Group 760

Puzzle 1

An advertising plan, political media
Chief support, prop or strength
Best of a ; pick of a poor selection
Works out, notices
A superhero or villain double personality
Kitchen tool to separate spaghetti from water
Alvin, Simon and Theodore are this animal
Waiting in ; an understudy’s position
Putting up a tent
Pallor, pastiness, sallowness
Lying with eyes closed and dreaming

Puzzle 2

Ancient rabbit-sized Australian marsupial
Repurpose ingeniously something seen as waste
Turnover with pizza dough with meat, cheese, etc
Peter Paul, playground tune about 2 dickies
-sink drama, 1950s theatrical social realism
Bestows or grants a title
The Rosetta Stone is displayed there: Museum
La slave ship with famous revolt of 1839
and Makepeace; crime drama series set in London
Sir Branagh, British Shakespearean actor
of Saint Teresa; Baroque sculpture by Bernini
A glittering flash of light, or to ignite

Puzzle 3

French word that’s the R in RSVP
Spike comic, writer and member of The Goons
An ankle that isn’t broken but muscles are pulled
Nickname for Judson’s nature-loving bronze female
Air-powered building that grinds grain
One basketball box score, 1 min and 12 zeros
The captain’s family singers in The Sound of Music
Long TV program to raise money for charity
Secret spot to retreat to

Puzzle 4

Arts & design movement of strawberry thief
Financial plan
Farmer Pickles’ tractor in Bob the Builder
Roti Malaysian street food, sweet flatbread
Robert director of Nashville and Gosford Park
Tropical, far flung
The Incredibles Elastigirl Holly
Nickname for posh hat worn by men at Royal Ascot
Sporting penalty (benching) for rule breaking
2009 Jared Leto film about the last mortal: Mr.
Unhurried, supine, lacking urgency
Reflector, looking glass
Dairy slang for tacky, corny or uncool
Sporting penalty (benching) for bad behavior
Irish for mountain, such as appended to Donard

Puzzle 5

Poet who kept a bear in his Trinity College rooms
Warning that bad things will happen
Beating leg movement in ballet
Chat while you are dozing
Gale Seam resident in the Hunger Games
A patriotic hymn based on William Blake’s poem
Distorted and monstrous