Group 607

Puzzle 1

Canadian musician backed by Crazy Horse
Can’t be seen
Last name of family who took in Bigfoot Harry
Using language figuratively
Hidden paper design, seen when held to the light
Kenyan game reserve famous for its big cats
Sugary yellow kernels
Coastal town of Murder, She Wrote
Distributes portions to various people
Codex Da Vinci’s writings owned by Bill Gates
Competitive winter sport of Monaco’s Prince Albert

Puzzle 2

Self-esteem, gumption
Who or Strange
Red gems
Guitarist and political activist Ted
ratio: width by height of an image or screen
African American folk magic
Royal (or ball) reptile that dozes in the day
Army, BBC drama that was spoofed by ‘Allo ‘Allo!
Gambling house
The C in WC, otherwise known as a water
Bullock; won an Oscar for The Blind Side
This study takes closer look at bird eggs
Pan Lake: one of world’s largest hot springs

Puzzle 3

Hindered, blocked
FCI ; prison setting of Orange Is The New Black
Brand claimed to be preferred by 8 out of 10 cats
Card game where pairs are collected
Greene, former 100m world record holder
La salt tax repealed in the French Revolution
German school of art founded by Gropius in 1919
Purple evergreen bushes that grow on moorlands
Pull elastic
Wearing away, hanging threads at a garment’s edge
Homicide detective played by Peter Falk

Puzzle 4

Deadly sin of overeating
Young males doing duties at tennis matches
Requested official payment for work done
She played Carly on the TV show iCarly: Miranda
Big band singer and actress in Calamity Jane
Transparent enclosure for keeping reptiles in
Battle of the ; key clash at Helm’s Deep
The E in LEDs in electronic displays
What things signify; things intended
A small high-speed shell; first-rate
Untidily written
Took one’s leave
a dead horse means to continue fruitlessly
Arcimboldo, Italian portrait painter
Highest rank of Ottoman kings
Paths made just for cyclists
One who writes the words for songs
Official rank of Ottoman kings
Played Lacey in Cagney & Lacey
Dancers’ or actors’ outfits

Puzzle 5

Insects that are even more common than flies
is bordered by Brazil and Argentina
Ivor composer, his name given to music awards
A combo of different things stirred together
MTV reality TV prank show from the early 2000s
Carbon, sci-fi dystopian show
Looking for
Probably beer in the world, Carlsberg slogan
Distant skyline
Reverberate, be filled with noise
Northern Irish Open-winning golfer Rory
Social network with a bird logo
out; quit, withdrew
Summer wind in the eastern Mediterranean
Secret police in period of Russian tsars
Sentence first, afterwards: Alice in Wonderland
Knitted garment with long sleeves
Roguery, like a male picture playing card