Group 611

Puzzle 1

vouchers, employee benefits redeemed for food
Vice President who completed Zachary Taylor’s term
BC city whose name means meeting of the waters
Exceptionally talented musical performer
Teaching Mr on South Park
Famous 1930s gangster, aka Scarface
In working order, functioning without a break
Expression of expert commentary, notably sporting
Bryan played Walter White in Breaking Bad
Pub Thug leader and concert pianist in Tangled
Arms of a tree
Scandinavian pre-Christmas banquet
Popular wriggly canary snack

Puzzle 2

Town in SW Norway, capital of the oil industry
Town revolving around the Laura Palmer mystery
Vegetarian meat alternative shaped like a chop
What defendants need to prove
Creator of the Penguin series of book titles
Revamped version of Prisoner drama series
Day, month and year on which you were born
African-derived religion popular in Brazil
Hit song by the rock band Paramore: The Only
Badges worn on jacket collars
Prepped an interior wall
Looking at something, surveying

Puzzle 3

What’chu talkin’ ’bout, ?
Old in a good way
Hamsters and gerbils are illegal in this state
Chat rooms, online message boards
Isabella housewife of the eponymous cookbook
Herb, goes with Lettice in a Shaffer play
Cause harm
Ending added to a word, e.g. -tion, -ing
salute; Star Trek hand gesture greeting
island, iconic prison site of Nelson Mandela
Jiggery dishonest messing around

Puzzle 4

Back to ; start again after failure
Area of Northwest China, with a large basin
Sympathy or indulgence for differing beliefs
Original name of Ian Fleming’s Jamaica estate
Slang term for a small crustacean
Concealing the identity, going in disguise
Shortest of The Goodies
Christmas Is ; festive hit from Love Actually
Iron-and-glass tropical greenhouse at Kew Gardens
Decrease, fall in numbers
Knighted English golfer, winner of six Majors
What CJ stood for in Ms Parker’s name in Baywatch

Puzzle 5

Difficult to chew fibrous tissue in meat
Cavalry regiment led by Custer at Little Bighorn
Performing a revolution with the body
Vince Clarke’s tale of love for Yazoo
Edina Jennifer Saunders’ Ab Fab character
On a party’s guest list
Nels Old Poison showed little effort
Small pebble on a beach
Being green with envy
Diminish intensity to a state of calm
box, glossy-coated keepsakes from Russia
Peter Parker’s high school
Flair, flamboyance, a dashing style
Cuchulainn’s spear in Celtic legend
Popular Toyota model, first made in 1966
British chef and TV personality: Lawson
Galloping off at high speed, running away in fear