Group 741

Puzzle 1

Dustin Hoffman’s role in The Graduate
Independent, nonconformist, a rebel
Australian island once called Van Diemen’s Land
One who sees the glass as half-full
Recipe-filled reference work
Concentrated coffee
Brass player in a military group of musicians
12 judicial argument with Henry Fonda
Former President Obama’s wife’s first name
Type of Olympic gymnastics with a ribbon
Free stuff from a sponsor, with an entry
Shouted deep and loud
Checked someone’s blood for diseases
Chemical element with the abbreviation H
Strong negative reaction
Shoreline of a freshwater body
& Mabillard; Swiss roller coaster designers
Source of heat and warmth, made from logs

Puzzle 2

The speeds at which music is played
Tables on which sacrifices are offered
Alcoholic beverage, anagram of pet lip
Ballets ; Diaghilev’s traveling ballet corps
Murtaugh and Riggs find chaos in Weapon
Crunchy and thin
Fixation, object of infatuation or obsession
Union, act that merged the Scandinavian thrones
Desiring a family, clucky
Famous ones include Shadowfax and Black Beauty
Caesar, macaroni, fruit, tuna are types
Harry Potter and the Child
Coppola, Lost In Translation director
Mike Wazowski is friends with this blue monster
Advertisement that aims to entice viewers
Pain tablet for relieving pain
Desert that borders Mauritania

Puzzle 3

Having mutual understanding with another
Sea around Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico
In Melville’s tale, Bartleby was one
The fundamental essence; the very basics
Outlandish or extravagant
Box escape; Houdini stunt in a submerged crate
Coming home, coming back
Customer support once a purchase has been made
Attendant or companion in the Royal household
and ashes, a show of repentence
Novel by Herman Melville and opera by Britten
Start legal proceedings against a suspect
A social media app based in the sharing of images
State of consciousness
Roasted skin of a pork joint
Hop-drying farm building
Terry cloth garments worn after a shower

Puzzle 4

Destructive beetles of grains, flour stores, etc
Dead skin at the base of a fingernail
Sound ; added noises to create extra drama
Italian ice cream with candied fruit and nuts
Disconnected from a computer network
American ; antique collectors reality show
High-ranking naval officer, like Horatio Nelson
Annual book with info on dates, weather, etc.
What people lay their heads on to sleep
Courses where dogs show off their sporty skills
Sneak peak
Splitting off from an iceberg
Fred partner to Ginger
Disregards, pays no attention

Puzzle 5

Make something better with new ideas
Flat dining surface
Run lines; practice for a performance
Enter someone’s property without permission
Face section between the eyebrows and the hairline
Use them for cutting paper or even pizza
Surfeit, surplus, over-abundance
Margaret research chemist and UK PM
Family home that features in Austen’s Persuasion
The atmosphere in the morning before sunrise
Last soft glow from when the sun has almost set
Scottish term for irritableness
Run-off from packed ice crystals
Covering your eyes with your hand in embarrassment
Someone who secretly boards a ship without paying
Before you could say Jack