Group 616

Puzzle 1

Coffee: tropical Irish coffee with rum
Founder of the Church of Scientology: L. Ron
Leonard Nimoy successor in iconic role, Quinto
Knocked over; turned on its head
Painter of well-lit domestic scenes: Johannes
Composer of Der Rosenkavalier: Richard
Poolside, not in the water, on
horse fly, toy-like insect seen by Alice
Temple animal scientist
Protected by magic
Feel-good ; things that make you happy
Titicaca Lake: situated between Peru and
The M in HMV

Puzzle 2

Plot, conspiracy to kill King Charles II
TV program genre with prizes
French dry-white, Italian sweet-red beverage
Wetness, dampness, condensation
Perch River in eastern North Dakota
Marriage ceremonies
Deliberately destroy for political gain
What Rodin’s sculpted man is doing
Heroine of a series of books by Susan Coolidge
TV genre with prizes
Padding that offers a soft landing for gymnasts
Silvery-white hair
Fleeing song by Janet Jackson
Finding problems with

Puzzle 3

WWI naval battle in the Skagerrak led by Jellicoe
Last name of singer Elvis Aaron
Offspring from two different animals; mixed-breeds
Roman port city, once hosted the Temple of Artemis
1987 Gary Paulsen novel
Uncommon way to say self-discipline
Venting, expressing in speech
Pancake like flatbread found in Beijing
film; standard-length movie, not a short
Moan, mutter under the breath
Wet-cleaning a floor
How the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza is better known
Portable securing device
Funny mistake on TV
Putting money behind a venture
Ready, eager and prepared to help
Carrying capacity of a cargo ship

Puzzle 4

City where Cartman, Kenny, and Butters live
Bronze pink seeded grape grown in Southeast U.S.
Wife wed to Henry VIII the longest: of Aragon
Young females gather up at tennis matches
Costly, or the opposite of cheap
Ancestors, predecessors, grandparents
Record producer, collaborates with Macklemore
In over your head, unable to cope
Alan ; ABBA-obsessed fictional radio host
The ; 2006 romantic drama starring Keanu Reeves
In the ; on show to everyone
Knowledge that something exists
Nagging wife of Socrates
Painted with shine

Puzzle 5

Car brand, also a big cat
Six times fifteen
Top coating of teeth
John ; horseman featured in 1782 ballad
From dawn to dusk, for 24 hours long
Winning coach of The Voice, 2019: John
Sweet-tasting carbohydrates
Tailor Soldier Spy, serial with George Smiley
Stanley ; Jim Carrey’s character in The Mask
Antiquated term for abundance
Spanish city with Real and Atletico football teams
Grammy winner, Grande
Craving, sense of longing