Group 613

Puzzle 1

Plants with tall spikes of individual blooms
Arachne challenged her to a weaving contest
Sit an exam paper again
Celebration march
Country of birth of ABBA’s Anni-Frid Lyngstad
Showed courage; anagram of adverb
Inventor of the pencil eraser: Hymen
Shifted something heavy
Precious stones, gemstones
Small prawn
Winner of Last Comic Standing (2004): Bodden
Idiots, silly and stupid people
This Joss created TV shows Buffy and Firefly
Coppi; Italian champion of champions cyclist

Puzzle 2

First name of Shakespeare’s merchant of Venice
More content
Chance for public to visit a place or institution
print, sheet of mini photos
Distant cousin of the kangaroo
MLB team managed by Tommy Lasorda for 20 years
Used with brown paper to patch up Jack’s head
Actor who played Kojak on TV: Telly
Love potion
Tree-like parts of a cauliflower or broccoli
Alkaloid used in medicine, known as physostigmine
Maslany, star of Orphan Black

Puzzle 3

Placed in a grave or tomb
Peruvian currency
US river nicknamed the Big Muddy
These give new episodes’ plots away
Not given a top 32 ranking at Wimbledon, say
Local stories passed down through the generations
Howard of Hustle & Flow and Empire
Never German movie aka Werk ohne Autor
Questioning the truth or reliability
of Hainault; Edward III’s French wife
Painting lesson
Service in a court proceeding, often as one of 12

Puzzle 4

Hotel in New York City, -Astoria
Shimmering, glowing
Gelora Lautan Api Stadium, Indonesia
Creator of the fictional character Sam Weller
Small barking deer species
Yellow animated creature with an electrical shock
British royal family name
Metal food-preserving covering
Dutch gin that is medicinal and aromatic
Deep, narrow gorges
Removers of objectionable words with a blue pencil
Yearning, wanting someone or something
Attachment to headgear to keep hearing organ warm
Ferns used to entice tapeworms into leaving
Dropping from a height
The Immaculate Collection was her compilation LP
Instagram tagging sign

Puzzle 5

State clearly again, for emphasis
Messenger, middleman
Energetic Flashdance and Fame singer
Tiny online diary
Romantic appointment with an unknown
Lobster the Mock Turtle’s song
TV mogul: CNN, TBS, TNT and more
Baked in a cream or cheese sauce, e.g. potatoes
French-speaking Swiss canton famous for absinthe
Crafters’ decorative Japanese masking agent
Buoyant rectangle held by a swimmer