Group 759

Puzzle 1

Lasting longer than usual
Ship tilting dangerously
Sam director of violent Westerns with slo-mo
Literary awards for science fiction
To promote a product
Loft, storage area in the attic of a house
Tiny, dinky, miniature
Energetic, hand-held dance form to swing music
Sweet dessert food made from roasted beans
Done as a knee-jerk reaction
Literary gong for science fiction
Venomous snakes like copperheads and rattlesnakes
Hoarseness rendering a person unable to speak
Entry paid to get into an attraction

Puzzle 2

Act of tossing several balls into the air
Rival competitor
Magician, illusionist
The B music on a traditional 45 rpm record
They protect your tables from wet glasses
Matching outfits worn by military units
Root vegetable looks like an oddly-shaped turnip
Professional food service providers
Average or typical
Emotions, internal reaction

Puzzle 3

Bent, not straight
Greek movement to unite Greece and Cyprus
Bird ; Henry Moore’s curved, bowl-like piece
of Ireland, a classic reference for Belfast
at the hip
Headband with jewels, worn like a tiara or crown
Jewelled headband worn like a tiara or crown
Casino first Bond outing for Daniel Craig
Mobile phone app for photos and lip sync videos
Gallery of artefacts

Puzzle 4

Close caring relationship
Hair-style technique to get a beehive
Small, dark spots often found across the nose
Describes herbs that are used in cookery
Adjective describing a pleasant and attractive person
Eighth prime number
Timber from conifers
The males of this ocean creature carry the babies
Be very noticeable, eye-catching
Posture such as downward dog
Using a device to put a design from PC to paper
The hairs on a brush or of a beard
Copied satirically

Puzzle 5

Container for burning hot coals
Design with repeated elements
White noise to help calm a baby
Runs after
bid; first bid for an auction lot
Orange-mandarin hybrid grown in Cyprus
Spasm of mouth muscles; symptom of tetanus
This Train Don’t Stop There by Elton John
Taking tiny mouthfuls of a drink
Velvet satire with Russo and Gyllenhaal
Composer of the opera The Barber of Seville
Expressed annoyance and irritation