Group 604

Puzzle 1

Trademark for an early graphics copier
Best Friends heart split in half on long chains
To commemorate an occasion
Jacques composer of Orpheus in the Underworld
Balance your or personal banking ledger
Self-importance, arrogance, affection, pretension
Liquid nut extract with a slight bitter taste
tango, dance from Buenos Aires
Someone who enjoys doing dangerous things
Exploring, probing, looking for
The spiritual leader of Tibet
Sleight-of-hand guessing game
Study of morality in medicine and life sciences
Of a fretful, grouchy disposition
Royal elf in LOTR, she ruled Lothlórien

Puzzle 2

Spur to action
Lara Flynn Boyle 90s lawyer show
Brain trauma leading to muscle spasms
Capital city of the United Arab Emirates
Multiply by six
Document granting permission to leave a country
Washes garments
Deliberately offer a lower price than a competitor
Judo move, opponent is thrown over an extended leg
I haven’t the idea ; slightest, least visible
The small pointer on a clock or watch
Child’s hopping game involving a cord and singing
French Prime Minister after de Gaulle: Georges
He wrote the lyrics for musical Promises, Promises
Any precious jewel used in accessories
TV show about fictional US president Jed Bartlet

Puzzle 3

Language in which Ciao means hello and goodbye
Statement of rue
Camera room where outside images are projected
Landscape, nature
around; playing the fool
Walks unsteadily, perhaps in heels
Nanny McPhee and the a 2010 movie sequel
French luxury skin care brand
Produce milk
Author of the novel The Witness: Nora
Southern African diamond miners and traders
Swedish Ding Dong Song singer
Blinking an eye
TV series that evolved from another series
1990s British murder mystery TV show
Sailing, voyage by water
A player whose job it is to catch or stop the ball
Removing from power or position

Puzzle 4

Pete ; third man to walk on the Moon
Imposing entrance
Owls was the first team in US to choose ‘Owls’
Worn by nurses undergoing cleaning duties
Most populated country starting with the letter M
Predatory watcher, such as Peeping Tom
Inspects for quality
Grace devised the first computer compiler
Book about Bruce Springsteen: Greetings from E
fluids include blood, saliva, urine etc
Empower, allow someone to do something
He played dim-witted Gomer Pyle on TV: Jim

Puzzle 5

Boston baseball team, plays at Fenway Park
cage, refers to living in glorious captivity
Another name for Jack Frost: Old Man
Apple device for making calls on
Leah creator of Scientology and the Aftermath
Marine mammal, related to Steller’s sea cow
The least punctual
Cold, leafy barbecue accompaniments
Construction woodworker
First country that Germany declared war on in WWI
Dratch, SNL’s Debbie Downer
Capital of the Central African Republic
Feudal relationship of homage to an overlord
Rhododendron shrub that blooms in the spring
Text correction or price increase
Water boiler for making hot drinks
Lose ; shed pounds or kilos