Group 757

Puzzle 1

Flightless bird with a long neck
Siegfried’s stage performance partner
Walk in an arrogant or confident way
What you are do when you drink water
Teddy ; DiCaprio’s Shutter Island character
Name of the moneylender in Merchant of Venice
Defensive structure at the base of a fortification
Fragments of metallic plastic used to adorn

Puzzle 2

Teetering at the brink
Sudden, genius idea
Underwater vessel used for exploration or military
Tackling problems in a sensible, practical way
Mr loved by Harriet and Emma’s suitor in Emma
Evergreen shrubs that grow in the chaparral
Hand wound-on material protects punching hands
Chairs, tables, and desks
Thin atmosphere on the Moon
Tim – Keane singer-songwriter
Device that illuminates the front of a stage floor

Puzzle 3

Town and county in Leinster province
Hired help who tends to plants and shrubbery
Revive or reignite an old relationship
Part of what a chicken laid, not the yolk
Clapping at the end of a show

Puzzle 4

Race time; battle to meet a tight deadline
Applicant, participant in a race
Harsh noise made by dogs
Staple of New York City: Statue of
French island territory near Mozambique
The of the Western World, play by J M Synge
Zack de la Rocha’s band: Rage the Machine
Paul ; British stage and television hypnotist
Eggs cooked shell-less in water
A channel for smoke to leave a fireplace
Guarantees that something will happen
Moderate, lessen, appease

Puzzle 5

Gyrated like a belly dancer
cry; rousing battle call
Any army aircraft for battles
High priest who accused Jesus Christ of blasphemy
Group of supporting singers, dancers or musicians
Makeup technique for smooth foundation
Linda recording artist of Blue Bayou
End a meeting or book
Advance reservations for flights, hotels, trains
Bird Island’s true name, located off of Oahu
Slow-moving with exaggeratedly slow footsteps