Group 617

Puzzle 1

Smallest U.S. state (in area) starting with i
Popping a blister with a point
Lee, Anderson and Mauro Food Network series: The
Beer-selling sports mascot on The Simpsons
Less noisy
Someone who receives an honor
Language usually sung to accompany Klezmer music
Gus ; Apollo 1 commander who died during testing
Table game with flippers
Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace, Uma
Shakespeare said it is the soul of wit
Impaired ability to process sensory information
TGI restaurant chain
The TL in TL;DR
Adult Swim cartoon Robot

Puzzle 2

Kind of significant other
Important part of a group (a naval allusion)
Dance moves using claps and pat-a-cake
One-wheeled bike ridden by circus artistes
Port theme and thrills park near Barcelona
Value of someone’s assets, minus debts
Mirage or hallucination
Saline evacuation from the eye
TV toy bear with special powers
The raw material of kozo paper
Type of pear also known as a Williams
like pie-crust, poem by Christina Rossetti
Jeremy outspoken journo, formerly of Top Gear
Rubber-soled sports shoes
Given a title like lord

Puzzle 3

Cajun rice dish cooked with sausage and shrimp
North newly named country once called FYROM
An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks
Going uphill
Hellenic, Augustan, Homeric, or canonic
Pay a fee to receive a regular service
Another word for mammalogy
Hermanos, Breaking Bad’s restaurant chain
A crash, usually of traffic vehicles
Discounted home furnishing stores
Showy, finger- and palm-waving dance movement
The Lieutenant of play by Martin McDonagh
Piety, religiousness, holiness

Puzzle 4

Professor-hero of The Da Vinci Code, Robert
Public agent
Red fish to distract
5; long-running space opera television series
Failure to grant something
Breaks free multiple times
Fast-paced Gaelic sport played by women
Nigel Radiohead producer
Only state where Vidalia onions are grown
To get better seats on flights is to receive an
Spanish term for a cowboy
Richardson, actress sister of Joely
A horned Big Five animal
Former Disney channel sitcom: Good Luck
Sought-after top prize in a lottery
Canadian province to the west of Saskatchewan
Squeezed between thumb and finger
Ceremony that follows someone’s death
Divided by 100
Light switches with dials

Puzzle 5

Chemicals company where Carothers invented nylon
Overused expression, a hackneyed idea
L. Frank Baum’s Good Witch of the South
Transparent fronts of helmets
World’s most fearless animal: honey
Red ; RAF aerobatic display team
Alan patriarch on Growing Pains
piece, a drama that is set in the past
Least lofty
Bruno Mars’ big hit with Mark Ronson: Funk
Type of radish that means large root in Japanese
Bad ; quirky actions you wish you could stop