Under the sea

Group 21

Puzzle 1

Popular cocktail allegedly created in Mexico

Another name for surgery

Unscrupulous tradesman

A floating residence

Where the highest mountains are

Bacteria that do not require oxygen

Spacecraft in Galaxy Quest

Gentleman’s __, aka GQ magazine

Occupation of the fictional character Popeye

Meaning a prosperous or flourishing colony, “abad”

Large maze, intricate paths, hard to solve

Vertical drop like the Niagara or Iguazu falls

Stimulation of action or determination towards one

Computer electronic circuit on small plate

The oldest tennis tournament in the world

HBO’s sensual version of vampire genre

Puzzle 2

Moses separated this to free his people

Fraternize with

James __, actor, filmmaker, author, speaker

Shallow pond, natural or artificial

Tiny nation called “The Warm Heart of Africa”

Company that first produced the gummy bear

Two or more people in agreement

Forza Motorsport 6 is a __ video game

Mauricio __, Peruvian politician

Everyone related to you is your __

Puzzle 3

Leo __, author of War and Peace

Center mass of a cell, holds chromosomes

Art style of 17th century Europe

A long blade attached to the barrel of a gun

Transparent quartz

A bend in a sinuous watercourse or river

Baseball position behind the batter


Trading __, reality TV show about wife swapping

Person who confirms and certifies a person’s death

It is better to give than to __

Puzzle 4

A watercourse or creek in an arid region

Tight-fitting undergarment worn by ladies

A __ was a common good luck charm in Egypt

European river, once Roman Empire boundary

Genderless term for husband or wife

To take something away from a place or area

Thin Greek pastry dough, also spelled filo

Clear protective coating put on some artwork

__ incident, Morocco site of French-German rivalry

Helena __ Carter, Harry Potter villain

A sort of Cajun-Caribbean blues

Puzzle 5

The word for 18 in German

Nightcrawler and __ actor, Jake Gyllenhaal

Woodwind instrument used in Hungarian music

Nobleman ranking next below an earl

Echinoderm belonging to the class Asteroidea

A large area of land covered with ice

A period of six months

Elastic protein of the skin, bone, and tissues

To adorn something with ornaments

Custom device to hold teeth in position

Like a cauliflower with green heads

Group 22

Puzzle 1

Cinema __, film that is a homage to the cinema

Imaginative, artistic

Difference between things having similar natures

Legal, political drama about a cheating politician

One of the Great Lakes of North America

They say he played possessed by the devil

Top element of periodic table

Fear of poison

Christian expeditions to Jerusalem in Middle Ages

Estadio Santiago __, Madrid royal stadium

Puzzle 2

Christian holiday celebrated 50 days after Easter

American health supplements brand

Hollywood dubbed him the Man of a 1000 faces

St. __, pre ER and Grey’s Anatomy medical drama

Brass, like a tuba, smaller; can have a second bell

Not the author’s real name

Heavily-visited online encyclopedia

To check if the government is acting correctly

“Sandbox” building video game of textured cubes

Dead without a will

Estuarine __ is the largest living reptile

Puzzle 3

Building where cars are parked

Mascara, lipstick, etc; usually worn on the face

2015 Adam Sandler, Kevin James movie

Invertebrate with porous body, no organs

Simplifies mobile electronic purchases, digital __

To be scared

Express formal consent to a treaty or contract

Mayor __, Springfield’s corrupt politician

Long-distance running race, 42.195 kilometres

Sound, characters, or visual cue to gain access

Arthur __, Latin teacher of Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Island in California that used to be a prison

Ira and George __, brothers and songwriters

Reality show about people in the wild doing tasks

It keeps hair in place

Something that does not vary

Fugu is a __ delicacy that contains a nerve toxin

Puzzle 5

Eel-shaped, slime-producing fish

Tube used to breathe underwater

Occurs in a specific region or population

TV show about a family in Renaissance Italy

Walt __, American poet

Bright purple-red, not fuchsia

A love story

Doctor __, 1965 film starring Omar Sharif

Not up to __ = unsatisfactory

Set of kettledrums in an orchestra

Sonar and laser are examples of this

People who are able to break into computers

Group 23

Puzzle 1

Someone who works in a home

Death’s walking stick, farming tool

1960’s solo dance, knees bent, palms flat

Safety device in a car

Mutant Professor

__ puncture, spinal fluid removed, spinal tap

Plants’ waste essential to human life

To connect, to see eye-to-eye

Berry Gordy’s music label

Customer of professional services

Puzzle 2

Dog from the underworld from worldwide mythology

Cooking vessel used for preparing cheesy meal

The Spanish painter of Las Meninas

One of the houses in the War of the Roses

Greatest film director, in Bergman’s opinion

Academic degree awarded by universities

Fan worms strain water through their __

Nickname of New Zealand’s rugby team

Italian sweet bread loaf made for Christmas

A run-down hotel

Person responsible for where to go on boat

Large prized crab from western US

Not made up of cells or complete cells

__ Carmelites, Spanish monastic community

Puzzle 3

Country in Europe, Berlin is the capital

When you graduate high school, you get a __

Henri __ painted The Snail

Grease __, aircraft mechanics

Japanese technology company, laptops, TVs

Jerry __, Gooding Jr. shouted “Show Me the Money”

