Group 609

Puzzle 1

Max Greenfield’s New Girl character
Not morning or afternoon
Relating to the glands above the kidneys
Yellow tops worn by Tour de France stage leaders
St ; hospital in St Elsewhere tv drama series
obliqua; prickly caterpillar with deadly venom
Copes; oversees
Shirley Hill House and The Lottery author
Scale of indentation hardness of materials
Watched over, protected someone from evil
Decorative packaging for carrying a present
Capital of the Hittite Empire
Got ready, e.g. ingredients for cooking a meal
Weigh up the pros and cons of two or more items
Michigan capital is not even its county’s seat
The Jacksons’ 1984 tour of the US and Canada

Puzzle 2

Skeet from Riverdale and Scream
Most sneaky or cunning
Not prose
It is used for grinding powders and paints
Swiss canton, with Rhine border with Germany
Jade ; Chinese lunar rover launched in 2013
Charles : claimed inventor of the Monopoly
Highest point of the Dominican Republic: Pico
One under par
Italian music notation meaning lively
Star of the TV series Alias: Jennifer

Puzzle 3

Large Canadian island in the Arctic Circle
Where a relationship might blossom
12-time NBA All-Star and ex-Indiana Pacers coach
Specialty of Hewlett-Packard, Dell, et al
Dissolve into tears, cease functioning
Written statement from a witness
Used in organic farming, synonym of nitratine
Final outcomes; anagram of stimulate
Mr. Robot, Bohemian Rhapsody, Need for Speed
Runny French cheese
Quip, riposte, wisecrack
Star of The House Bunny and Mom
Drawing pin

Puzzle 4

Consuming food
Heavy weight, weighing down a conscience
Forgive, pardon
Monty Python member, John
Steven I Have a Pony standup comedian
knots, embroidery stitch used in flower middles
Low Japanese beds
Big Texan city or TV soap
Examine patients quickly to gauge immediate needs
There won’t be snow in ; according to Band-Aid
You aren’t gonna or YAGNI in programming terms
Alberto Ferrari world champion in 1952
Prototype lunar rover named after a beetle
Laundry holder
Bahamian American actor and director Poitier

Puzzle 5

Oldest independent country in Africa
Deep nutty-brown hair hue
Last Man starring Tim Allen and Nancy Travis
Spoken communication
Janet Evanovich book: Fearless
Unique metal identifier of a vehicle
Deep, low noise of a hungry stomach
Cowboy jeans brand
As slow as (slow-running sweetness)
Avoid, dodge, bypass or skirt
Ratatouille’s harsh food critic
Revulsion, dislike, aversion
Deep, low noise, e.g. sound of distant thunder