Group 606

Puzzle 1

Chairs, tables and sofas
Eddie Murphy SNL character who sang Wookin Pa Nub
Number of children born per year
Watch What Happens Live! host
Third most populated city in Pennsylvania
Fell down, fainted
Denim jeans brand with red diamond logo
Period of reduced economic activity
box, red unit with communication dial-up inside
Foolish, futile
Chunks of timber to add smoky taste to food

Puzzle 2

Seated office employment
Hit TV series by David Simon set in Baltimore
Gorge in Tanzania with early skull discoveries
Spoke incoherently
Striker Henrik former Sweden captain
Brandon Flowers’ band: The
Jim and Pam of Dunder Mifflin
Letters from devoted supporters and enthusiasts
An artist’s plate for mixing paints
Your dad’s dad
Porpoise Spit is the home location of Muriel’s
Knocked out
Decorative pieces for lower limbs
Repel, by hitting the ground perhaps
1965 song by the Beatles: Man

Puzzle 3

Keyboard character (like an *) used in coding
Europe-US golf comp played every two years
Co-presenter of Top Gear with Clarkson and Hammond
Inability to hear
A country ruled by three leaders
Dragonfly with a boat in The Rescuers
Disregard, ignore, overlook
Granted power to someone
Extremely fussy and attentive
Neil deGrasse Tyson’s late-night TV show
Hair crinklers, name also of people who use them
Billy Lynn’s Long Walk, book by Ben Fountain
French meringues, tiny sweet sandwiches
Vocal group popular in the 50s: Dion and the

Puzzle 4

of honor; close married friend of a bride
Cold are owned by people devoid of sympathy
Opposite of flowing
Frontman of Motown group The Miracles Robinson
A photographic enlargement
about, fooled around (like a songbird)
Campsite for vehicles
Kaye, listen carefully to René in ‘Allo! ‘Allo!
Restricted food intake, started eating healthily
Supervisory woman for old-fashioned school
Road surface
Demonstrated a fact to be true
Beeblebrox, president of the Galaxy

Puzzle 5

Concentrated by evaporation
Smooth talker, flirt, ladies’ man
Speech difficulty with s pronounced as th
One of a mammal’s front feet, a cat or bear say
Photo ID and permission to drive a vehicle
Gift they handle the paper and bows for you
Show set in Manhattan, sometimes at Central Perk
Lucy always yanked the football from Charlie
Alexander Daniel Defoe’s model castaway
Sighed and moaned
Recorded the proceedings of a meeting
Jimi final act at 1969’s Woodstock festival
Joins the military
Bombard, hurl at
Actors Beau and Jeff’s famous actor dad, Lloyd
Shrinking inland lake, east of the Caspian Sea