Group 605

Puzzle 1

Long-handled pruning shears for snipping branches
words, the IO in IOW
Keeping the body clean with water and soap
Phoning someone with Microsoft’s app
Unedited scenes captured on video camera
Fifth order of angels
Roger friend of Poirot who is murdered
Informal word for bet takers
Dick Dastardly’s dog
Four cheeses on a formaggi pizza
bidder; the one who wins an auction
Candle-like named woodpecker
1961 film starring Peter Finch: No Love for
Nozzled containers for carrying fuel
Husbands and wives
I heart apparel shows support for a city
Military shoulder decor
KC Chiefs QB nicknamed Showtime : Patrick
Charting on a graph
Sid punk boyfriend of Nancy Spungen
Pull a pained face

Puzzle 2

Hat style of 1920s flapper girls
Ring of flowers
Popular 1986 song to a woman by The Damned
The Y in CMYK in printing
Scary TV show American Story
Soft dessert made with whipped egg white
Car part that protects from minor damage
Archer projectiles
Turk and J.D. are inseparable on this medical show
Track ; past achievements and performances
Shade associated with singer Prince, puppet Barney
Nursery that looks after babies while parents work

Puzzle 3

Discovery and Defender 4-wheel drive car brand
Melody to attract a penguin mate in Happy Feet
The 70s sitcom about opposing personas
Prohibition importer of spirit from the Caribbean
Sat around, stagnated, slobbed out
Spoke in opposition to a proposal
Container for storing Oreos, etc.
Wild grassland feline, also called the manul
Jesus Christ theatrical show from 1971
Worn at festivals to allow admittance
To examine and explain the meaning of something
Lisa of House and Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce

Puzzle 4

Bright sky arcs, seen after showers
William ; astronomer who discovered Uranus
Extend lengthways
Elegant, like the movements of a ballerina
Vertical stripes are said to be this
Netflix series by Duffer brothers: Things
is located on the eastern coast of Africa
Kenneth Branagh’s former wife and costar: Emma
Thumb English punishment at Boston Massacre
Suspend oneself limply from a handhold
2017 Michelle Branch album: Hopeless
Deadly Portuguese carnivorous marine invertebrate
Auctions where high prices are paid for pictures
Spheres attached by string that are hit together

Puzzle 5

Sci-fi and fantasy book cover artist: Rowena
Islamic month of fasting
TV station
Chat even more than
Wanting a drink
Tirana country
Ship’s hospital, such as on the USS Enterprise
Fluffed up cushions
Ancient fighter
Leaf-eating African monkeys with long tails
Nemo, 2003 movie
Asian staple of skinny pasta used in soups
Makes money from
Swills liquid in the back of the mouth
Don’t Wear Plaid, Steve Martin spoof movie