Group 620

Puzzle 1

Agricultural land with milking building
Most tired or weary; anagram of liberates
Testimony from a previous employer
Yours ; formal way to end a letter
Expert in the Earth’s rocks and minerals
Crooner and radio host, known as Mr. C
Made understandable
Scottish town, with a Festival Theatre season
A Short History of Tractors in : Marina Lewycka
Wake-robin; red trillium
Piper’s girlfriend in Orange is the New Black
Created specially for an event

Puzzle 2

Shake, with laughter perhaps
RuPaul’s reality talent show
Tea marketers with oldest logo still in use
Marine hag, e.g. Ursula in The Little Mermaid
Expression from compere to elicit applause
Soccer kick, not of the toe
Process of emaciation from malnutrition
Reggae artist Snow’s 1993 big hit
The constituent parts of a TV series
Middle Eastern salad of pita bread and greens
Roth wrote the Divergent novel trilogy
12 photographic months of holiday reminders
Ruler of Greece from 460–429 BC

Puzzle 3

Nintendo’s successor to the Game Boy Color
Crazy person, or fruit shell
The Death famous Revolutionary art by David
An apothecary weight, equivalent to 20 grains
Now, Bette Davis starred in this 1942 film
Our in the North followed 4 Newcastle inhabitants
Teri who played Susan on Desperate Housewives
LK Catherine of Cambridge prefers their shoes
Country hosting the first FIFA World Cup in 1930
Eagle-lion cross appears in Alice in Wonderland
Feeling, sentiment, sensation
Laundry time of the week
Lyric, Green door, what’s that secret you’re ?

Puzzle 4

Mud pack
Major men’s team competition in tennis
Kids of supervillains set out to correct wrongs
egg, dehydrated substance for wartime recipes
Trenches of moving water
Self-important constable in Much Ado About Nothing
Harmful substance, e.g. pesticide
Wavelength unit named after a Swedish physicist
With no hurry
Advice or information on how to do something
Wearing a hat
Wright, colonial era wax sculptor
Day, date celebrates the Restoration of 1660
The Voice judge, Kelly

Puzzle 5

An outsider; someone who doesn’t blend in
Matriarch of the Rivera family in Coco movie
Egyptian lake near Aswan High Dam
Boardwalk with Steve Buscemi
Tiredness after a long-distance flight
Critically destroyed
Liqueur made from blackcurrants: crème de
Buttonhole flowers attach to these
Untidy writing
Japanese period under the emperor Akihito
Younger son of Blake Carrington in Dynasty
Homemade ventilated cask used for barbecues