Group 751

Puzzle 1

Highest mountain peak in Guatemala: Volcano
The seeds inside the fruit in the Garden of Eden
Archaic/insulting term for a psychiatric hospital
Creasing, scrunching, collapsing
Murder mystery in book, play or film form
Immature, childish
they rode their bikes at over 100mph!
Afeared place of confinement for Victorians

Puzzle 2

Colour that closely resembles azure, cobalt, etc
Baiting; entrapping
Long lasting, not fragile
The Dirty Old Town referred to by Ewan MacColl
Billy the protagonist of Slaughterhouse Five
Absorbent porous pads used for soaking up spills
Strut or stride in an exaggerated manner
Sea robbers
Someone who is up with the dawn, a bird metaphor
At a gradient, inclined
Wool process of preparing fibre for spinning
Actor founded the Lord Chamberlain’s Company
of the Lost Ark, an Indiana Jones movie
Fame and notoriety
US currency units

Puzzle 3

Miss, ignore, don’t see something
Anything but king, queen or jack in a deck
Elizabeth ; developed anti-fungal drugs
One of the four fines herbes of French cooking
Bridge; home ground of Chelsea FC
Advance reservations and tickets for concerts, say
Leave No Trace actress Thomasin
Theatrically striking
As tough as ; very strong and resilient
Sacha Baron Cohen played one who led Wadiya
Bacharach and David tune for Dionne Warwick et al
Making a noise like a reversing truck

Puzzle 4

Toxin, venom
Red gemstone, not ruby
First head of the Luftwaffe: Hermann
Flushed red in the face
Shaking and rolling of the shoulders in dance
Thin metal rod for cooking cubed meat on
Auctioneer’s platform
Fizz such as Champagne, Prosecco
Andrew Rea’s online cooking show Binging with
Disappointment, sadness, consternation
Valerie of Rhoda and The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Literary usage to sweep a female away by force
Tiny flies that live near water
BAFTA-winning actress, Bonham Carter
ball, fluffy, throwaway ball for makeup removal

Puzzle 5

Poisonous plant of the nightshade family
Small jobs or chores to carry out
Huge cooking vessel in which to make casseroles
State bordering Montana on the south
Make Mine Music is the 8th films of WWII era
Waist clothing item that pulls the midriff in
Italian sieved tomatoes for sauce-making
Milkweed butterfly with black and orange wings
Scottish folk song and dance gatherings
Disc ; radio broadcasters who play music on air
Royal ; grant issued by the monarch
Queen Liliuokalani was the last sovereign this
Sugary term of endearment