Group 745

Puzzle 1

Looking around a shop before making a purchase
Ron Weasley’s pet rat in Harry Potter books
Diving, dropping to the bottom of the ocean
Snooty, condescending, toffee-nosed
Roped off
news; major story that is happening right now
John animator-producer who gave birth to Woody
Operating system of a computer
They are thought to hide under children’s beds
Listing an actor in movie credits
Strains, stresses
Photo film that develops quickly without chemicals
The only Japanese song to top the Billboard 100
A Scottish knitting technique with patterns
World of university and learned people

Puzzle 2

A nursery, kindergarten or nanny provides this
Full-face wool garment for maximum warmth
Unattached person, such as Bridget Jones
Ornamental summerhouse structures for plants
This singer was born and raised in Connecticut
Last, winning move in chess
Vintage sparkling French fizz
Arthur British PM and Duke of Wellington
A large, expansive church where the Bishop serves
U-shaped body of water, also called a billabong
James ; voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars
Title of the ruler of Luxembourg
Briefness, concision, brevity
Examination by a professional to pinpoint an issue
Drawing device and style with a nib and a well
The lineage of a family, particularly a royal one
Understanding without the need for explanation
Order given on a parade ground
An keeps the doctor away
Large speaker with loud bass for techno music
Falsified, bribed, acted dishonestly
Type of parrots known for their monogamous pairing
Pastoralists who tend lambs and ewes
A replaceable container for film or ink
The study of plant medicine
Leave a Light On and Just You and I singer

Puzzle 3

Minoans’ written language
Tristan volcanic islands in the Atlantic
A trick to get attention
Egyptian tomb or 3D shape
Legal arm of the Israeli government
Fiendish lackey to Horned King, The Black Cauldron
Dried up, dehydrated
Mythical, flying creatures that breathe fire
One-eyed mythological creature
Patron, Cuervo, Voodoo Tiki
Software for looking at websites
Some say this is caring
Actors in folk plays or mime shows
Singer Frank, who sold over 150 million records
Tutor preparing a student for an exam
of Paris; quick-drying gypsum powder
broadcast; not transmitted from a studio
Princess of Agrabah in Aladdin
Capital city of Arizona
Person who neatens and washes a home

Puzzle 4

Largest sand island in the world: Island
Shakespeare’s longest play
Weighted towards an opinion on one side
One who performs stories
duck, classic Mandarin dish named after a city
Not long ago
Architect for the Sacre-Coeur Basilica: Paul
Kind of Blues that Johnny Cash got in Folsom
Dashes that represent missing letters or words
And you come to me on a summer
Name for the spinning rotors above a helicopter
A locomotive; a machine of moving parts
Country where the Mamara Sea is located

Puzzle 5

Dick flying ace/racing driver with pal Muttley
Tree that loses its leaves annually
Heart Radio breakfast presenter, Jamie
Orbiter was world’s 1st non-stop balloon flight
Expression of an experienced card player
Star, famous person
Place where horses or fast cars compete
A priority, the number one thing on the list
What the chicken did to the road
A placebo tablet made of an innocuous sweetener
Scottish hill mentioned in Macbeth
They break up the pronunciation of a word
Aromatic oil, linked with 60s hippies/Afghan coats
Add two plus three to a golden wedding
D; Jack Black’s musical venture
Greek hunter that couldn’t stop staring at himself
2010 movie about dreams within dreams
Gangster, extortioner
Hoofed mammals
A ridged metal surface to scrub clothes on
Carries on, does not stop or end
What lessons on YouTube are called
Fast food-shaped telephone in Juno
She’s known for Teenage Dream, Roar