Group 754

Puzzle 1

Sanskrit name for mountain posture
Noisy device for power cutting or chopping trees
Holly played by Lois Chiles in Moonraker
Someone who is easy to influence
Perfect reflection of a pattern
Gabbing, light talk
Dorothy first female to catch bullet in mouth
She was a spy during World War I

Puzzle 2

Greeting that means hello in French
Update with news on road and rail conditions
Dominic ; Vin Diesel’s Fast and the Furious role
Hard worker, labourer
Emotion, such as love, without end
Only English city excommunicated by the Pope
The moving of palm trees in a breeze
Greedily taking something for yourself, like a pig
Make someone feel alone
wardrobe, restricted number of clothes items
Dense bunch, like with stars
A person who explores an unfamiliar place
Unexpectedly halted vehicle engine
George Bond of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
An event where people are married

Puzzle 3

Country that won the 2018 FIFA World Cup
City of floral sobriquet for Florence
Feel sorry and repentant
Seam forked tool that tears away at threads
Together with hydrogen, it makes water
Screechy sound-making dial up device
Quirk, peculiarity
Cousin of Beatrix Potter’s Benjamin Bunny
David lead singer of The Temptations
Straight partner in a comedy relationship
Old term for the past participle of blend

Puzzle 4

London’s Tony Awards equivalent: Laurence Awards
Small-holed jars for salt and pepper
Another term for a booking in football
Starring role, the most important one
Sea someone in charge of a merchant ship
Bricks, bright construction toy with bristles
Got something deviously, contrived, finagled
Lake Rift Valley body of water aka Rudolf
Device that puts a Word doc onto a piece of paper
Includes peas, chickpeas, lentils, peanuts
Heiau are these ancient places of worship
John Cabot’s ship in which he reached America
Vow pledging marriage promises again
Exchanged one thing for another
Inactive secret agent for potential future mission
Wolf whistle, jeer
Forecast something based on the current status

Puzzle 5

Individual costs of items
Old name for margarine when introduced in England
Good Morning song from the 60s musical Hair
Group of followers around a celebrity
The spoof musical with Springtime for Hitler
Backing of creative types by wealthy investors
Oven that cooks via radiation
Mounds made by the wind on a beach
Grossed out; turned off
Vital equipment for a wave catcher