Group 756

Puzzle 1

Night of the Long incident in Germany in 1934
Sugarloaf Mountain country in South America
Novel by Chinua Achebe: A Man of the
out; basketball technique to obtain rebounds
Margaret ; Lady Edison paper-bag inventor
Loose dry particles, like cosmetic foundation
Luke ; DiCaprio’s character in Growing Pains
Assimilate, take in and retain information
Q. Harcourt, big boss of Milo in Atlantis
Rational theory, a theory of economics
Most current
Cloud- -Land, an imaginary utopia
ball; sphere that spookily floats under a cloth
Fox & UK pub name in former hunt areas

Puzzle 2

Comedy that involves clumsiness and embarrassment
shift, laconic term for working night hours
First-named military man in The British Grenadiers
Witness that can speak to person’s good name
Saying one thing, but doing the exact opposite
Part of a toaster that catches the particles
Tinkerings, dippings into other people’s business
Author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Subdued, scolded Biblically

Puzzle 3

like flies, means falling in large numbers
Japanese assassin espionage martial art training
Startle someone
A traffic jam, especially on a motorway
Rigid disciplinarian
Extinct flightless seabird
in the Park, Neil Simon theatrical comedy
A made-up alias used instead of the real one
A castle, and a metonym for N Irish government

Puzzle 4

Men in Black lead actor
One of D’Artagnan’s three henchmen
Overnight party for school friends
The paranormal horror starring Vera Farmiga
Very small, bright chalets at the seaside
Girlfriend of the Sundance Kid
To have the be in an advantageous position
Very small, colourful chalets at the seaside
Famous park and palace in Potsdam, Germany
Having met specific qualifications
Childish, babyish
British Phonographic Industry’s music gong

Puzzle 5

Not yet discovered
Friendly and pleasant
Most profound or sincere; e.g. condolences
Woven recepticles
Steals salmon or pheasants
Student cafeteria, or a store for food and drinks
Professional singer or dancer
Blanket-toting Linus’s last name
Cath ; British modern vintage brand
People in the military have to wear this
Married, joined in matrimony
Castellanos, Mexican poet and writer
Played two shots on a par three in golf
To be in to have secret nefarious arrangements