Group 615

Puzzle 1

Pine trees that are also deciduous
Phil played Sergeant Ernie Bilko in the 1950s
that, miscellaneous inconsequential things
Subject of an opera by Darius Milhaud: Simon
Player for both the KC Royals and White Sox: Bo
French term for a young chicken
The Buster Keaton as an engine driver
Numbers of viewers for various TV shows
Biennial festival celebrating West African masks
Let off, produced
High degree of pleasure
Small and long-tailed primates
British ; flag carrier for the UK

Puzzle 2

Brothers who created Stranger Things
Spins, rotates, turns rapidly
Squeal on a sibling
Singer and guitarist for Nirvana: the late Kurt
Washington’s horse shares its name with an admiral
Camera accessory with a hue such as sepia
North Texas Mean Green are from TX
Major component of a turbulent flow
Tolkien demon in spider form
Don’t give this up if you have no talent
Amy Wong’s boyfriend in Futurama: Kif
A portion of time in history, era

Puzzle 3

On ; balancing on the very edge of a cliff
Southern Methodist University is a football team
Tight band at the end of a sleeve
Stackable soft toy range from Disney
The male steerer of a ship
& the Blackhearts sang I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll
Upper ; higher tiers or levels
Goodwin, Snow White on Once Upon a Time
Wrote a novel
Female of good fortune
René Surrealist used apples and bowler hats

Puzzle 4

Gary Cooper played the famous French Legionnaire
Closest country to Kaffeklubben Island
Old-fashioned coins thrown from floats at Carnival
Home of Peter Pan where you don’t grow old
Immature salad green
Lizard that changes appearance according to moods
Pressing the creases out of fabric
Landing tummy first in the water when diving in
: Murder; mystery series starring Dick Van Dyke
Detergents that scrub
Duke jazz bandleader of Take the ‘A’ Train
with the Kardashians, reality TV show

Puzzle 5

Teen anime warrior Moon
Hannibal lover of flesh, Chianti, fava beans
John Lennon’s 1970 exhibition of lithographs
Put down the phone, ring off
Ta-Nehisi author of Between the World and Me
Looking glass
walking; hiking with ski poles
Salvation Army newspaper, The
Act that is not genuine, artifice, crookedness
Element added to food, especially salt
TV show & Greg starring Jenna Elfman
the People: singers of Pumped Up Kicks
Cave that Santa might inhabit
Suzuki ; compact SUV first produced in 1988
as a bug in a rug
Largest island of the Zanzibar archipelago