Group 744

Puzzle 1

Letter that isn’t a vowel
Yellow poplar, state tree of Indiana and Kentucky
Superiority, of a higher rank
Theme park ride with revolving observation deck
Individual after whom a literary work is named
Warmly, like an invitation
Antelope linked to the South African rugby side
Spaceman, like Neil Armstrong
A hexagon can be divided into six of these
Bars, clubs, vibrant things to do in the evening
A freckle or mole on skin that’s always been there
Soap with no fragrance
Members of the winning team
Crumbly meaty salad topping
Contract where no regular work is guaranteed
Ruler of one of the original states of India
Belo ; vast Brazilian city with Mineirão stadium
Finding Dory star Ellen
Knitted head coverings with only the face exposed
Space voyager, like Neil Armstrong
Lewis & Harris town, center of the Western Isles

Puzzle 2

Art of creatively shaping hedges
Seasoning created from evaporated ocean water
Shared correspondence with a foreigner
Parachutes for spacecraft or aircraft
Fabric with a raised design made from fancy thread
Short interviews with members of the public
Horses in chess
Basque wall and ball game with throwing baskets
British Dairy Milk confectionery company
Take in as food
The area between chest and belt
Light Japanese batter for vegetables or prawns
Wall-hanging images
The pool player Felson beats Minnesota Fats
Smallest, most minute
Hairdresser treatment to wash, dry, style hair
Gone ! Sign to tell folks you are absent
Online local community and classified ads site
The stars aligning; meant to be
Columbian She Wolf and Beautiful Liar singer
Decaying animal flesh
Administrative divisions of Switzerland

Puzzle 3

Symmetrical, five-armed sea creature
Initials on a towel, for example
Shadows created on the face with makeup
Lively 17th-century dance in triple time
Rise and fall, roll
Like Rodin or Donatello
Kent town, the birthplace of Jagger and Richards
Young male member of Baden Powell’s movement
Lake in Scotland containing a mythical monster
Chinese white copper
Catholic leader chosen in opposition
American sci-fi franchise including Mr. Spock
Phone brand that made the Razr
The horizontal placed between goalposts
Ann wrote Bel Canto
Support, shore up
tomato, old cultivars, often differently hued
Came into view suddenly
Itemised desires, wants or needs
Thor character played by Tessa Thompson
Praise or criticism on a piece of completed work
Broadcasting frequencies on YouTube
Long ornamental metal piece worn on a jacket
Dark vinegar with strong taste
Relating to meteoric glass debris
It ends with a period or with jail time

Puzzle 4

Thick mucus secretions, symptomatic of a cold
Scott, who directed the first Alien movie
Seven for a never to be told : magpie lore
Shrines welcoming souls back to the living realm
The Friendly Ghost
Type of food that’s a filling for tiropita
John Booth, assassin of Abraham Lincoln
Site of university grounds and buildings
Venomous tropical snakes with hoods
Watch clowns and acrobats in action here
Department store and inland sea in Canada: Bay
Italian dish made with flattened meat, Ragu
Control for channel surfing
Relating to lines, especially straight ones
Lars ; Metallica’s Danish drummer
Where you lay your head at night

Puzzle 5

Candice South African catwalk model
Harlequin’s mistress in Commedia dell’Arte
Leathery swamp animal with large, snapping jaws
Cremoso cheese is from this South American nation
Native of Kinshasa or Brazzaville
Putting off, discouraging
Shorebird also called a snipe or curlew
Horseplay, boisterousness, jolly japes
Talk show host who rose to fame in Hairspray
Asian mountain system with the famous Khyber Pass
In an energetic way, despite being elderly
Pulp Fiction director Quentin
Live bacteria colonies that support gut health
Repetitive; said multiple times in different ways
Former bus driver, sang From Russia with Love
70s scandal began with a Washington office block
A detailed record of an event, usually historical
A device that measures how many steps one walks
Fondness, love