Group 618

Puzzle 1

Swap, switch, e.g. for a different size
Large mattress, suitable for a monarch
Murphy; Clueless and 8 Mile actress
Small insects that eat through wood
Actor, Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-O
Early Blues singer who sang about a Black Bottom
Long-running Holby City Hospital British drama
French Alps city, capital of Isère
to Candleford, gentle novel by Flora Thompson
Injecting liquid into rock for gas extraction
strap, personal bag carrying handle
Main administrative building in a city
Not containing any animal flesh
Remember, remember, the fifth of
German pre-Lenten Karneval season

Puzzle 2

Star Trek warrior species, for example Worf
Sun ; bed for sunbathing
Early wide area computing network of the 60s
Used flattery to encourage
South African Nobel Prize winning author: J. M.
Beyoncé’s gym brand
Appeared on screen or in a play
Thin wooden surface layers on furniture
Whistles heavy breaths
99 of beer on the wall
Extra helpings of food
Red flowers, symbols of remembrance
The Elephant Man’s name, Joseph
Cones for transferring liquid
Need, or specify as compulsory
Patted down
Comedian and spokesperson, Martin
To have appeared as the lead in a movie or play
Mesh used to protect plants
Country where the ski resort Tsakhkadzor is

Puzzle 3

Vibrancy, energy
Non-Jewish people, usually considered Christians
buy, charity shopping that circulates goods
Starfleet battle tactic: Picard
Action of petting a dog or cat
Manhattan side with Chelsea, SoHo, Tribeca
London royal green space and rock concert venue
Language of propaganda in Orwell’s 1984
In sickness and ; traditional wedding vow
House and oak tree where Charles II hid out
Dick and Tommy, the Brothers
Jamaica pimento; myrtle pepper

Puzzle 4

Street, Roman road between London and York
Top-row keyboard letters, bad choice for passwords
Billy ; musical about a ballet dancer
Person in need of a nap or boring movie
Singing star of Moesha
Mrs Merkel’s first name
The landscape, things that aren’t artificial
Madagascan primates
Betty Gilpin’s character on GLOW
movement, military encircling tactic
Recoil from painful stimulus
Owner of the Resident Evil’s franchise
Old golf club, similar to a modern 5-iron
Author of Brave New World: Aldous
Prized, having worth
Moon Probe (MIP); Indian lunar orbiter
Korean fermented vegetables

Puzzle 5

Making wealthy
Classic sitcom about a witch named Samantha
Soft mineral
Inferiority ; feelings of insignificance
Mani-pedis are done at this type of establishment
Florida-based sandwich chain
Wobbling, about to fall, maybe off high heels
Boris Russian writer of Doctor Zhivago
Indoor place for physical exercise
He said Roll over when there were 10 in the bed
Type of six-legged Saharan insect