Palace of the Moorish kings in Seville, Spain

Hugely popular modeling compound

__ wrasse cleans parasites from fish

Stiff plastic strand on a toothbrush

Blue whales are the __ marine animals

Puzzle 4

Line that goes from one corner to the opposite one

Weapon that shoots bolts from a stock

Rio soccer stadium, venue of 1950 World Cup final

Determined, unwavering

Birth country of singer Rihanna

Unit of measure of storage in a computer

Operation led by Germans to assassinate Hitler

Cousin to dolphins with different nose and teeth

__, or Seed Shrimp, is a tiny crustacean in oceans

A small deep cooking pot with a handle

Someone who steers a ship

__ chips and salsa

Puzzle 5


Staple of Central American cuisine eaten with rice

Ross seals are only found on the __ ice

The plucking of strings. Also known as __

Extinct giant shark, grew to 65 feet long

Faithful to the end

This professional keeps an office running

He could turn the things he touched into gold

Long car used to transport important people

Mechanical marvel used to cut yards

Capital of Nepal

Infants cry a lot when these are growing in

India’s movie industry

Group 24

Puzzle 1

A closed space, usually a bedroom

Comedy with Warren Beatty as a hairdresser

The __ Link, TV game show first appeared in the UK

__ Brown and Snoopy are inseparable

__ in the Sun, Violent Femmes hit

The giant squid is one of the largest __

Container for carrying water when outdoors

Antagonist that actually means “farmhand”

A passage or path

The science or study of the management of funds

Gift brought to a party

Very intelligent social sea mammal

Puzzle 2

Large endangered marine mammal

Long romantic song

High Fidelity and Say Anything star, John __

He serves food to people

Alaska was purchased from this country

Connected to the Internet

The most recent item; current, new

Vertical support, usually decorative pillar

Leafy herb can be used like lettuce

Doctor Who’s lifetime enemies

Puzzle 3

Device used to light up an area, with oil

Inigo __, a main character in The Princess Bride

Tom Cruise, __ Impossible actor

This rock monarch sang about a Blue Christmas

Cisco __, company sells networking equipment

Crustaceans in the ocean, similar to pillbugs

Landlocked country in African Great Lakes region

Waves that disappear quickly

French pastry, puffy bread

Unhappiness, grief

Arctic whale with long tusk on its head

Puzzle 4

Happening too soon or earlier than usual

Abstinence is a __ restrain

Type of coding used to create links

To catch, seize, arrest

Figurative Colombian artist, __ Fischer

The Central Criminal Court in the UK

Right-hand side of a vessel on the sea

Movement of a limb away from your body

In a play, a member of the audience

__fish has lots of spines, can inflate

Puzzle 5

To lose consciousness

Non-commissioned Army officer

What shouldn’t be mixed with pleasure

Where wealthy take their money to pay less taxes

Form of baseball played with a larger ball

Lighter than air item, balloon

Country in western Africa, capital is Yaounde

Crustaceans with indigo shell, Maryland famous

This Beatles’ wife was stolen by Eric Clapton

Group 25

Puzzle 1

Small fish eaten on pizza and other foods

Boulevard, public garden, park having a walkway

One horned, mythical horse

What both dying and living should be

Eels are long-bodied fish that live in __ waters

Sabre tiger, well-known extinct animal

A container in which food is cooked with hot vapor

Without help, relief, assistance

Specialty item worn on a necklace or brooch

Rupophobia is the fear of __ or dirt

Feeling when all hope is lost

Samuel __, Irish avant-garde playwright

George Bush, the father, Middle East conflict

Puzzle 2

Spelunking is __ caves

Russian Orthodox Church holiday observed January 7

She was killed by an asp bite

Power to persuade someone to do something

Lack of knowledge or awareness

All things that occur in a certain environment

Name given to an espresso with added water

It’s the end of the world as we know it and __

A small entrance hall or anteroom, lobby

Blockbuster based on Mario Puzo’s novel

Tropical perch-like ocean creature

Garment worn under a skirt or a dress

Cryptid creature from East Africa

Puzzle 3

To coerce, make, obligate

One that creates a new product style

A position and form of affection between two people

King __, or Kingfish, food fish in the Atlantic

Cord used to secure the edges of shoes

Sons and daughters of human parents

Facial expression created with computer keyboard

Greatest dog sled race in the world

World’s largest auditing firm, tax experts

Birthplace of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Tropical fish with dragon-like fins and eyes

A death in war time is a __ of war

May it really happen to one’s blood

Puzzle 4

A condition to guide present and future decisions

Greek gorgon who could turn people into stone

__ fish have wing-like pectoral fins

Country bordered by Congo, Zambia and Namibia

To push or force someone to do something

Scissors used to cut lambs wool

__ decompress as they float to the surface

Muscle in the mouth, contains taste buds

__ Davis, a pirate

Bugs Bunny is on __ Tunes


Serious disease also astrological sign

Puzzle 5

Wrote Gulliver’s Travels, __ Swift

A kind of menorah is lit during this festivity

Species of tuna highly prized

The __, movie soundtrack included Mrs. Robinson

__ Arcimboldo, Italian portrait painter

Paper item for mailing a letter in

People watching a performance

Marine carnivores like seals and walruses

They are informally called ice

Manager of a school, film, production

Widening of a blood vessel, can rupture

Jar or box in a kitchen to hold flour, etc

Baby transport contraption

Group 26

Puzzle 1

Leafy Sea __ has seaweed-like camouflage

Mr. Hyde’s medical counterpart

To reach a conclusion from the evidence shown

Keyboard made to be superior to standard one

Largest rainforest in the world

Items for choosing, something that can be picked

Peter __ bought Manhattan Island

Meal that serves as both breakfast and lunch

__ Girl, TV show about a mysterious blogger

In finances, a __ asset can be converted into cash

Chemical element with symbol C and atomic number 6

Dental piece made to replace a missing tooth

Puzzle 2

Child sacrifice done by the Incas during famine

Lance __, American former cyclist

Former US host of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Pasta made in solid sticks

