Group 748

Puzzle 1

Braces on library shelves
Lenin; first leader of the Soviet Union
The capital city of Finland
Tropical, marine, legless venomous reptile
Name of US founding father Franklin
Type of orange or Chinese language
The R in a labratory’s R&D
Linked to harassment, being followed too closely
Quick meals such as hamburgers, fries
Eva Green starred as Penny
To be appreciative; ‘The Dead’ 60s rock band
Shapeshifting human known as a lycanthrope
Teachers hand them out in workbooks for good work
Making crinkly, wavy patterns in hair with an iron
Leaned one way, at an angle
Club, place where Mycroft Holmes socializes
Weights on library shelves
Simple, effortless
Month-long event where men grow facial hair
One who keeps watch or stands guard
Steve, film starring Sandra Bullock as a setter
Garnish with designs that are pleasing to the eye
Cher and Dionne love to shop in this nineties film
A baleen whale whose calls sound like singing
Teachers stick it in a workbook for good work

Puzzle 2

Actress star of Barbarella
Degree of plushness of a pet cat, say
You’re extremely happy on this numbered cumulus
Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale had this protagonist
Those who grace Shakespeare’s stage, for example
Alternative name for Shakespeare’s Henry V
Having sudden, fanciful or odd ideas
In a soft voice or under one’s breath
Skilled business negotiator
Undersea cartoon character with a red tie
Something that is chewed and then inflated
Study of botanical plants for healing and medicine
Toothed circle that engages with a bike’s links
Cushioned bottom of a 50s brothel creeper
Good Golly Little’s Richard’s keyboard classic
Hannibal took them over the Alps
Adobe software for processing and editing photos
Also known as a record player
Leonardo’s angled invention used on canal gates
Tourist island south of Cape Cod
Film director responsible for American Beauty

Puzzle 3

Homes in the ground made by rabbits, chipmunks…
Eastern tube stop and Trainspotting song
Twisted bread-like snack with salty glaze
Loop for carrying devices for locking doors
Cell division process starting with prophase
Ancient city with Bronze Age ruins on Crete
Mary ; patented a retractable dog leash in 1908
This was Facebook before Facebook
plan, map drawn up for a wedding breakfast
Ian wrote the James Bond books
Kahunas are traditional religious leaders or
Build houses with for Humanity
An embarrassing social mistake (French)
Cut short, trimmed
Someone with the ability to see the future
Escape ; performers who can wriggle free
Disposal of dead bodies underground
Obliging and useful
Keepsake, reminder item
Scaling the achieving incredible success

Puzzle 4

acid; aqua fortis, corrosive mineral acid
Oldest daughter on The Brady Bunch
The ghost in the story A Christmas Carol: Jacob
In Greek mythology, the goddess of darkness
Principality at the South of France
Chewy chocolate filling, made with nuts and honey
All Day is also the Day of the Dead’s first day
A style of music from Jamaica with a distinct beat
Imperial measures; there are 12 in a foot
The occupation of Lady Godiva’s Peeping Tom
Extravagance, expensive comfort
J-J Stranglers’ bassist with a French name
Plant that makes up most of a Giant Panda’s diet
Performing on stage; taking on a temporary role
Land, the happiest place on earth
Ruling dynasty of Thailand since 1782

Puzzle 5

Words to songs
The boy in The Jungle Book
Futuristic combination of human and robot
They’re won for sporting or military achievements
Large measure of spirits
Online retailer; river in South America
Walking out deep into the sea
Sleepy, Happy, and Doc
Six-stringed instrument
Musical about Sandy and Danny
4; first US spacecraft to reach the Moon
wabbit, how Elmer Fudd describes Bugs Bunny
Fabric folds on the front of a formal jacket
Floss; website with facts and trivia lists
I’m so hungry, I could eat ; ambitious idiom
Souk, market
Formula for area of a square is height times this
It holds bricks together
Princess the heir to the Spanish throne
Poverty, destitution
Fibrous tissue that tears and heals to strengthen
The upper part of a city, usually more residential
King Balak’s father, according to the Bible
Ornamental, decorative knob
Frozen Arctic landscape with mosses and lichens
Clean- describes a male free from whiskers
Gardens, Florence’s open-air parkland
Poet’s ode to beauty or love in 14 lines
Speak ill of, slander
Stephen ; theatre director of An Inspector Calls
Billy lead child with hawk in Barry Hines’ Kes
Kings had food tasters to test for this
Personal male servants, like Jeeves