Group 608

Puzzle 1

Self-indulgent, hedonistic
Buildings where businesses operate
duster, they tend to the bones of T. rex
Dressy robe for a dinner and dance event
Describes a needle with cotton running through it
Kentish man who led the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381
High yielding, productive
Hebrew prophet and author of a Book of the Bible
crust, pastry type used in pork pies
A monocle

Puzzle 2

Restraining device
Washington Irving’s pen name, Geoffrey
Greatest, best quality
Juvenile pigeons
Adjust instruments so they play perfect notes
Three-headed giant; owned oxen stolen by Hercules
Declare something to be true
Cylindrical spaceship or firework
Get ; 1971 Michael Caine crime drama
Weissman, Violet Baudelaire actress
Spanish fleet of warships
Used a remote control to change TV channel
Having a pH level below 7
Angola’s capital city and primary port

Puzzle 3

Below zero; not positive
Jean-Paul designer and Eurotrash presenter
French cheese and also meringue dessert
The overheating of a nuclear reactor
Lasting for many months or years
Bob famously the jockey of Aldaniti
Briefly halted 2017 ABC-TV show: Bachelor in
The shrimp-goby lives in mud or sand substrates
Tiled pieces used in making mosaics
Young clover that is an Irish symbol
Power transferred from central to local government
Novel by Nicholas Sparks and film, Nights in

Puzzle 4

Norm of SNL, Billy Madison, and Dirty Work
Eddie Lane on The Path
Björk nationality
Founder of Gallery 291, married Georgia O’Keeffe
Avoidance, act of averting a necessity
Leaving on a ship
Superhero played by Hugh Jackman
Linking process of words in an e-book
Once ; how fairy tales start

Puzzle 5

Greek resinated wine
Multiple protectors that accompany someone
Baseball’s repeat MVP Miguel (Miggy)
Hew ; Scottish library facade sculptor
Large tufts carried by cheerleaders
Handel’s oratorio featuring the Hallelujah Chorus
First major battle of the American Civil War
Snap, and Pop, the Rice Krispies mascots
Roaring ; strong Southern Hemisphere ocean winds
Former British TV show film adaptation: Abbey
Sides of the head between ears and the forehead
Evil, satanic
Closest animal relative of the okapi
Mistreat, abandon
Thermodynamic variables as temperature
Harriet Stowe, writer of Uncle Tom’s Cabin