Annual gathering in a state with rides, etc

Interest leading to inquiry

Swiss cantons __ Innerrhoden and __ Ausserrhoden

In business, person in charge of money

Aum __, Japanese doomsday cult

Reading of someone’s future from hand lines

This gum is more known for helping addicts

Traditional beer mug, common in Germany

Puzzle 3

Voice change, rough, raspy, lower, strained

Base of Kronos and Titans during Titanomachy war

Computer key allows you to flee

To lie or sit in a relaxed position, spread out

Someone training for a position, often unpaid

McDonald’s classic with its own song

Rugby event with less than half of normal players

Someone born to your aunt or uncle

__ fish have long, thin bodies, long jaws

__ Canal, connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

Prawns are usually __ than normal shrimp

Puzzle 4

Island country in Pacific, capital is Majuro

Don’t open this indoors

Black __, uniquely pigmented jaguars and leopards

Spoken primarily in the Kashmir Valley

Enlarged veins usually found in the legs

Small Andean stringed instrument

Yellowish skin caused by high bilirubin levels

Milla __, actress of Resident Evil

Small, rectangular-shaped gem

Free from war, strife, commotion, or violence

Predator fish from Australia’s rocky shores

Called hickey in America

Cod are food fish found in the __ Ocean

Puzzle 5

The brain is the head of the central __ system

Hole formed by the wave action of the sea

George S. __, a bright Broadway playwright

Papal home, landlocked nation

Wide-mouthed construction equipment

Song turned into a hit by Aretha Franklin

Love interest of Pip in Great Expectations

Baked dessert with filling and covered with batter

Put this over a wound to help it heal

Very thoughtful, usually sad

Group 27

Puzzle 1

An official document conferring a right or privilege

Blues royalty with two initials as his first name

Scooby’s human best friend

Female mythological creature, Medusa

Type of antelope in Africa, also a type of car

House __, prisoner in one’s own home

Feeling cold, shivering, usually with a fever

__ counter is used to detect radiation

Queen Conch is a large __ sea snail

Jewish prophet who gave his name to a book

Two-shelled mollusc, found on shoreline rocks

Square cloth or paper mouth cleaner

Hair style of Native Americans and punk rockers

An artist’s lifework

Puzzle 2

Prime meridian used as reference for maps

This saint is celebrated every February in the US

Produces, creates

Someone who maintains a property

US salad made with eggs, meat, cheese and lettuce

Plant Jack climbed in the fairy tale

Rebel slave leader who fought against the Romans

Ground force unit with two or more companies

Device that cooks food by exposing it to radiation

A means of guaranteeing protection or safety

Draw with small dots

NPC means Non-Player __

Puzzle 3

__ is the largest ray in the oceans

__ Huston, star of The Addams Family

Skillful strategies for military movements

Important city in the Mayan classical period

Two or more atoms combined chemically

Chinese art of arranging objects for well-being

Cut food into tiny pieces, like matchsticks

Discontinue little by little

Full-contact combat sport, precursor of UFC

Small upright swimming fish with equine head

Puzzle 4

Mollusc with spiral shell and tentacles

Building where business is done

Western drama series based in Dodge City

Feeling of compassion or pity for someone

Amusement park “home” to scare and amuse

Alcoholic drink with wine and soda water

Separation, opposite of multiplication

Narrow topographic depressions on the sea floor

A male that’s nice to look at

Flow of water moving in a particular direction

Scrabble is a __ for two to four players

City in Nevada sung by Elvis Presley

Long-handled bartending utensil

Puzzle 5

Your parent’s father

Sheets of soft material used for stuffing quilts

Edible sea snail

A sign of an illness or disease

This horizontal line cuts the Earth in half

Accumulated wealth for business

Post Civil War western series at the Ponderosa

Reverend __, Springfield’s pastor

__ of heaven, ancient Chinese governing belief

Tom __, Rage Against the Machine guitarist

Mary Poppins starred Dick __ as the male lead

Group 28

Puzzle 1

Reproduction of information without permission

Queensland __ has comb-like teeth

Millions speak this language in Western Africa

Something you cast your vote on

Pickle condiment, or to enjoy some memories

The capital of Turkey

Black __, dark weekday after Thanksgiving

Feel unhappy about someone’s actions

Football league intended for young children

Sleepy __ was directed by Tim Burton in 1999

A sea __ is circular and covered in long spines

Puzzle 2

Mrs __, movie starring Robin Williams

A dictionary of geographical names

To fall off a ship

Electric cord makes it easier to use appliances

The lark __, V. Williams piece for violin

Neurologists specialize in __ of nervous disorders

Long, slender fish found in the Pacific Ocean

Sweet board game invented by polio victim

Pogo is a possum and Albert an __

Acting on the spur of the moment

Conflict involving Greeks, a woman and a horse

Popular team sport in Asian countries

French writer of the naturalistic school

Pirate port in Jamaica

Someone who maintains a website

Puzzle 3

Cephalopod with eight arms and two rows of suckers

Place where foods are put into containers

The most grumbling of the Marx brothers

Popular fish in the U.S.

