Group 859

Puzzle 1

Contostavlos, N-Dubz singer with cousin Dappy
The Apartment star Jack, with a name like a citrus
Santa’s catchphrase
2017 Dan Brown novel featuring Robert Langdon
Providence College athletes
The Lord’s begins Our Father in Heaven
Place to play pinball, Skee-Ball, and video games
Halfway between morning and evening
Title for Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany
Warning from buyer beware
The son of Ares and Aphrodite and twin of Phobos
ready copy, CRC, pages ready for platemaking
A Spanish rice dish cooked in a large frying pan
A semi-aquatic rodent known for building dams
Grills, fries, cooks, or bakes
Outcast, someone shunned by society
Actor known for Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon
Decorative edgings for photos
Pale yellowish, similar shade to wheat

Puzzle 2

2019 action comedy by Guy Ritchie, The
Political power exercised by all the people
Arduous military punishment exercises
Bold and self-assured; Demi Lovato song
Sugary, juicy oval-shaped candy
Banking/financial organization, a US Big Four bank
Round wall target, often in bars, for arrows
Horn-like antlers on a giraffe’s head
The supernatural guard dog from the Underworld
Partial floor halfway between two levels
Alternative name for Ursa Major constellation
Making small adjustments or quick fixes
German federal parliament, based at the Reichstag
The Duke of Wellington’s name, Arthur
Pelham Grenville creator of Psmith and Jeeves
Looped, coatlike dress of the 1770s from Poland
Written statement by a Pope
Hotel basis with breakfast and evening meal
2009 Joss Whedon TV show starring Eliza Dushku

Puzzle 3

Ship location for the cheapest passenger tickets
Social institution common in many cultures
Depp had these for hands in his first Burton role
Former name of Montenegro capital Podgorica
Significant change to the DNA of an organism
2006 film about football tragedy: We Are
Russian airline, the national flag carrier
having the boys in blue at the heels
An agreement with a higher power
Record producer and synth player of Roxy Music
Colognes, pleasing smells
Blocks on which butchers prepare cuts of meat
He created detective Philip Marlowe
Greek flaky pastry with nuts and honey
Highly skilled, with a special ability
Incomes, wages

Puzzle 4

Successful competition entrants
What the emperor was missing
Blake’s second wife in original Dynasty series
Crimean military action: Charge of the Light
Property title possessed for a defined time
Upscale London department store owned by Qataris
The power to restrain people with bonds
Trapping a small wild animal
Far- beyond the realms of reality
The astronomer mentioned in Bohemian Rhapsody
Attaching washing to a line with clips
Fluid-filled cushion on skin formed by friction
Art technique of emulsifying paint with egg yolk
Unconsciously absorbed idea
Track and field sport of throwing a heavy sphere
Plant used in herbalism, anagram of beer van
Flight transport hub; scene of many fond farewells
Aladdin’s love interest
Local authority that governs a town or district
Safety cushion for younger children in cars
The section between the hand and elbow
hat, furry winter headgear with earflaps
Norse hero and father of dragon slayer Sigurd
Sound made by a burning bonfire
Lectures, speeches made by ministers
When cells divide into two identical cells

Puzzle 5

Danish architect of the Sydney Opera House
Actor plays this on TV, a role in a story
Robin Hood’s religious companion
Australian water famous for giant oysters
Chemically made imitation of a natural substance
Consequence, result
River or stream that branches off another river
The Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow girl group
Asian long and close-fitting trousers
The Kentucky Derby, e.g.
He played Thor in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe
Boat with two parallel hulls
Internet problem notification, like 404
Commander of Apollo 13 lunar mission
Repetitive music and dance form of Cuba