Group 750

Puzzle 1

Kasady; Marvel supervillain, host of Carnage
Multiplying shivers in song from Grease musical
Luxury chocolatier named for naked horsewoman
Spooky, unnerving
She to Conquer, theatrical comedy by Goldsmith
Dishonest tradesman, not only in the Wild West
Hardy doleful-looking non-laughing hyena
Special stand-out painting for one or two nails
City of a Hundred describes Prague’s buildings
passage, coastal route from Seattle to Skagway

Puzzle 2

Erasure EP featuring covers of SOS and Voulez-Vous
Keith Waterhouse play about a daydreamer
Spider who hyped up her pig friend
Expressing passionate grief
PCs or other data processors
Yowling, howling sound of felines
Variety entertainment shows of the Victorian era
London art gallery of the Young British Artists
A superfood, tiny black pods from salvia hispanica
Vintage playthings
When a wound goes bad if not kept clean
Protuberance, extra extremity
A chart of planetary placements during an event
Kent mansion, grace-and-favour home of Foreign Sec
Done in a badly behaved way
Person who reads scripts to introduce radio shows
Flame substance that slows the spread of fire

Puzzle 3

Islands; Islas Malvinas in the Atlantic Ocean
Crusting over of a wound or tattoo
Architectural spaces in a half-moon shape
Misty ; American Ballet Theatre principal dancer
Scribbles, notes, random thoughts
On-air mention on the radio
Become less gloomy
Team with whom Lewis Hamilton won his 3rd F1 title
A prison island in San Francisco

Puzzle 4

Long-distance triathlon race
Her makeup line was RiRi Hearts Mac
Genre of television where the Kardashians thrive
Protein molecules that work as catalysts
Wildcat worker action of an unofficial nature
French beauty house, sounds like lengthy hairbrush
First ; book copy from an initial print run
6 times the amount
Carlos’s band with a 1999 hit album Supernatural
Philip ; Welsh inventor of the ball bearing
Film-set assistant to chief electrician

Puzzle 5

Breaks into tiny little pieces
Italian region with its capital at Milan
Jokers, wags, writers of farces
Fungal skin disease with circular red patches
Turns down, e.g. an invitation
Call be in charge of decision making
Spicy pepper that originated in Mexico (Spa.)
films, or cartoons