Group 746

Puzzle 1

Satirical English painter of A Rake’s Progress
Rule over people
Humility, lack of vanity
Doors of a camera lens that open to control light
The butler’s name in Top Cat, voiced by Paul Frees
Distinguished classical musician
Hug, cuddle, clasp
Popular professional wrestler, The Ultimate
Narrow cloths down the middle of formal tables
Power source; can be NiCad, NiMH or Lithium-Ion
Baked pastry with thin layers and fruit filling
Put back together, resembling the original state
Long-necked animal with brown patches
Dublin’s Anna Livia statue, the Floozie in the
People who grade or rate a movie
Expressed gratitude
Mythical ancestral land of the Polynesian people

Puzzle 2

The use of more words than necessary
Stage name of heavy metal singer Marvin Lee Aday
The Jane Austen’s final unfinished project
Ideas can be run up this staff
Ancestry records for a pure-breed dog
Fight or wrestle on a topic
The act of putting someone in a trance
Jim aviator and husband of Amy Johnson
Swedish royal sponge cake topped with marzipan
French for seasickness
When someone wants you to relax, they’ll say this
Purple flower with a relaxing aroma
Minor acting roles
The Evil Dead’s series director
Dancing at Brian Friel’s Olivier/Tony winner
Self- litter box, no poop scooping required
Metric unit for measuring weight
Human organ that can burst, causing stomach pain
The act of mesmerizing someone to control them
Classification group for putting things into
Long ribbon of sticky tape to catch insects

Puzzle 3

US resident document for immigrants
County westernmost Northern Ireland county
Lucky food cake eaten during Chinese festival
Maximum bit-per-second rate for data transfer
Refusing to see or look after someone any longer
Swiss hotel chain – and ice cream brand
Vilify, smear
Nina, Pretty ; early ABBA hit about a dancer
Hydrogen, carbon, chlorine are all these
Dirty Harry catchphrase, Go ahead,
Peaks, highest points
Futuristic youth subculture in science fiction
Hearth at the base of a chimney
Lippy for use in freezing cold weather
Utilizes, makes use of e.g. power, resources
Mammal with sharp claws and bony plates all over
Referees do this to decide who gets the ball first
Showing bravery despite difficulties
Groups of performers, especially musical in nature
Camera, domed reading room of the Bodleian

Puzzle 4

The study of time
Root vegetables glazed with honey
Film section of clips, anagram of megatons
Krakens and minotaurs are examples of these
Pick-me-up ingredient in tea and coffee
This band is Still Into You
Old-fashioned message, transmitted over radio
Excel or Photoshop are examples of this
Influential filmmaker of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull
Newspaper death notice
Strong and with impact
The #1 place to go #2
A term for people with brown hair
Describes an actor messing up his lines
Poem by Keats about a mythological shepherd

Puzzle 5

Asian spiritual leader and founder
Quality of being extremely pleasing to the eye
Sprinkler to stand under instead of taking a bath
Young people, adolescents
Massachusetts place, the Athens of the New World
Unsophisticated country folk
Nickname for an overnight flight
1960’s solo dance, knees bent, palms flat
When Harry Met Sally director Rob
The Italian title of Benito Mussolini
Producer Mark, co-wrote Shallow with Lady Gaga
In Harry Potter, one without magic skills
Pink salad vegetable, sometimes eaten pickled
Heated garden spa or Jacuzzi-style pool