Group 758

Puzzle 1

Glamorous vitality, flamboyance
Working out the possibilities
Devotional letters written to a star
Lessening, like a storm
Pretend to be another person to entertain others
Late slow developer
Play entertainment from Queen
Vanilla stronger than vanilla essence
Shoemaker, Miguel Rivera’s dad in Coco
Removing fluff and particles from surfaces at home
In conflict or competition with someone

Puzzle 2

Ruled by a king or queen
Diver who performs underwater research
Brash, cocky
Bicycle with assisted pedal power
Government run by king or queen
Banana brand with blue-and-yellow sticker
King ; three-headed Godzilla monster
A WW1 equine called Joey is central to this tale
This Is Us’ Randall Pearson actor K. Brown

Puzzle 3

With a pleasant taste or aroma, appetizing
Hurley, Banks and Montgomery, for example
With a pleasant taste or aroma
Singer known as Little Miss Dynamite
Using finger to indicate someone should approach
Huge fashion footwear, used on lunar surfaces?
Place where bituminous fuels are mined
Attractive soup the Mock Turtle sang about
Pitman or Gregg, for example
Inflicted public humiliation on someone

Puzzle 4

Feathers evil penguin, foe of Wallace & Gromit
Michel Russian choreographer of Ballets Russes
Stripy-tailed primates on Madagascar
Wavy lines
L Crews; NASA inventor of a space bumper
Alternative to fight
Curtain ; opening act ahead of main attraction
mushrooms. small rounded white edible fungi
Thickos, like Laurel and Hardy at Oxford Uni
Cutlery items for putting flour into a bowl
Dense wooded area where trails are formed

Puzzle 5

Something to do, such as swimming or painting
Eggy pancake, often fed to vegetarians
Tete de femme bronze sculpture by Pablo Picasso
Red carpet, first-ever film showing; a movie
Up Baby, movie with Hepburn, Grant and leopard
Restricted, limited
Languid, restless, limp
Small hand-held piece of plastic for strumming
Tips for making everyday chores easier