Group 753

Puzzle 1

Pompous, useless official; Mikado character
lamp, light source in a sun bed
Someone’s ruin or downfall
Novel with a happily ever after loving partnership
Norma faded star of Sunset Boulevard
An online journalist or writer
What’s left after ocean water evaporates
Sons of a brother
of Asha, hit single of 1997 for Cornershop
Marked-down, than the previous price
Device for cutting shapes, holes, notches in paper
Vegetable whose red variety is purple and white
Field, Ride, Struthers, collectively by first name
Gothic Portuguese monastery and heritage site

Puzzle 2

Boar avatar of Lord Vishnu
Seeds and legumes
Shout from the audience directed to performer
In need of food
Temple dancer who meets tragic end in La Bayadère
Reveal or disclose, e.g. a secret or criminal
Running, football and tennis are all these
Stinky, black and white animals
Describes different-colored yarn strands effect
Resumes, restarts

Puzzle 3

Name for newborn seals, describes their look
Birth nationality of actress Mila Kunis
Uni on the River Cam attended by Isaac Newton
Agreeing to take something
Peggy -Hicks, Aussie composer of opera Sappho
Pair of entertainers who work together
Contest between yachts over the same course
Scientist, he developed vaccines for polio and flu
Describes hands or leaves shaped as a kitchen tool
Strived or toiled
Zapp captain of the starship Nimbus

Puzzle 4

Same as GMT, according to the phonetic language
Feline character at Princess Aurora’s wedding
Frequenters of parties, discos, raves, etc.
Those who are taking part in a competition
cattle, red-white cows from the west of England
The God Richard Dawkins on lack of faith
Friends and the kin you spend New Year with
Intoning, reciting a simple song
Appoints, offers employment
Rendering insensible

Puzzle 5

Bring them an apple and you’ll become their pet
Love story, and Thisbe enacted by Mechanicals
Turned upside down
Lacking rain
Fabric worn around sleeve, for identification
Comic book monster based on Algonquian legend
A lens for only one eye
Orinoco, Bungo and Wellington, The
Stunt in which David Blaine balanced on a pillar
Catalan-speaking Italian commune in Sardinia
Prickling feeling that makes you want to scratch
Bernard ; French cyclist with badger nickname
Period lacking rain
Square chocolate baked good
Apollo’s twin sister; Greek goddess of hunting
German chemist who developed the use of aspirin
To receive something from your ancestors