Group 755

Puzzle 1

Caught in a trap
A parent’s father
Final showy public act or appearance
Round collar named after boy who never grows up
Afterword or addendum in a book
boards; wooden strips at the base of walls
Long, thin French stick of bread
Spot for pedestrians to get to the other side

Puzzle 2

Shiftily, attempting to avoid detection
John founder of international law firm in 1838
Blue-flowered veronica species
Adventures, capers
Strip of road reserved purely for bicycle users
Legally allowing someone to carry out something
Machine for showing motion pictures on a screen
Rear entrance for entertainment staff
Queen’s 1984 hit frequently heard on the airwaves
Italian dish of veal and marrowbone
Island, piratical movie, a box-office flop
Changing partners during a dance (a man’s name)

Puzzle 3

Made all the plans
Anthony Hopkins’ Dr. Lecter
A convenience at a festival or on a building site
Hit song by Destiny’s Child; perseverant person
Tramp waiting for Godot, he looks up to Vladimir
Soundly sleeping
China movie with Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon
-up box, a repository for fancy dress items
Young male bridal attendants
dirt; deep-rooted grime

Puzzle 4

Lotus- lazy and stupefied types
Lower leg muscles found at the back
Gary South African golfer, winning nine Majors
grass, vegetation used to shore up sand dunes
James comedian who responds to spam emails
Deficits, money not recouped
Decorated women’s headgear tied under the chin
A tattoo shop or artist’s workplace
Wreck, plunder or damage
Herbaceous plant used in Nigerian soups
Teeth-cleaning twig
Cautiously aloof
Birds of prey grip their victims with these
Paperwork for registering an invention
The Man, pagan effigy and a cult British film
Jelly Roll pianist who wrote King Porter Stomp
To be in a bad mood; rainy weather

Puzzle 5

Anne crime writer with novel Raven Black
Anne of queen, the so-called Flanders Mare
Con, lie
A large and luxurious home
Became too big or old for something
Composer of The Fairy Queen : Henry
Edible viscera of a fowl
Jean worked with Perrot to choreograph Giselle
Marks on the skin from bumping into things
Advertising’s major New York avenue
Rectangle showing off cross-stitching skills