Group 603

Puzzle 1

Marie Kondo’s pseudonym and brand
Grew infant’s initial incisors
Shining, like embers
McCartney tune written for Julian Lennon
Left something empty
Narrow, widening crack in a rock
The ; comedy talk show hosted by Adam Hills
list; chronological list of football matches
Baked dish known for puffing up or falling
Plug, cork
Matthew Broderick was Ferris
Desert in Northern Chile

Puzzle 2

Dr. Who’s mode of transportation
Alcoholic beverage often served in a snifter
Hit a tennis ball without it bouncing
Lengths of wood or plastic for measuring
Electronic music genre that developed in Detroit
Word affixed to proletariat, Marx’s underclass
Author Daniel Handler’s pen name: Snicket
A member of the clergy
Betty film star pinup with famous insured legs
Lena Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones
First Geppetto’s, then Minnie Mouse’s cat
People die of dysentery in this Trail game

Puzzle 3

The moment when to sit down for dinner or tea
Port on the Gulf of Mexico since the 16th century
Chilling out, resting
Kitchen utensil with lots of holes for draining
A person of different status or rank
Clay, plastic or ceramic container for vegetation
Hair dryer fitting to keep frizz to a minimum
Dave Block Party and Half Baked comedian
British politician who wrote the novel Coningsby
Top-level business that’s a solid investment
Peaky Blinders and Taboo star
Mostly female, Spanish folk dance with clapping
Broadleaf tree with keys
Spend the summer in a torpid state

Puzzle 4

Gas emitted into atmosphere by landfill sites
Tom Magnum PI actor, producer
Begrudges, feels aggrieved
Strong order
The Little Girl starring Alexander Skarsgård
A chain is only as strong as its link
1960s and 70s women’s rights activist: Betty
It gives ouzo its typical taste
Prospered in health
Withdraw from an agreement
Biblical book that tells of the creation
Book for recording life’s happenings
De La Cruz, Mexican musician in Coco
Innocence, naturalness, inexperience
Graphics, illustrations, pictures
Irish county, largest town is Carrick-on-Shannon

Puzzle 5

Forms and documents new employees fill out
Fisher-Price 1980s lightweight stuffed animal
Loose Women panelist and Eamonn’s wife, Ruth
Agreeing to allow, in a regal way
The taste enhancer MSG: monosodium
Connie Britton’s country music show
Thriftiness, careful spending
Tenth President
Long tropical fish with sticky-out teeth
Restored, set right
Kacey Follow Your Arrow and High Horse singer
Balance done with fingers on floor, feet in air
of your seat; watching with great excitement