winter transport vehicles

One-piece cutout swimsuit

City where Catherine de Medici was born

Located in your foot, it’s called the calcaneus

“The whole kit and __”, everything

Female who receives rent money


Eyeglasses with two distinct optical strengths

Puzzle 4

Rabbit wool

Shed for aircraft

Famous wooden horse taken inside the city walls

Detective, private eye, anagram of hustle

Largest city in Southern Italy

City that is home to the Royal Castle of Poland

Theologian Martin Luther’s nationality

Pimples and redness due to an allergy or shaving

Mulder and __, leading characters of the X-Files

Cusses, blasphemes, damns

Puzzle 5

Minimise the significance of something

Medicine to clear or prevent otitis

Baseball hit that doesn’t land in fair territory

Shiny silver metal, symbol Cr, metal plating usage

Supplies, furnishes with

Descriptive keywords, title and abstract info

Illness, condition

Describes a wet bar of soap or a snake or eel

Black, dry Irish stout; famous beer brand

Group 432

Puzzle 1

Former name of Beijing

Hydrophobia is a historic name for this virus

Small units or booths within a supermarket

Gently, not roughly

Type of dry wine used in cooking

Household fabrics like towels, bedding, etc.

Shirt fastener

The driest desert in North America

Shiny, like healthy hair

South American cowboy

Puzzle 2

Tactile formal greeting

People you don’t know

Rectangular panel behind basketball hoop

Keeping weight evenly distributed

Caring, protecting

The hosts on a plane

A home when kids, or birds, have grown up and left

Uneaten food stored for the following day

Soulless creatures in Harry Potter film series

Art __, formed a singing duo with Paul Simon

Medically, the post-childbearing years

Puzzle 3

Hunger, a strong desire for food

Southernmost country where Victoria Falls is found

No answers found

Carrie’s surname in Sex and the City

Strong, aggressive

Hard Italian sheep’s cheese, with Romano variety

Seafaring uniform colour

Blank bound pages for writing

Existing only in theory

This animal puffs up when threatened

Puzzle 4

“It ain’t over till the __ sings”

