Group 752

Puzzle 1

Final performance before retiring
First name of celebs Lopez, Aniston and Lawrence
Combines ingredients to create a dish
Engraved object that carries magical powers
Groaning, making a grating sound
Devotees of the life and works of Jane Austen
Former emperor of Japan; father of Akihito
Male kids fathered by one not their father
Slang for being drunk or decisively beaten
Hayabusa2 landed on one called Ryugu
Family that contains plane trees
Roald ; first explorer to reach the South Pole
Grips in the palm

Puzzle 2

Prevents a yawn
Listening intently with undivided attention
Naysayers, people who comment on stage plays
Elias Freemason founded a museum in Oxford
Repeat performances
and Dogbert, office worker and his sidekick
Pattern of usual daily habits
Loving and friskily romantic
Naysayers, people who analyse theatre plays
Showy flowers; anagram of pie nose
Rally driver Tommi world title-winner 1996-9
Flexible kitchen tool for scraping out bowls

Puzzle 3

Brings things into correct position
Convicted criminal James Hanratty’s crime
North African Orthodox honorific title for bishops
Dancing lines that grow and wind around a party
Resting on the buttocks
Regal baseball side based in Kansas City
Spoon used for mixing cake batter
Five- rule; hygiene myth for dropped food
Pasta strand from the Far East
Hired, paid to use
Not certain about something
Pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my
One who causes harmful or improper treatment
Lucky Number ; 2006 Morgan Freeman thriller
Adjusting a radio receiver to find a station

Puzzle 4

Northern European country with many islands
Humans recreationally returning to nature
Timmy, who had a cockatiel called Magic
Satisfy desires
Put a comforting arm around someone
Give hope, ease the grief
Opera singer Jenny Lind: aka the Nightingale
Breathing heavily
Pin sewer’s padded needle-holder
Alkaline earth metal found in limestone
Bread of Medieval Britain: anagram of tech man
The Graduate Dustin
Temple : pioneered humane livestock restraints
Bertie Wodehouse’s foppish English gentleman
Portable sun umbrella

Puzzle 5

Another term for an elephant’s trunk
Every ; first novel in Charlie Parker series
Handed over a package to the correct recipient
Governance in the hands of philosophers
Superman villain, alias Mockingbird
Cutting, edgy, sharp; anagram of ant trench
Mughal emperor also known as Alamgir
Allan foiled a plot to assassinate Abe Lincoln
Study aid with bite-sized information to revise
French puff pastry tart filled with almond cream