Group 601

Puzzle 1

First Englishman to prove the Theory of Relativity
Final demand of protesters
Natives of Tunis or Sfax, for example
Move in the game of chess when the king is trapped
Skill of hand or calligraphy
Demand for money with threat of revealing a secret
Yelling or bellowing
First film in martial arts series, stars Van Damme
Trophy for the best college center in the country
Experimental Billy Idol album released in 1993

Puzzle 2

1985 film about singer Patsy Cline: Sweet
To flip between computer operations or windows
Body parts on which people wear watches
Educational name for a group of fish
grass, vegetation planted to protect sand dunes
For the good of, on of someone
Headquarters city of FIFA
Miley Cyrus’ alter ego on TV was Montana
Squished fruit for a drink
She played a detective on The Mod Squad: Peggy
Spoil an appearance, disfigure property

Puzzle 3

Display case model of a 3-D scene
Violin player
Yellow pouring sauce served with crumbles and pies
Hobbes; Sex and the City lawyer character
Tidal river
Edible fish, popular restaurant species
Ben Canadian sprinter stripped of 1988 medal
The most sharp, e.g. pain
Mythical woman with a fishtail
Jesse Civil Rights leader, 80s candidate
Gun pocket
1982 film for which Jessica Lange won an Oscar
Statler and Muppets from the royal box
Media term for comments from the public
Person in an army

Puzzle 4

Very beautiful
Parliament; government of Greece
Rejection, spurning
Country where the Genghis Khan Statue is located
Betting, placing money
Solid plastic; popular material for camping plates
The one who has the best manners
Turn a green rural area into a town
Paraffin fuel used in oil lamps
Père Parisian cemetery of Molière and Proust
Hotel service to prepare bedding on a night
M*A*S*H’s Benjamin Franklin
The In Me by Joan Armatrading
Noise made by tap shoes tapping
Author of Breakfast of Champions

Puzzle 5

Predicting the future by studying someone’s hands
The Last Man On Earth’s Phil Tandy Miller
Sign off on The Waltons: John-Boy
First president of the Philippines: Emilio
oils, essences extracted from plants
Rogen and Franco North Korean movie: The
First prehistoric era to use metal tools
Traditional character at German carnival parades
Another name for the Affordable Care Act
Flat metal instrument for serving up gateaux
Sarah is Building a Mystery
Deuce winner