A feeling of distaste or hostility

Barbed, like a rose’s stalk

Mislead by false beliefs

Food without fake chemicals or growth stimulants

Little House on the __, popular 1970s TV show

Hand motion used for emphasis

Forrest Gump was born and raised in this state

Enchanted, supernatural

In clothing, holes through which cord is passed

Puzzle 5

__ Bad, chemistry teacher Walter White goes rogue


Essential substance also known as retinol

Monopoly command sees a player incarcerated

Put in the shade, outshone

Sea to the west of the Balkan Peninsula

Jim Carrey plays a lawyer who can’t fib

Amount of precipitation over a timed period

Country whose capital is Addis Ababa

Blocked from view

In love with Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing

Where sailing vessels are built and maintained

Skeptic or doubter of the existence of God

Rock band with album American Idiot

Group 433

Puzzle 1

Small lump of gold

__ Scale, measure of the strength of tornadoes

Part of the eye that contains photoreceptor cells

Spanish for dove, and a girls’ name

Beneficial to all, and certainly not loss-loss

The Blue __, Attenborough explores the oceans

Ruler of China, Genghis Khan’s grandson: __ Khan

In constant search for his precious

Domesticated mammal from the Andes kept for wool


Without any limit or restriction

Ice cream dessert with cream, nuts and toppings

Puzzle 2

Person who believes in the supernatural and magic

The right-hand side of a boat or ship

Diabolical, heinous

Avalanches of wet earth

Actor employed in a very minor role in a movie

In an unwise manner

Serving as a temporary substitute

Beatles song about the Liverpool of their youth

Feathery ice crystal

Grown-up years

Puzzle 3

Deep pits where stones are extracted from

Oldest bridge across the Seine in Paris

Moves forward with a plan

Colourfully-named Madonna album of 1986

Turn one when you want to ignore something

Pictures of how to do something

Intellectual, scholarly, cultural

These are alive with the sound of music

Colony insects that eat wood and create mounds

Puzzle 4

Marking with a hot iron

Instruction to keep a secret

Ruining, having a detrimental effect

Wealthy, powerful person with political influence

Military aircraft

The action of pulling or tearing away

Liticaphobia is the fear of this

Doctor played by George Clooney in ER

Subtle, not obvious

BTW to texters

Puzzle 5

Fixed yearly sum paid to someone

Sing and dance

Bob Marley sung about shooting this official

Bravery, valour

Mean __, Scorsese film with Robert de Niro

Fall off a surfboard

Vintage, timeless

Approved, thought highly of, appreciated

Written record

Less smooth, bumpier

Capital of Libya

Oprah __, actress, chat show host and TV executive

Group 434

Puzzle 1

Describes the feet of ducks

Chinese dumpling

Educational facility


The name of Pete’s Dragon in 1977 Disney film

Capital of Angola

Rare, foreign

Carved or cast figure of a person or animal

Fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces

Puzzle 2

Canine battle

Top person in a commercial kitchen

Use someone’s to cry on

Facetious, frivolous, not taking things seriously

Navigating a plane

Excessive pride in oneself

Generally assumed to be the case

Month when summer starts in Australia

Halogen light filled with water and coloured wax

Name given to 11 pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

Puzzle 3

What a husband is to his spouse’s parents

Time-travelling car from Back to the Future

The action of becoming wider or more open

Whirling masses of water or air

Decorative paper for covering presents

Deliberately causing harassment online

Travelling tour of performers

Written souvenir from a traveler


Chuck Taylor basketball shoe company

Tool used to help put on footwear

Flinched, shrank back in horror

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

The sudden spread of disease

Worrying, becoming anxious

Puzzle 4

Emilio __, one of Martin Sheen’s sons

City destroyed by the lava of Mount Vesuvius

Put up with, suffered

The medicine diabetics need

Mutual friendly understanding

The R in ROFL, “__ on floor laughing”

Meet the __, sequel to Meet the Parents

Small Hawaiian stringed instrument

Block of frozen water used to keep a drink cold

Marking with a whip

Sending word to a deity

Puzzle 5

Made in celebration of a great achievement

Proficiency, skillfullness

Plant-growing container for a sill

Drew __, author of Wildflower and co-star on E.T.

Attractive and repulsive forces between objects

Interpreted in a particular way

Inspiring love or affection


Large Florida reptile, like a crocodile

Dancer who uses pointe shoes

Spanish translation of the word Spring

Force, compel; restrict or restrain

“Caught between a rock and a __ __”