A mechanical piece of equipment

Lower part of the ear with large blood supply

Samurai sacred rules

Bush, the son, got this Iraqi dictator

Several shrubs, honeysuckle

He painted The Three Dancers

Failure to attend a class

Puzzle 4

Greatest figure in Russian Romanticism

The whales that sing

David Bowie, the __ of rock

Side dish from Southern states made with maize

Work done usually for a limited time

Old-timer, senior citizen, elderly person

The state of being spread out or transmitted

Small southern African nation, Kingdom of eSwatini

Main Incan deity who created all living things

Puzzle 5

Famous stock market index first published in 1885

A fancy delicacy or small trinket

Beauty is in the eye of the __

Equipment for breathing underwater

Place where prescriptions are filled

Most common type of household battery

Where military members live on base

Saying hello to someone

On site journalist

Black cat said to haunt the Scottish Highlands

__ Dead, band that had bears as mascots

Quedagh __, Indian ship captured by William Kidd

Anna __, character who commits adultery

Most common pitch in baseball

Denoting grammatical person, a __ pronoun

Process of producing books, etc by using machinery

Superficial compliance with the law

__ teeth are also called premolars

Group 29

Puzzle 1

When one thing partially covers another

Superman home planet, noble gas

Related to the Dugong, large sea mammal

Roman goddess of wisdom and divine counsel

Mackerel is a food fish with __ backs

Musical instrument with a small, key-shaped frame

A popular way of dressing during a particular time

Person who works in the army

Equipment other than a yoke of a draft animal

Small areas off walls of larger rooms

Significant city in Ancient Mesopotamia

Puzzle 2

Moveable symbol to show where pointer is

Handgun with only one chamber

Comes from a Greek word meaning choice

__ Island, South African prison that held Mandela

To hear what someone is saying attentively

To actively not notice someone or something

Ren and __ loved toilet humor and craziness

Casts protect __ bones

Bright bird, usually yellow or orange with black

Water __, appliance that makes warm showers possible

The loudness of music on a device

Plural of leaf, pile of them off a tree

__ Dodger, Oliver Twist pickpocketer

2015 James Bond star, __ Craig

Puzzle 3

Coral live in __ and make up the reefs

Small onions, used in the same way as regular ones

Marky Mark __, actor, singer, rapper, model

__ Gymnastics, sport with balls, hoops and more

To remove troops from a combat area

__ Crusoe, novel by Daniel Defoe

Sea __ is a squishy, sausage-shaped animal

Name given to an abnormal curvature of the back

Data that proves the facts

Amusement park attraction aka log ride

Latin term often used to refer to another self

Road going over another

Puzzle 4

Something that is old and collectible

Strong Mexican liquor, reality TV star surname

Organic matter being recycled, usually a heap

Child-eating hobgoblin from Celtic mythology

Eternal vigilance is its price

Scientist known for lectures on physics

The wicked witch of the west in a Broadway musical

Country bordered by China, Laos and Cambodia


Freedom from vanity or boastfulness

Big mouth, stubby fish that can change its sex

20th __ Fox

Puzzle 5

Mickey Mouse first appeared in __ Willie

Web __, programmer of the web sites

Underwater vessel

A rock and roll festival and a Peanuts character

Vague, uncertain

Folding fan knife with two handles aka balisong

Etymologically, out of breath

Wooden, romantic cutlery

Ramallah is the administrative center of __

This act involves the performer’s disappearance

Charlie and the __ Factory starring Johnny Depp

Father of Liberalism, inspired US revolution

Group 30

Puzzle 1

Food retailers

This game is known as checkers in the US

Fop, dandy

Hake is a __ with a long body and large head

These lines will never cross

First name of prodigious composer

The starting points of philosophical arguments

__ theft, stealing someone’s information; a crime

Wax used in pedicures and manicures

Frying appliance uses hot air, not oil

Tooth between canine and molar

Hector’s little son thrown from a rock

Puzzle 2

One fourth of a year

Timetables, programs, dockets, schedules

Dry white wine from Burgundy

School’s caretaker, normally locks things up

Invasions, raids

Meet the Fockers and Zoolander actor, Ben __

Japanese hand drum that consists of a wooden body

Large marine mammal, not actually a feline

City where the NBA was founded in 1946

To share a ride

Medicine used for pain and to thin blood

Hand implements used in food preparation or eating

File hosting service

A symbol of Judaism since ancient times

Puzzle 3

Randy __ one of the best known film composers

__ Dumpty, English nursery rhyme about eggs

Violent conflict, fighting

To perturb, upset, dishearten, daunt

Flowers naturally associated with the Netherlands

Crown-of is a large starfish that eats coral

Person who shoots a bow and arrow

__ seals are small, earless, live in Arctic

Application that communicates with a remote server

Puzzle 4

Stationary metal bells, hit by hammers for sound

Spiders and similar creepy

Government’s finance and taxation department

Mad __, not so festive gathering with hatted man

“Jumping” frying, usually with vegetables

Culture responsible for first written language

Medieval play about the birth of Jesus

Father of linguistics and developer of sign theory

Rocco and His __, movie with Alain Delon

Quebec’s largest city, former home to the Expos

Small furry mammal from North Pacific

Related to hens

Braiding of narrow strips, crop hair style

Agent, something causing diseases

Jellystone’s most infamous picnic thief

Puzzle 5

Italian artist and inventor, __ da Vinci

Capital of Syria

Alvin, the __, is the lead singer of his group

According to the saying, what beggars can’t be

Gigantic, huge, a __ effort

On the day after today

Sea __ are huge creatures in many different forms

Enrique __, Spanish composer of Goyescas

International __ Fund, aka IMF

Tailor-made costume for women

Torpedo-looking fish in the pike family

Military foot soldiers, first wave of attacks

Group 31

Puzzle 1

Tiny marine organism, Mr. Krabs’ nemesis

There is no place __

Spanish vegetable soup

Automotive doctor often covered in grease

Small marine animal of the Malacanthidae family

Wealthy older woman in Dickens’ Great Expectations

Military leave of absence for enlisted persons

Balkan capital on the Danube River

Mobster who crumbled to tax evasion

Roaming about stealthily

Puzzle 2

Thick sideburns, __ chops

Self-portrait shared on social media

Not formal

Conch is a shellfish with a large __ shell

Lingua __, also known as trade language

