Group 612

Puzzle 1

Loafer, waster, dropout
Settler, often on already occupied land
Maths man who first used an X symbol for multiply
Left in the shade; outshone
Boy and tiger share a small boat in this movie
A month to give thanks
Natural patterns on an animal’s pelt
Not said
Tree and the hairy red fruit it produces
Dressing or compress that wraps an injury
Mughal mausoleum for the wife of Shah Jahan
The sea between the Italian Riviera and Corsica
Rock ; Belgium’s traditional rock music festival
Freddie of The Good Doctor and Bates Motel
Where in the kitchen to keep baked yeasty products
Rocky headland in the very south of South America

Puzzle 2

Grumble, mutter to oneself
Act on stage
Director and creator of the Keystone Cops
Love is a Battlefield singer: Pat
Toronto’s NBA side, founded in 1995
Adjusted to better suit surroundings
Something edible, able to be eaten
Bored ; something is so tedious you could cry
Common orange, white, black pond fish
Most Living TV paranormal activity series
French editor of 18th-century Encyclopédie
Fan of the Doctor who uses a TARDIS

Puzzle 3

One of John Booth’s co-conspirators: George
Unessential items, extravagances
Conor who is an Irish MMA fighter and boxer
English potter who developed Jasperware
One of Europe’s most influential royal houses
The Witches of ; 1987 comedy fantasy film
Sci-fi series featuring John Crichton and Scorpius
Shock, amaze, surprise, flabbergast
Bushcraft expert, TV personality and author
Legal cases
Region of Northwestern France
Largest moon in the Solar System
Musical grouping, such as the Original Dixieland
Oily fish used in pâté

Puzzle 4

Football trickery named after a ground spice
Sobbed loudly
Richard Chamberlain TV show about feudal Japan
TV’s Little Liars
One of the Backstreet Boys: Nick
Youth low-cost accommodation to youngsters
Muharram marks Muhammad’s move from Mecca to
Through a Glass Bergman film of 1961
Creator of Hello Kitty and her friends
Most lazy, least active
Beekeeping area
Nationality of writer Hermann Hesse

Puzzle 5

Kent sight, a conical-roofed building
Seasonal Disorder, or SAD
UTC-1 in an Atlantic island group is Time
Germany’s highest mountain
Bread and strange insect encountered by Alice
Joining an enemy country
Dinner in a cardboard container. Just add water
Power machinery for cutting lawn edges
Paints wood with protective glaze
Old time movie cowboy with a horse named Trigger
British tennis winner started a sports shirt line
Hypothetical type of compact exotic star
Cowboy sci-fi classic with android theme park
Someone from our planet; anagram of lathering