Group 614

Puzzle 1

eagle, bird named after precious metal
Big, brown, round tuber, aka Mexican potato
Former long pants
Martin who won an Oscar as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood
French photographer of the first permanent image
Rough waves that don’t break cleanly
The Tailor of spy novel by John le Carré
Choose not to do something
Washington, jazz saxophonist from California

Puzzle 2

In vino,
BASE ; leaping from buildings or cliffs
Routh, star of Superman Returns
Leap starring Scott Bakula
Stuffing or wadding for cushions
Awful, horrifying, shocking
Alan Rickman’s Galaxy Quest role, Dr.
Jessie J feels this raining on her in Domino
Paired with
heat, rash of itchy spots caused by the sun
Life, and the pursuit of Happiness
Rubber boots named after British duke (short form)
Royal Canadian Police, Canada’s law enforcers
Prince of Kent, cousin of Queen Elizabeth II
Cindy US snapper appeared as B-movie starlets
Lower-leg joint on a horse
Nuts used to make marzipan and frangipane
Sound producers for music

Puzzle 3

Elton John hit on Moulin Rouge soundtrack
Saul Mandy Patinkin’s character in Homeland
Linford British runner
Muck farm apparatus
House, home for nurses in Call the Midwife
Dean flawed hero of Kerouac’s On the Road
First and ; opening item on an agenda
Eau de ; scented skin freshener
Least smooth and gentle
Romance novel and film: The Trail of the Pine
Relating to a line of hereditary rulers
Thought curiously about something

Puzzle 4

Mean Dastardly & Muttley’s car in Wacky Races
Pericles’ partner, who influenced Socrates
Birdeater; world’s largest spider
Big foot stool, can sometimes have storage space
The study of nature; also a movie Weird
Golden Girl, Getty
Rat in Mi UB40 song about eating room
French palace
Something received for no payment
dolls, series of hollow wooden figures
A bringing together
Implicit, unsaid
First country where women could vote: New
Long-grained rice eaten with curries
A bringing together under the law; a union
Gave, allowed access
Creamy milk drink topped with sweet syrup
Northern Finnish region

Puzzle 5

Calista was Ally McBeal
It irrigated early society
Li’l beloved horse on Parks and Recreation
Descriptive word, usually before a noun
1971 Richard Matheson novel
Calm, tranquil, peaceful, unmoved
Mob boss, don
Snack food with toppings in Southeast Asia
The Father of Liberalism, English thinker
Bass tuba, sounds like an attack
She had Mary, Queen of Scots, beheaded : I