Winnie’s low-energy burro friend

Italian island where the Mount Etna volcano erupts

Small fork used for eating __ at wine tastings

Large citrus fruit, great for juice

beat, cadence

Solid floor or bottom of the ocean

Puzzle 3

Etch a design into a hard object, usually names

Centers for __ Control and Prevention

Proposed the term “schizophrenia” in 1908

Prolific English writer of science fiction

Large metal plates struck together or with a stick

Waterfalls on the US-Canada border

Title of ancient Indian emperor

Vizier to Djoser, healer god

Oral or written description of events

You can’t teach them new tricks

Sour liquid used for pickling and in dressings

Duracell or Energizer are brands of this

Group of players who try to score points

Unintended facial hair, need for a shave

Puzzle 4

Substance created by mold that damages the liver

Baseball player known as the Iron Horse

Remains of a ship that crashed

Hand, foot, outer limb of the body

Area where land and water meet

Fear of your home

American actor who died prematurely in 1955

They cling to you, even against your will

“Peppered bread”, Italian Christmas cake

Puzzle 5

Nerve layer in the back of the eye

Water spirit in the form of a horse

Changes the sound of a vowel, in German

Ruud __, captained Dutch, 1988 Euro winning squad

Ruling government in power

Tower built for 1889 World’s Fair in Paris

Public road through a town or city

Japanese gangster or member of a crime syndicate

Biblical character whose power rested in his hair

SPAM, popularly short for __ ham

Group 32

Puzzle 1

Wiener __, a well-known Austrian dish

Sega’s final home console from the late 90’s

Papillae that sense sweet, sour, bitter, salty

Dwelling on the top floor of a building

Mecca of American country music

__ de Goya painted Witches’ Sabbath

Distance event includes running, swimming, biking

Too eager to offer advice not asked for

Plastic popular in pipes aka PVC

Puzzle 2

Popular social media, blogging website

The city where Batman lives

Course of planks on a ship, hull, deck, etc

Croat capital on Sava River

All white cetacean with no dorsal fin

Josef __, Soviet leader during World War II

Group of sports teams that compete

Person or company that sells items

Mother or father

Blanket-like cloak from South America

Modest or meek, usually a coveted quality

A scientific principle to explain a phenomenon

Puzzle 3

It takes him 10 years to come back from the war

Davy Jones’ locker

Face disappears behind hands in this child’s game

Name of Edward and Bella’s daughter in Twilight

To become in charge of a company or situation

Polytheistic religion

Where gasoline is placed in an automobile

Legal, world’s most popular drug

Broadway’s modern operas

Group of young actors in teen movies in the 1980s

__ zone is the shore around a body of water

Puzzle 4

Area of land surrounded on three sides by water

Study of celestial objects for information

A vessel designed to carry goods

Sports event, grand prize in French

Keyboard key commonly known as “and” sign

Conscientious __ refuse to bear arms in military

Loudspeaker for low bass frequencies

Paid time off for being ill or injured

Followers of the Church of England

Only living language derived from Doric Greek

Puzzle 5

Dom __, actor, comedian, chef, director

Ultimate goal in NHL, __ Cup

Plant with large, dark green leaves

The end of a marriage

Female cone shaped hairstyle aka B-52

Roller __, amusement park mainstay

Thermodynamic variables as temperature

Purchase at less than usual cost

__fish swim vertically to blend in

Someone who sells items in the street

Rubber container filled with helium or air

To violently burst, fly into pieces, break up

Room or area where food is prepared and cooked

Lower part of a river where it meets the sea

Arabic mathematical system

Capital of Brunei, Bandar Seri __

Group 33

Puzzle 1

Ocean surrounding Antarctica

Oceanic trench noted for its very abrupt slope

Singer known for her bizarre sense of fashion

Game of vertical tiles and physical questions

Small mammal known for curling up in a ball

Tracks that trains run on

Google’s parent company

A certain feline who hates Mondays

Comes from Greek words for bad and star

Resist change stubbornly

Single handed axe, long range missile

Pain in the head, many causes

Puzzle 2

Cuban cocktail of white rum and lime juice

Former rebel who became Zimbabwe’s head of state

Brian May’s musical instrument

Holy __, sacrament for bishops, priests, deacons

To offer counsel, opinion, suggestions

Short female hair style cut at the jaw

Planet with a distinct ring around it

Square root of 144

Arid, bare region with little rain or vegetation

13 instead of 12 units round up a dozen for __

Largest mammals in the world

__ Nyong’o, won an Oscar for 12 Years a Slave

Evening meal you might have with a loved one

Robinson __, Daniel Defoe novel about shipwreck

Steve Carell and Ricky Gervais starred in The __

A sight for sore eyes

Puzzle 3

Diabolical boiled egg dish

Copper, Box, Grand and Todra

In mythology she is linked to a box

Someone who carries luggage to people’s rooms

Decree, declare, pronounce formally

Pirate known as Black Sam

__ Endearment, won the Academy Awards in 1984

Etiquette blunder, embarassing social mistake

Being or seeming to be without limits

Tiger Sharks are large and have dark __

First Latin American pope

Puzzle 4

Fictional Brit spy better known by three digits

Your handwritten name on a line

Cosmetic designed to remove dead skin

Captain Scott’s Antarctic ship

Jason was the Commander of the __

Russian instrument, triangle with guitar neck

Unexpected piece of news

Devoted love, worship

Large fish known for its teeth and aggression

Lines of longitude

Renovate, upgrade

A box of matches, in days of yore

Typical Irish food made with sodium bicarbonate

Puzzle 5

Similar to a frying pan

Game knocking balls through metal wickets

Low-pitched wind instrument

Large crustacean, two claws, dish in US

Breakwater, groyne

Time between flights before final destination

Feature for comfort, pleasure, convenience

Bucharest is the capital of __

Firefox was developed by this company

Persian painter from Isfahan, __ Farshchian

A messenger who transports goods or documents

Group 34

Puzzle 1

__ Kingdom, Disney’s nature park, zoo

Home of Norsemen and “Nobel” men

JP __, investment bank with long history

Men’s formal wear, usually black pants and jacket

Jamie __, British celebrity chef; The Naked Chef

Women singing in the sea

Felix __ , animated series about a black feline

Protective covering for the head

Attests who you are

Land plowed and left alone for a season

Mozzarella __, fried US snack to dip in sauce

Solid surface to stand on; land, Earth

