Group 602

Puzzle 1

Beatles album and TV film: Magical Tour
lifetime; a one-off opportunity
Most elderly-looking person (based on hair color)
Holy skies
boot, ankle footwear with elasticated sides
Day of the week when the Melbourne Cup is run
Ill-looking; peely-wally
Cover to prevent scratches on a camera
Countries on the Jutland Peninsula: Denmark and
Turned to a life of leisure, ended work life
Place on a farm where porcines live
Periods of ten years
Least sane
Michael Moonwalker
Seized without right, like a throne
Knee, South Dakota battle of the Indian Wars
Venus ; carnivorous plant with sharp teeth

Puzzle 2

Expressions, turn of phrases, sayings
The only English Pope: IV
Star of The Bride Came COD, James
kiss; chilly nose-to-nose greeting
American car with large, modified engines
The Board, 2013 Elton John album
A system of government
Hannah Nanette comedian
The Voice’s season 15 winner, Shepherd
Looked after a plant
Person who sports clothing
Hard- eggs, used in egg and cress sandwiches
Played a high shot
Science of light, written about by Leonardo
Kept or stowed for future use
Capital of Oman

Puzzle 3

Brawn or toughness
Film mogul Sam Goldwyn’s aquatic surname
Combing the hair
Plastic-coated cardboard food carton
Black ; no-hues photograph
Sweeping with a broom
Famous LA’s band who covered La Bamba in 1987
Actress-comedian from TV show of the same name
Infections of fingers, caused by Herpes virus
A group of these fast cats is called a coalition
Goodbye, sendoff, parting
Alabama university founded by Booker T. Washington
Agatha Christie mystery novel: Murder at the
Armando comedy writer of The Thick of It
boarding, hilly hybrid of skate-, snowboarding

Puzzle 4

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son born in 2019
Holiday occurring 50 days before Pentecost
Spray with machine gun fire; anagram of faster
1981-2003 British TV sitcom: Only Fools and
Brown appearance of pale skin after summer bathing
Sock storage
Languages of Senegal: Wolof and
Axiom, cliché, maxim
Capital of Pays de la Loire
fanciers, nickname for those who race birds
Acted sleepy
Rogers, Fred Astaire’s musicals partner
Decreed in court
water, drink type associated with Wimbledon
Tight-knit group of Pretty Liars

Puzzle 5

Where actors wait in the wings
Upset the is to potentially disrupt plans
Party where guests spend the night
Police officer assigned to a specific area
Jean chronicler of the Hundred Years’ War
Rule added beneath a word for emphasis
TV reenactment of real life events
Elvis’s colonel manager
Refusal to accept
Sarah Silverman’s character in Wreck-It Ralph
Cervical collar support
Person, often a professional, who gives advice
The inverse of an exponent; shortform: tree trunk
Garden mounds left by articulated soil dwellers
Seinfeld TV show last words: See you in the
Solid; stealth action video game series