Putting things in a specific order

Chaotic event in a restaurant or school cafeteria

Group 435

Puzzle 1

__ the Great rode upon his self-tamed Bucephalus

Both an arid Mexican State and a tiny dog breed

A skilled user of prose

Savage, fierce

Gets the better of someone

Maintain a safe distance

Sparkling wine used to celebrate

“__ roasting on an open fire” Christmas lyrics

The __; reality TV show, first aired on MTV in ’92

Warning of flames

Puzzle 2

Capital and largest city of Nova Scotia

Setting or situation, especially in literature

General __ Decimus Meridius or the Gladiator

Shabby and untidy or dirty

Educator, one who informs others for learning

Highest point on a house or building

Head supports in bed

The original sporting games were held here

Percussion discs that form part of a drum kit


Puzzle 3

Containers for children’s playthings

Scooping out mud from a river

Associated with former times

Dress code for a formal, evening event

Squeeze, flatten

Menu of grape-based alcoholic beverages

Scorn, disdain, disrespect

Sounds made by a bell, or a fiery argument

The action or process of sticking to a surface

Small talk, casual conversation

Puzzle 4

Haikus have 17 of these

Researcher who developed polio vaccine in 1953

Grouped, bunched together

Unopposed shot awarded after basketball foul

Robustness, toughness, resilience

Mountainous location of the Reichenbach Falls

Tequila cocktail with lime juice

Captivated, enthralled

Clear, exonerate

A person who designs buildings


Playful, friendly exchange of teasing remarks

Four score

Charles Dickens’ workhouse boy


__ Keys sings about New York with Jay-Z

Castilian city famous for El Cid and black pudding

Feeling of sickness, especially when pregnant

Helena __ Carter, plays Bellatrix on Harry Potter

Make up something, create something new

Large woolen garment with a slit for the head

Group 436

Puzzle 1

The galaxy that contains our Solar System

To lay out and get a tan

Singer and actress, starred in Pillow Talk

Where an HK Internet suffix leads you to

Christopher __, Italian explorer and discoverer

Main meal accompaniment

Someone who competes on the other team

Iron plates for cooking on

Dilapidated, falling apart

Type of guards that provide safety for a building

Puzzle 2

Places for birds to sit

Fragile, delicate

Goddess of the harvest in Greek mythology

James Bond film named after a ghost, an apparition

__ split, old-fashioned phrase meaning fast

Steak or fish served raw in form of a small cake

Artist and second wife of John Lennon



TV’s teenage witch

Paypal, credit cards & cash are all forms of this

Puzzle 3

Site of the battle that took place on D-Day

The most serious type of skin cancer

Velvet-like fabric with ridges running through it

A thin, cylindrical glass container used in a lab

Canine snow workers, pulling toboggans

Exploding, like a volcano

Liveliness, energy, lust for life

End of conversation, final utterance

A final point in space or time

Small, red, peppery veggies added to a salad

Disordered mixture of things

Greek god of the sea

Expressed disagreement with

Author of books

Michael Jackson’s famous backwards dance move

Largest city in New Zealand, on North Island

Puzzle 4

They live where the pyramids were built

They perform card tricks and create illusions

John Oates’ performing partner

Aim, plan

Emotional and exaggerated reactions

Area sealed off with a barrier

Protective boards for hot plates on a table

Male lens operator on a film set

Warship that carries missiles under water

Bear-like marsupials found in Australia

Kitchen on a ship

The D in DM on Twitter, __ Message

A silhouette, a shape or template


__ James, #23 plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers

Uplifting song identified with a particular group

__ Easton sang Bond theme For Your Eyes Only

A knight slays this mythical creature

Blossoms, buds, flowers

Legal expert

A band of actors

Tattered around the edges

Small bites to eat between meals

Group 437

Puzzle 1

Schooled, taught

Trial of pulling strength with two teams and rope

Edwin __, famously painted The Monarch of the Glen

” ‘Cause baby you’re a ___”, sings Katy Perry

Monica __, famous White House intern

On the outside

Get ready for a kiss

A reserve of funds used for fighting a battle

This insect can spread malaria

Puzzle 2

Touted, sold illegally

Skulking, keeping out of view

Stupendous, awesome

Dish-shaped receptacle for smokers

Asked to be a guest

Early rock music with guitars and washboard

Condemn to servitude

The religious have these, aka convictions

Aircraft with two sets of stacked wings

Nibbling grass on a pasture

Difficult to track down

Puzzle 3

Little-known competitor who is victorious

Fans of the king or queen’s family

Opening something with a key

Unwelcome house pest

Michael Myers horror film franchise

Freshwater ship

Puts into print

Game of X’s and O’s

Pretend or practice evacuation

Wednesday in Spanish

Layout of living space

The black sphere in a billiards game

Spaghetti sauce with minced meat, from Italy

Puzzle 4

Combing, tidying hair

Sweater with long sleeves & buttons on the front

Describes movement of vultures seeking out prey

Unable to leave home because of winter weather

Satisfying or appealing

Copied, mirrored

Large retail store selling a wide variety of goods

Argentinian football legend Diego __

Principles of right and wrong; ethics, scruples

TV programme with guest interviews and chat topics

Tube called the external acoustic meatus

Slow cooked little cuts of pork, Mexican style

The quality of being poisonous

Without shoes

Meddled with, played around with

Puzzle 5

Gruesome __, pair of monsters in Wacky Races

Country directly to the north of Estonia

Glued, stuck

Could be done in the sun or the tub

An ill-fated 1912 voyage took place on this ship

Gwen __, lead singer with No Doubt

Ship’s captain

Hot chili paste or powder in North African cuisine


One on the periodic table

Taxonomic group beneath genus

Group 438

Puzzle 1

Transformers mechanical lifeforms from Cybertron