2016 slang for hard core, badass

Anagram of finder

Whaler ship featured in Moby-Dick

Puzzle 2

Milk powder comes in chocolate and strawberry

Second president of Indonesia, created a New Order

Homo __, modern humans

Thick as __

Shows open contempt for the law

Means of transportation with two wheels

Feverish condition

Short but comprehensive explanation

Travelling for pleasure

One __ and One Dalmatians, a Disney animation

Jawless fish, eel like, sucks blood from animals

Puzzle 3

The __ Zone, TV show consisting of various tales

This band’s lead singer married Gwyneth Paltrow

Channel where a river flows, or has flowed

For a kid, the sound a train makes

Hope __ makes the heart sick

“Juiced” eel you don’t want to touch

Fear of being tied up is __phobia

Christian group that celebrates Christmas in January

In IP address, the P stands for Internet __

Recurrent headache that is often very painful

__ Kant, renowned German philosopher

__ Buddha is especially lucky for wealth

Travel book that is technically government property

The act of looking out for the welfare of others

Puzzle 4

Frequent visitors

Close combat between armed aircraft

2016 slang for really good, on point

Male leader of a committee or board

Someone in charge of renting places

Long necked lute from modern Greece

Cloth or plastic strips to cover a wound

Same as boldface

Brown spice used in baking, drinks, and desserts

Chemical element meaning heavy stone in Swedish

Famous undersea explorer succeded by his son

This computer key gives you room to breathe

Land along the sea or ocean

Puzzle 5

Raw material, crop bought and sold

Works with law but not in the level of a lawyer

Opposite of a dictatorship

70s romantic comedy starring Allen and Keaton

Generic, adaptable

Very large indeed

Wife of pharaoh who started a revolution in Egypt

Doubts, questions, dubitates

Sea between India, Maldives, Lakshadweep

Something that is unclear, not exact

Doctor’s identification of an illness, disease

Organ of a worm or spider emitting silk

The outermost part of the Earth’s atmosphere

Leader of the Tibetan Buddhists

Supply needed for a specific purpose

Prominent US author from 1920s, Lost Generation

Burn scented oils aka diffusers

Founder of Ford Motor Company

Group 35

Puzzle 1

Verb meaning to modify something to increase power

Item worn by babies on their rears

TV show centered in a hip-hop company

Reanimated corpse that feeds on human flesh

__ Private Ryan, WWII drama directed by Spielberg

Akinetic means loss of __ ability to move muscles

Largest city in the Bahamas

Rules that dictate the structure of sentences

Beach currency, Sand __

Puzzle 2

Received money after a loved one’s passing

Deputy sheriff, gunslinger at the O.K. Corral

Circus act with muscular performer

Ergophobia is the fear of the __

Sport where balls are thrown and must be avoided

Last name of the main character in Star Wars

Sea monster referred in the Old Testament

Formal word for the term pirate

Shiitake and Portobello are edible types of __

Chronic liver damage, result of alcoholism

A yacht or other boat with twin hulls in parallel

Puzzle 3

Small unimportant details

A well-known native-American tribe

British city best known for its Cathedral

Winged creature that comes alive from stone

__ and Cheese, Thomas Jefferson’s favorite meal

A room or compartment with a toilet and washbasin

Have eased worry or anxiety

Study of soil, natural environment

Agatha __, also known as the Queen of Crime

Olive __ is an extremely venomous swimming serpent

Viral infection that causes a painful rash

Made of clay that has been hardened by heat

Long and narrow land next to the ocean

Written piece of information

Ball game similar to baseball

Person who buys goods and services

Puzzle 4

That’s how Moses crossed the Red Sea

George __, won an Oscar for Syriana

Large wave caused by underwater earthquake

Medium-sized cat with beautiful spots

Someone who has a deep knowledge of a subject

Charles __, notable writer of the Victorian era

King Arthur’s castle, court

The __, launched Donny and Marie’s careers

Council for advising a leader on a topic

To convict, sentence

Legume used to make milk for those allergic

Biggest ocean on the planet

To afflict with great bodily or mental suffering

Long upper bone in your arm, above the elbow

Equipped with talent or quality; money, resources

Puzzle 5

Famous recording studio located in London

Title of an important Islamic cleric in Iran

Large ship used to carry oil

A person who works with books

Morpheus in The Matrix; CSI actor, Laurence __

Study of sound, mechanical waves

To make someone feel self-conscious

Don’t forget this tool when drinking wine

Cakes with icing, example is Twinkies

Post Carnival celebration Ash __

Group 36

Puzzle 1

Hero who killed the Minotaur

Item with lenses worn on the nose to see better

Kitchen utensil to mix ingredients in high speed

Someone torn by an inner conflict

A very large piece of ice floating in the ocean

The mysterious final word of Charles Foster Kane

Simon and Garfunkel paradoxical song, Sound of __

A term for newspaper, The Phoenix __

Gem-quality olivine

To care for a child while parents are away

Item or service a business offers

Fear of __ is kopophobia

Large, pale antelopes from North Africa

To cheer, clap; show approval or praise

Puzzle 2

Don’t cut the bough you are __ on

Italian word for writings on walls

Clean, sharp edged cut; usually surgical

US car brand now controlled by Fiat

Protective covering found on mollusks

Colombo is the commercial capital of __

Venomous sea animal, covered in stripes and spines

The Texas __ Massacre, a cult horror movie

Folk string instrument, played with a hammer

A piece of garment used by women

Puzzle 3

Easing of pain, distress or worry

Demonophobia is the fear of evil __

Apple makes the __, iPad, and Mac computers

A boat carrying passengers to a larger ship

Double-breasted jacket worn by sailors

Something expensive, high priced, lavish

Crowded Taiwanese headquarters

Shrunken cucumber with a sour taste

Between first and third

Wooden statue of a Greek deity

Constitution, character, complexion, personality

Sufficient amount for the purpose needed

Haley Joel __, actor in The Sixth Sense and Sex Ed

Clear space around printed words

Related to the smallest component of an element

Professional whose fingers travel 12.6 miles a day

Lily-livered, fearful

Large white dog breed native to Turkey

Puzzle 4

Corrosive resistant element used in biomedicine

Ancient Egypt history is divided into 31 of them

The capital of Palau

Jamaican speedster gold in Rio, London and Beijing

Orson __, known for the sci-fi series Ender’s Game

Profession whose word origin means “star sailor”

