Group 747

Puzzle 1

A difficult, precarious or entrapping position
Outdoor area to set up your tent and sleep
Cable connected to a network
Shaun T’s hardcore workout video
Cable connected local wireless network
This part of the brain controls sleep, alertness
Woody climbing plants with showy blooms
Edible sweet fancies, a must-buy French souvenir
Long Russian island to the north of Japan
Playing the odds
Dental device that holds adjusted teeth
The Nike brand’s slogan
Victorian poet of The Charge of the Light Brigade
House, Dublin, home of the Irish legislature
Classic TV series about lifeguards in Los Angeles
An animal that hunts other animals instinctively
Siblings born about a year apart are — twins
Imaginative in an artistic way
Film starring Alec Guinness: Kind Hearts and
Cartilage in the knee; curve on water’s surface

Puzzle 2

of the King; last of Lord of the Rings trilogy
Margot Lois Lane to Chris Reeve’s Superman
Italian canal city with St Mark’s Square
Martha the foremost ballerina of modern dance
Webby, Streamy, Shorty
Nuts that go in sweet pies
A tight fitting, soft fabric hat
Crude wooden platform for loads
Villain actor, Dr. Cecil in Bolt
Wicker baskets used by fishermen
The Sahara is the world’s biggest
Unit of pressure; 17th-century mathematician
Device used to crush herbs in a mortar
Country where women outlive men by the most years
Nicole the Honolulu-born actor in Big Little Lies
Phelge, pseudonym for Stones’ songwriting team

Puzzle 3

Famous Parisian jail and square
Embellish, enhance the appearance of something
Face made from text, like 🙂
He founded Tesla
TV series about the machinations of Thos Cromwell
German luxury vehicle manufacturer
terrier, Yorkshire dog, the largest terrier
Hunting game animals
Opiate used in medicine for strong pain relief
The space, often at the front, between incisors
Saving Time, or DST
Technology that helps to achieve perfect pitch
This company has entertained us since 1889
Beatle song anagram of got to cheer me : Come
Exciting, holding one’s attention
Take precedence over
Irreligion, or a heathen belief system
Maghrebi staple of wheat semolina balls
Vital, key
Huge particle accelerator is the Large Hadron this

Puzzle 4

Mythical flying horse, son of Poseidon
Algerian or Namibian
A expert craftsman that makes things by hand
Illustrations and other drawn material in a book
disease, condition also known as the bends
Terence Conran’s 1960s homewares company
Spanish tipple of wine, fruit juice and spices
Leif Day is celebrated on October 9 in Iceland
Big cat that cannot change its spots
call, final bow at the end of a stage play
Welcome end-of-stage screen message for gamers
Traditional Russian pinafore-style folk dress
Reason for doing something
First to settle
Sanctuary or secluded place to go and relax

Puzzle 5

Collection of an artist’s works in a folder
Thick, fleshy plant that easily retains water
Song version prepared for on-air broadcasts
White tiger that injured stage magician Roy
Spinning device found on planes and boats
What a karate master wears
Black-and-white seabird, with William origins
Edible sea creatures
Men who collect the rent
Ones behind the ears and near the tail are loved
Pulled out of shape
Built battlements
Someone who follows behind, at the back
They tip poorly
Covered something richly, like with jewels
Author of play and movie Barefoot in the Park