Group 743

Puzzle 1

Small progress in the beginning of a long journey
A silly or meaningless, intricate tale
Work shift that starts around midnight
Laughing softly or quietly
Large, baritone brass instrument
Superhero with a metal skeleton
Figure-skating move in an arabesque position
Pocket knife with useful attachments that fold in
Substance that’s labeled as a risk to humans
Sherman’s talking dog in 2014 DreamWorks movie
Feel-good chemical released by the brain
Thousand-legged arthropod
Loyal Death Eater Lestrange
Bashful, self-effacing
Japanese carp streamers used as windsocks
A written legal statement declared under oath
It keeps the grass cut
The medical science of eyes and vision

Puzzle 2

Set of songs lined up by a radio presenter
Vampire book series by Stephenie Meyer
Painted using deft dabbing strokes
The atmosphere or feeling created by a host
Animals such as llamas, alpacas and dromedaries
Meat, tofu, and veggies in sugary soy sauce
Program telling a computer how to do something
Habitual patterns or schedules
Spock is a main character in this TV series
Japanese for goodbye
Stickler, disciplinarian; anagram of emit rant
Irish nightly headless horseman

Puzzle 3

Middle Ages, hip-length sleeveless top
Large cage or enclosure that houses pet birds
Family Guy’s fictional, bivalve town
Australian city known for its Opera House
What you see when you stand on the scale
Mark on skin left from blunt injury
Berlin; songwriter who wrote White Christmas
A popular online platform for community forums
Buddhist cave monuments in Maharashtra, India
Humorous genre that uses irony
Someone who doesn’t belong in a social situation
Element 16 which often smells like rotten eggs
Rum Tum a curious cat
First appearances for actors on stage
Cancels, renders invalid
Another word for smooches
machine, for making a cup of beans
Facial hairstyles on lip and chin
Snedeker, 2012 FedEx golf champion
Site to find a room to stay in someone’s digs
Name of Poldark’s horse in the TV show
Early movie cowboy, starred in Lone Star Ranger
Where an emperor or king lives
Group of nameless background singers
Of or relating to killer whales
As a joke, not meant to be taken seriously

Puzzle 4

Walking unsteadily, wobbling
Cocktail of gin, Cointreau and lemon juice
Irons, wedges, and putters
Either the Arctic or Antarctic climate region
Gary ; lead singer of Snow Patrol
Fenced-in area for pets
Religious idea of redemption
Sign up for regularly sent content
Overhead slide-displaying device
Musical about a mystical Scottish village
Ruling monarch
Narrow passages between houses and streets
Japanese PM from 2006-07 and elected again in 2012
Provide amusement, put on a show
A small vessel for water with a motor attached

Puzzle 5

African biting flies, also known as tik-tiks
The Great Baking Show
Spicy, not salty
Three-pronged symbol on the flag of Barbados
Athletes who keep the ball or puck from the net
freak; someone who needs to feel in charge
Hotel NY establishment where Sid Vicious died
Video website owned by Google
Revived, united, came together
Aversion to something, not loved
Acts of watching stealthily
Cleanliness, sanitation
A popular brand of permanent markers
French composer Claude wrote Clair de lune
First and last name of the man lusting for Lolita
Chunky pens for writing on whiteboards
Direct phone number to donate to charity
Warning signal for vehicles in poor visibility
Consider again, alter original plans
Giggles on stage, anagram of process