Sperm whales

Aquatic animal considered the largest on Earth

One type of dog training

Later learners or bloomers

Puzzle 5

Ten years

Substitute “baby” for “Jesus” in this music genre

The order that players are up to bat in baseball

Etch a __, draw and then shake to draw again

Aura that surrounds the sun and other stars

Martin__, translated the Bible to German

Person who boats for pleasure

Devices used to stop a car

Old time infantry firearm

Small bone at the bottom of the spine

Native American name for the blackfish

Group 37

Puzzle 1

Too deep in the sea for sunlight to reach

Robin Hood Olympic sport

A section of a book, usually medium in length

What pompous people’s chests are like

Legume plant with blue-purple flowers

__ Finch, a Gregory Peck character

Penelope Cruz, first __ actress to win an Oscar

Songs written for company commercials

Strong insult, offense; extreme disgust

Puzzle 2

Intelligence __ is decided by Stanford Binet scale

Leading GMO research company

Island nation of tiny people depicted in a book

A little pause from work or exercise

Four __, messengers of the Apocalypse

Brain __ is considered delicacy in Scandinavia

Salsa, bachata, waltz, tango

Jerusalem artichoke

Social media website founded by Mark Zuckerberg

The __ whale is one of the largest whale species

Four __ and a Funeral, a British comedy

Between ages 13 and 19

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie

Former word for psychologist, from Latin & French

Venetian lagoon island linked to Daphne du Maurier

Puzzle 3

Large and bright constellation listed by Ptolemy

Regular profit payments to shareholders


The land of the Philistines

Ship on which James Cook sailed to Australia

Greek goddess of love and desire

Ordained minister, member of the clergy

Puzzle 4

Voodoo priest in Haiti

Tomb of the __ Soldier

These type of novels are full of pictures

Generous actions or donations to the needy

Maya __, US actress of Bridesmaids

Ancient solar clock


Dante’s hell with nine circles of suffering

One cannot make smoke __ fire

Respiratory tract that sends air to the lungs

Friendly, agreeable

A high-ranking military member

Delete, erase

Poisonous gas containing carbon and nitrogen

Tumor of the nerve tissue

They used to infest the Caribbean Seas

Algae that grows in the sea

Puzzle 5

Blacque __ Shellacque is a Looney Toon villain

Baby pig

__ and Her Sisters, a film by Woody Allen

Crustacean with long body and tiny legs

Unlike anything else out there

Grim __, personification of death

Substance that can damage organs and cause death

Gestures, words and objects set by tradition

Group 38

Puzzle 1

Capital of Pakistan

Electrolysis is __ hair and root removal

Jedi played by Samuel L Jackson in Star Wars

Big seabird with the largest wingspans

Renaissance and Baroque dance type

Irregular soldiers that don’t follow rules

Can be verified by observation or logic

Edible snails, often on a French menu

Puzzle 2

Crystalline form of aluminium oxide

A group of military aircrafts

Monstrous reptile with magical powers

Masonic group that wear fezzes and runs hospitals

Ben __ won an Oscar for playing Gandhi

Large estate, used for farming or ranching

Flowers on a tree

Caliphate founded in the Arabian Peninsula in 632

Abhorred, detested

Money comes easily from it

Only this woman could love her demonic baby

Beta, test version of a nearly __ product

Something related to the sea or ships

Irukandji is a tiny __ jellyfish from Australia

Produces digestive hormones including insulin

Puzzle 3

Regarding something with esteem, love, honor

Breed of cat known for its size and calm attitude

American Nobel Prize winning economist

Place on a website where you find old news

Mental disorder of two halves

Geometric shape with nine sides

Flat heated surface found in restaurant kitchens

Large scale rotating air mass

Exaggerated movement

The usual time when someone sleeps

Gigantic tentacular monster created by Lovecraft

Michael Phelps is a retired __

To prorogue, recess, suspend

The most famous Pokemon

__ Trench, deepest known part of the ocean

Rapid, brisk tempo

Puzzle 4

Anagram of oriental

Yellow fish friend of Ariel in Little Mermaid

Below your hair, above your eyes

Sir and one of the Knights of the Round Table

Free, exaggerated and highly energetic street dance

Max __, false identity used to deposit stolen gold

Capital of Paraguay

Christmas season house-to-house singing

Series of games to determine a championship

__ zone of sea water, from 0 to 1200 feet

Lighthearted, fun social news website

HBO’s mafia series with Gandolfini


Word seen same when upside down, like “swims”