Falling on a banana skin

Chemical element named after dynamite inventor

Performed in a long, continuous curve

Where scalp meets forehead

To take someone’s words out of context

Foolishly, lacking in wisdom

Of or for cooking

Depression in the ground where water accumulates

Flames in a remote forested area

Natural patterns on animals’ coats

One of the reasons for ending a boxing match

Incorporation, inclusion

Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith __

Puzzle 2

Assurance, conviction

Ended, finished

Book by Fred Gipson about a dog protecting a ranch

Tag with washing instructions

Nickname for Mars

Described in detail

The dwelling of someone who lives in solitude

A chemical substance released by an animal

Illegal action on a basketball court

Cuba and China both use this economic structure

Inactive, sitting, unmoving

Cocktail with bourbon, sugar and aromatic garnish

Puzzle 3

Partial refund to someone who has paid too much

Tom Cruise plays a fighter pilot in this film

Polish Nocturnes composer Frederic __

Katherine’s sister in The Taming of the Shrew

Flag or cloth bearing a symbol, logo or slogan

Tournament sport played annually at Wimbledon

Special slang used by a particular group

Memorable, sticks in your mind

Cloth interior of a coat

Soft downy skin that covers a young deer’s antler

Puzzle 4

Homo __, the human species

In Harry Potter, Dumbledore’s pet is this bird

Set of straps used to attach a horse to a cart

Anatomical term for the breastbone

Makes a solemn promise

Vehicles moving on a road or public highway

Type of lettuce in a wedge salad

Writes messily


Bright colour associated with Barbie

Makeup for eyelashes

Puzzle 5

An evening for playing Monopoly or Scrabble

Devised a plan in the mind

Editing text for publication

Weather system with low temperatures

Not the best place for getting out of bed

Plots where grapes are harvested for winemaking

Beatles tune about a dark-feathered garden visitor

Chit chat

Moves from one’s home country to live in another

Motion used on Tinder to pass on someone

Outdoor cooking facility for savoury Italian pies

Material worn on the head while playing sports

Lucille Ball’s TV comedy with husband Desi Arnaz

Independent city-state island in South East Asia

Worthy of veneration

Romantic tale

Group 439

Puzzle 1

Tender, juicy, and tasty; type of plant

Place for parents to sit while at the playground

Furry bird-like toy that pops out of an egg

Ejection from a group or club

Construction vehicle for moving and unloading soil


Announcing or proclaiming, e.g. arrival of angels

With traditional values

Expensive and sumptuous

Act on someone’s behalf

Russian city formerly named Stalingrad

Director of the thriller film Psycho

Technical equipment needed for a specific activity

Singing and drinking and having fun

Affection from young canine

Tennis penalty for encroaching on serve

Distressing, upsetting

Puzzle 3

Set amount of money designated for a project

Whichever person

Old name for Mumbai

City where West End is akin to NYC’s Broadway

Stage name of musician & DJ, Norman Cook: __ Slim

An informer

Pure or clean according to Jewish law

Tosses a ball


Insect that swarms and eats

Greek goddess of wisdom, symbolized by an owl

Move troops into position

Puzzle 4

Comments, analysis

Second person in a plane’s cockpit

Measure of loudness

It can help to heal dry lips

Sensible; based on facts, not emotions

Suitcases, luggage

Kicking the legs out like a horse

Fire lighters

Generally speaking, on the whole

Video recorder positioned by a car’s front window

“Easy like Sunday __”, sang the Commodores

Combat specialist in a tribe

Someone up for an award

U.S. currency bills

Oval-shaped nuts that can be coated in sugar

Pre-Christian faith

Puzzle 5

A shaped piece of metal used as a pattern

To ride a sailboard fitted with a moveable sail

Leaves hurriedly and secretly to avoid capture

Checks over, examines

Moves forward, like an army

Historical hatred or ill-feeling

__ Never Dies, Sheryl Crow sang this Bond theme

Came into bloom

Natural rays streaming from above

Singeing, scorching

Caution someone in advance

Group 440

Puzzle 1

Glad tidings

Giuseppe Verdi’s profession

Month in which Leonardo DiCaprio was born

Ruler with the nickname Iron Chancellor

Green alcoholic drink

Use these to block out sound


Sits lazily

Puzzle 2

Prominent vampire family in The Twilight Saga

Queen of the Goths in Titus Andronicus

Showing courage and resolve

Painter, sculpter

A fly’s larva

The first C in BCC used in emails, blind __ copy

Transparent membrane at the front of the eyeball

Stitch used to hold tissue together in the body

Man of La __, Don Quixote musical

The leather seat worn by a horse

Puzzle 3

Places that give protection from bad weather

Affected by a condition of swollen blue leg veins

Swaps for something else

Female firefly

Manny __, Filipino boxer

Reaching up to the level of one’s patella

Another name for Chinese parsley or coriander

Person believed to be able to cast out demons

Ring it to announce your arrival at someone’s home

Shrivelled or dried up

Extremely light and fragile, delicate

Puzzle 4

Able to be used or be effective over big distances

Related to the lungs

An explosive invented in Ancient China

Author of The Old Man and the Sea

Twisted, misrepresented

Essential, fundamental

1984 dance drama with Kevin Bacon

He played Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad

Having knowledge of the existence of something

Volte-face, complete change of mind

Winston, who served as the UK’s PM during WWII

Fish that produce the best caviar

Text showing when exactly a tweet was posted

Altitude, height

Puzzle 5

People who discriminate against the old

__ Mountain Dog, large breed from the Swiss Alps

Irrational fears

Half man, half machine, a human-looking robot

Best friends with Chewbacca

Taking part in an auction

Predominant language spoken in New Zealand

Showing talent and aptitude

Forcing air through a tube to fill a tire

Likely to meet goals or deadlines

Vigorously, quickly