Group 860

Puzzle 1

Priest Menno whose followers were Mennonites
Thai taxi bike, an auto rickshaw
Warren Buffett is sometimes called this
de change, currency exchange office
British Museum gallery with the Elgin Marbles
Removed outer cover of grains and nuts
Garden herb with bulb that smells like anise
Calvin Harris met you in the
Pointed peaks at the top of buildings
Whines, sighs
Canadian sitcom of the 2000s: Gas
Body part that gets sore with strep

Puzzle 2

Stuffed, like a nose during a cold or flu
Watched or looked at
Not the shortest route, not straight there
The first section of the small intestine
New Order formed after this band ended: Joy
star; meteor zooming across the night sky
Belgian capital
Squatting with your back against a flat surface
The meaning of farce in a French restaurant
Not of this world, unearthly
French inventor of permanent photos
Devon city, where Sir Francis Drake played bowls

Puzzle 3

Communications sent using radio waves
wardrobe; essential mix-and-match garments
Hanging bar for acrobatic performances
Mario’s profession in the Nintendo games
Numbered sticks raised by bidders at auctions
Japanese pickled vegetable side, served with sushi
Expenditures, costs
Falls on both sides of US-Canadian border
Top layer of a planet
up the sun, catching some rays
Another name for Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 11
Leaving the car on a meter
Latin-derived romance language spoken in Andorra
Rideshare apps mean many people don’t hail this
Doctor or surgeon’s medical knife
Promises on oath
Duck, male has a green head
John, who wrote The Spy Who Came In from the Cold
Non active, not initiating anything

Puzzle 4

Can’t do it signals a (sweet) lack of talent
Round woody edible fruits of the Corylus avellana
Nationality of iconic football hero Pelé
Schindler’s List director
Take a vehicle out to assess whether to buy
Netherlands’ capital
Victory by an overwhelming majority
What is heard at a gig or performance with a band
Author of Prince of Tides and Lords of Discipline
Steve star of Benidorm and Whitechapel
Belgian glass-making and coal-mining hub
Neapolitan ice cream is vanilla, strawberry,
The place in space where nothing gets out
Garry comedian and author
Person you spend time with on February 14th
hook; useful kit for climbers
Adds notes to a diagram

Puzzle 5

Second Hunger Games book: Fire
Wide, flat back muscles on the back and under arms
Walk-up price of a hotel room, no discounts
In flight, carried by the breeze
Flying ; legendary ghost ship that never docks
Perfecting something over time with practice
The World Wide Web
Top these brown spice rolls with gooey frosting
Founder of Neoplasticism : Dutch painter Piet
The science of growing apples or other fruits
Flamboyant music style of the 1970s
This young animal is known as a kid
Another term for the Christmas season
ring, Irish jewelry with clasping hands motif
Washing or rinsing out water from one’s mouth
Frank Woolworth’s middle name used in the business
South African PM assassinated in 1966
Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek’s reign of terror
Residence of the Dukes of Marlborough: Palace