Intertwined sticks hold up marbles in this game

Spend the summer in a torpid state

San Francisco transport

The act of cooking in simmering liquid

Puzzle 5

Taiwanese-born director of Brokeback Mountain

Being allowed to do something, like fishing

The smallest ocean

Public auction

Last major Mauryan emperor, promoter of Buddhism

German, three striped sports brand

Largest Andean, Colombian city

Strike this tool with mallet to shape material

Large area controlled by one ruler

Group 39

Puzzle 1

__ manipulation is heavenly influence

Won the 73rd Academy Award for Best Movie

Rough and inharmonious sounds, especially in music

Human __, department aka human capital

Good __, someone who helps another person

Said to a child who has fallen over

Agnes __, actress of Bewitched

Attachment to a helmet to stop it from falling off

Psychological evaluation method involving inkblots

Winter sport; dogs, horses or a motor vehicle pull

Sick from overeating or drinking, hangover

Glittery mirrored sphere for dance parties

Protects the body against infectious diseases

German waterway, flows through Essen and Dortmund

Wrote a diary about the time she spent hiding

__ in the Night, Sinatra, 1967 Grammy winner

Champagne of choice of Patsy and Edina

Puzzle 2

Large heavy artillery that fires stone balls

In India, widow once burnt at husband’s pyre

Fluffs up cushions

Gloria __, sang about surviving before Beyonce

Young man who died when flying towards the Sun

US tennis Grand Slam tournament

Misfortune, reversal

Another name for the universe as a whole

The capital of Oman

Francesco __, Italian Baroque painter

Sea cradles, coat-of-mail shells, formally loricate

Outdoor meal often eaten at parks

Sassy elderly “girls” sitcom starring Betty White

Stitch used to hold tissue together in the body

Where the devil usually is

Plan or outline to be done

Informal trousers for men or women

Puzzle 3

__ Kerr, star of The King and I

A large vessel used to carry warriors

They’re usually in distress

Pong-like video game console sold 1 million units

Sports arena with tiers of seats for spectators

The capital of Cyprus

Controversial drug to control ADHD in children

Ukrainian stringed lute-type instrument

Constellation named after a mythical winged horse

One who actually saw something happen

The final step to becoming a practicing lawyer

Another name for starfish

Castoff with Hagar in the desert

Type of romantic love originated from Geoffrey Chaucer

Henri de Toulouse, French artist

Extended mass of ice covering a large area

Flaky, Mid East pastry with ground nuts and honey

Small community in the countryside

Base of an argument or theory

Puzzle 4

Synchronized __ is an underwater dance event

Diana Ross and The __

Organ that grows throughout pregnancy

The game of poker usually requires that

Anything to do with a mother, grandmother

World wide network of computers

Teacher, professor

Being recommended to another type of doctor

Jennifer __, actress of The Hunger Games

This city, not Rio, is Brazil’s capital

Faust’s love

Woman spirit that shifts into a spider in Japan

Constant __ wears away the stone

Someone who practices law

A much sweeter type of vinegar

The state or quality of being calm, tranquil

Related to the father of psychoanalysis

Miner stampede to San Francisco in 1849

It literally means the green of earth

Puzzle 5

__ O’Conor, Irish singer from early 1990s

Capital of Czech Republic

Cloud of dust and elements in space

Astrological sign represented by a fish

Princess __, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

Sea __, found all over the world’s oceans

Sharp utensils used in the kitchen

Vessel commanded by the timelord in Doctor Who

Growth of abnormal tissue

Ancient Greek name for clear upper sky area

To remember, recollect; bring out of memory

Large sea duck mostly black

A paper size

Apple’s app, online music store

Group 40

Puzzle 1

Pain you feel when your organ of hearing hurts

Test used to ensure you are human and not a robot

20,000 __ Under the Sea, a Jules Verne novel

One of the fundamental compounds of nucleic acids

Related to the shoreline

Country of Tintin, Poirot and The Smurfs

The meat of a deer

Man someone is married to

Having marks of an earlier period, antique

Huge, long fish with a compressed body

Connie __, American Horror Story, Nashville

Even, moderately slow tempo

Clothing to disguise someone

Points one gets for currying favor

Puzzle 2

Infernal determination to achieve something

1st woman to get the Pulitzer for poetry, Sara __

Cooking in a gridiron with heat coming from below

Uplifting, illuminative

Tchaikovsky’s failed ballet, now famous

Stone used by the Maya to enhance their weapons

1024 Gigabytes is equal to 1 __

Popeye starred Robin __ and Shelley Duvall

Made to be broken, just like piecrusts

A basketball player

Point farthest from the sun of orbiting space body

Drainage bowl for pasta

A plantation of grapes aimed to wine production

The Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge is here

Italian scientist with a gas law named after him

Villains in Another Brick in the Wall

Puzzle 3

The __, 80s movie about a martial art

Pert little ones

A bathroom sink

__ missiles have predetermined trajectories

Home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

__ Tentacles lives next to SpongeBob

EEG brain exam aka __ Test

In __, in bad condition due to neglect

Popular hot chocolate brand, comes in packets

Unduly held as faultless

Someone who studies the past

A private eye who grew orchids

Fashion style, baggy clothes for women

The most notable inhabitant of the Sherwood Forest

Puzzle 4

Large area full of trees and bushes

Person who commits illegal actions at sea

A goal a business is trying to reach

Alexander __ Bell, inventor of the telephone

Character in Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities

__ Burns, smoking comedian lived to 100

Memorial said to contain relics of Buddha

Where dead bodies are kept for autopsy

They also built pyramids

MP3 __, digital music device, iPod

The kitchen of an aircraft

Gaul who fell in a cauldron of magic potion

Power needed to do something

Little Richard’s favorite flavor, Tutti __

Large building in India

Small dish to hold a cup or mug

Cut and polished precious stones, gems

To give approval, agreement, consent

Table __, aka ping pong; an Olympic sport

A smash hit duet by Santana and Rob Thomas

Puzzle 5

Formal agreement to stop fighting

They eat just about anything

A hit by The Beatles

Street food vehicle

Marine, transparent and with stinging tentacles

Leviathan is a monster from the Old __

A high-brow word for whiskers

A Woody Allen film starring Diane Keaton

Country with large oil reserves, ruled by Maduro

Used in everything from toys to remote controls

Idiomatic expression regarding oceans

A three-dimensional work of art

A person who gives information on TV or radio

Pain in the hands and feet only

Armpit perfume, fights body odor

Prehistoric giants

Economic system where power is in the hands of few

Wrote one of the Great American Novels

NASA mission sent to photograph Mercury

This device joins two pieces of metal together