Group 749

Puzzle 1

A ring on someone’s left hand shows they are this
Individual sitting for a tattoo
The original online streaming service
Celsius temperature scales are measured in these
Pail or container
A passenger seat attached to a motorcycle
Founder of Radiator Springs, he’s a Ford Model T
Sonic’s pink-hedgehog girlfriend in game franchise
Flat ; ultra-thin boy from children’s books
Energetic Polish dance in triple time
Ancient Greek astronomer who wrote the Almagest
Insect you hope isn’t chewing on your house
National animal of Scotland
Takes part in, puts in an appearance
Alan dramatist of The History Boys
Put something in with a letter
Starts a fire with small sticks
balls, hard sweets with a kernel inside
Travel agents’ classically named booking system
Young person learning under the wing of another
Accessory made of precious metals and stones

Puzzle 2

Holey bowl for straining pasta
Time when an assignment is due
Romp with another dog at their house
Paradise and Rock of Ages actress, Hough
Industrial factory to turn crude oil into fuel
Hard rock band known for songs Jump and Panama
Traditions and objects passed through generations
Disarming, making explosives safe
whist, basic trick-taking card game
Cosi Mozart opera about fidelity
The Silent World: by oceanographer Jacques
Person believing no conflict is justifiable
One of the first ways to communicate online
Fruity and chewy, they don’t actually contain vino
US city known for casinos and shows
Australian companion spread to Marmite
Ominous, eerie
Propaganda, factually questionable information
Controversial method of drilling for natural gas
Walks in a weary, trudged, foot-dragging way
One who resolves disputes between two parties
Chris Morris’s satire created alarm and fake news
Small colorful budgerigar
Agreed royally
High, Andes lake between Peru and Bolivia
Touch up photos of people, removing blemishes
Written collection of numbered entries

Puzzle 3

Mike Luke Cage star
Theatre of the works of Beckett, Ionesco, etc
What a group of mammal babies is called
Who, alien who travels in a TARDIS
Circle of greens put on doors during Christmas
Pixar film about emotions: Out
Samsung’s first smartphone to use Android
Profession of Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King
Foul-tempered food show host, Gordon
Zen meditations
Slanderous remarks, slurs
Engine requiring special fuel, also name of fuel
Pivotal Libyan battles of the WW2 desert campaign
Cuteness culture in Japan
FC ; popular Dutch football club from Enschede
An angle larger than 90 degrees; to be oblivious
Swiss city and convention
Detective in Dorothy Sayers novels: Lord Peter
Ocean containing the Franz Josef Land archipelago
Wine and its region from Hungary
Filthy obstacle course with murky puddles
Stared at open-mouthed

Puzzle 4

Progressive video, constantly opening new pages
Pomegranate syrup used in mixed drinks
Ridiculously complicated and unnecessary processes
Actor knight who starred as Scott of the Antarctic
Introduced or spread by accident, e.g. a weed
State of being unclear or indistinct
To miss something from the past
To think on the spot, often as performance
Extinct marine arthropod, often found as fossils
Bonding activity with eyes closed going backwards
Killers, marauders, carnivorous animals
Having lower limbs that curve outwards at the knee
Political group during the English Civil War
Ink that can’t be erased
Tunes from different cultures, passed down orally
Students go to school to get this
The space-time
Putting money into the stock market
Author of the Godfather novels

Puzzle 5

Warm, milky dessert made from durum wheat
Ring where one keeps their lock openers
Cherry budding flowers on a tree
Equestrian ; acrobatic gymnastics on horseback
Having no worries, being happy-go-lucky
Continuous, without a break
They oversee safety at motorsport races
Men playing women’s roles in Japanese kabuki plays