Group 619

Puzzle 1

Sheet music for plays or musicals
Stephanie contributed to invention of Kevlar
Metal end to a work boot
Moomins character who daydreams about police
Young and attractive
Jim comic genius with a rubber face
Schwarzenegger big car
Wooden garden dividing boundaries
Edible molluscs with pointy, spiral shells
Operating ; OS in computer technology
Richard Tom in The Good Life
Oriole Park at Yards, MLB in Maryland

Puzzle 2

Shore with JWoww, Pauly D, and Snooki
Taylor was Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights
Chinese egg dish with vegetables
Daylight ; moving clocks forward in spring
Country for a Midsummer Night’s Dream
Future, past or present in linguistics
Dudley Moore’s drunk millionaire character
In a welcoming way
Joe Phantom Joe, early hockey player
Russian seaport on the Gulf of Finland
Chinese egg omelet dish
King who was obsessed with castles: Mad King
Shrub, or the street Harry Potter grew up on
Seller or trader, in cars or antiques for e.g.

Puzzle 3

Asserted or insinuated
Listing, sloping
Huge shark-like creature of Japanese mythology
Anderson, flame-haired The X Files star
Robert F. Memorial, home to D.C. United
music, classical pieces played by small groups
Foods hosted by Andrew Zimmern
The Seal, Bergman film with Death playing chess
Wicked’s Wicked Witch of the West
Drives something to move onward
Author of King Solomon’s Mines on colonial Africa
Water of life from the Emerald Isle

Puzzle 4

Original act to record La-La (Means I Love You)
Starz Scottish 18th century time-travel show
Lacy headscarves worn by Spanish women
Snails served on a silver platter, perhaps
Bold, dramatic and eye-catching
Green plain
Beacham; Dynasty and The Colbys actress
Bluey-green tone, anagram of quite sour
Multi-partner relationships
tank, saltwater device to aid calm
Hydrolyzed organelles that remove cellular waste

Puzzle 5

Of a Pyrenean nation
Organizing a schedule or future activities
Mrs. Doubtfire and Dead Poets Society actor Robin
Cartoon Bunch who lived at Wonderland Zoo
Style of cutting gems in an unfaceted way
Skateboarding magazine
Trumpet welcomes
Jim Cramer investigative show about stocks
Lack of wind causing a boat to remain still
One-fifth of the Saturdays
Freudian term, one of three terms along with id
Dressed extravagantly for a party
The O in OHP, projector
Easily fooled
Baggy ; Madness hit about school days
Spicy pepper eaten green and stuffed with cheese
Striking post used in karate
Children’s game where sticks hold up marbles