Group 610

Puzzle 1

Schooling; list of institutions attended
Made up or not real
Inexpensive sparkling Italian wine
Model or archetype of a functioning invention
Brass musician, plays an instrument with 3 valves
indicator; solution that tests acidity
Buddy cop drama of the 80s set in Florida
20th century artist Albert Namatjira’s homeland
Pakistan mountain range, includes the high peak K2
Made a loud, squealing noise, like an owl

Puzzle 2

Battle of Hampton Roads rebuilt Confederates’ ship
Persistently, immediately
Sour seed pods used in South East Asian cuisine
Jobs a person has on their plate
Scott, one of the Property Brothers
Fitted to a climber’s shoes
& Fortitude, stone lions at NY’s public library
Deadly bacterial skin infection
Rita and the Shawshank Redemption
Jerry was the focus of this funny show’s foursome
Don’t go to bed on an (advice to couples)
Aroma lamp
Vent drilled into the ground to extract oil

Puzzle 3

Someone of younger age; Jr suffixed to name
Scottish meat delicacy with oatmeal
90s TV show Lewis Can’t Lose
Horse to be tamed in the book by Mary O’Hara
Male who always agrees with the boss
Bernie lyric writer with Elton John
Most unique, least common
Martial art and 1970s TV show
health, medicine of psychiatric disorders
Surprising U.S. election result: over Dewey
Boy genius with a secret laboratory
Informal discussion; tête-à-tête

Puzzle 4

Imaginary stringed instrument for rock music
These were received on the fifth day of Christmas
Factory for processing pulp
Underwater transport as blueprinted by da Vinci
Take advantage of, discriminate against
Expression for shutting off lamps before bed
Cleverly, slyly, demonstrating high intellect
Circumference or outer edge
Marjory Angela Thorne in To The Manor Born

Puzzle 5

Cole, she’s a Dangerous Lady
Call TV quiz of guessing word definitions
Super ; 1980 album and single for ABBA
The 15th letter of the Greek alphabet
Sale where customers bid on antiques, artwork
Inexperienced newbies
Where people sleep and keep their clothes
Steve Redgrave’s rowing club and England’s oldest
German portrait painter commissioned by Henry VIII
Bike taxi or rickshaw
Newspaper, especially one listing official news
Jared US adviser, son-in-law of Donald Trump
Robert actor, director; starred in Spy Game
DWTS alum Joe Amabile, aka Store Joe
Thai cat breed, pale body with chocolate points
Also known as typical or common
Entered a country with an army
New Kingdom of 16th-century Spanish provinces
Rapped on a door