Group 858

Puzzle 1

Desert plinth feature
Cost of admission to a museum
Sense of direction or tiny metal balls
Swiss vacation town on Lake Geneva
A transportation mechanism for liquids
Word definition list found at the back of a book
Found in a chest buried by a pirate
A protein that produces an immune response
This is good enough but not more
Lose a match you were expected to win
sands, or an ever-changing situation
A simple tomato sauce commonly seen on pizza
Shoe company which formerly made Shape-Ups
Water-filled tank for fish
What Dervishes do in physical meditation
A credit card company
ABBA hit that begins Can you hear the drums,
First name of Clueless actress Murphy

Puzzle 2

A tooth with 3 points or heart valve with 3 cusps
This Italian province was earlier called Maloenton
Leave office, quit
The zodiac sign from December 22 to January 19
Swedish DJ who had a global hit with Call On Me
Wave-catching float for a lying-down surfer
Performing queries on Google or Bing
A DiCaprio film about going into the subconscious
Feeling of fondness

Puzzle 3

American singer Maggie, who wrote Alaska
The pointed indicator on a computer display screen
Simple number with quantity only, not direction
Country on the Baltic Sea, capital is Riga
Spoken of in stories
Bourbon, scotch, or single malt
Retired NBA All-Star, last name Wade
Tom Hank’s volleyball friend in Cast Away
T-shirt sizes above mediums
A in distress, a young lady in trouble
Andy Warhol fronted this cultural movement
Vowel change in related words or forms
Mileena and Sub-Zero are characters from Kombat
Russian lake, largest freshwater lake globally
the fur or wool of mammals

Puzzle 4

Virtual a helping voice such as Siri
A model of a kind of character found in literature
Deposit left behind by hard water
Eager and willing (especially sexually)
Rhyming Zanussi slogan: the of science
Van static-creating science lab generator
Eager and willing
Norwegian city with spectacular Nidaros church
Cured cod, seen air-drying on racks in Norway
Nearness, closeness
Curly doodle lines
Application of medicine to heal an injury
Lenin led Social Democratic Workers’ Party faction
Best or most exciting part of a trip or a day
Priests and clerics
Mary twin sister of Marvel’s Billy Batson
Rock band with 80s hit I Want To Know What Love Is
Flatfish group including halibut
Holiday when stollen is traditionally eaten
Game played with a shuttlecock

Puzzle 5

Sounds of words and letters
Player of the lowest brass instrument
Attendees should stay out of this and follow rules
It is the westernmost locality of Berlin
Spencer, Oscar winner for her role in The Help
Green dried herb often sprinkled on top of pizza
Renowned abstract artist who painted Guernica
Relating to or containing iron
Day trips for schoolchildren or tourists
Bar entertainment where you sing to recorded music
Glare at someone from an angle; give them
Russian sport of throwing a bat at skittle pins
Palace, Paxton’s famous glasshouse in SE London
Pest service that exterminates vermin
Eating utensils, called flatware by Americans
Berlin site of the Final Solution conference
Time when a teen’s body matures
One who deceives with their card hand
Organs that filter one’s blood
Singer named Manson, actress named Monroe
Disney teen with psychic powers: That’s
Nursed, fed
Old-fashioned beer vessel made of metal
Word formed from initials: scuba, Nasa, Unicef
Steampunk characters often use this eyewear
2013 movie with Clooney and Bullock in space
Small, shiny discs sewn onto clothing for sparkle
Child genius
Row of buttons at the top of internet browsers
Ancient stringed plucked instrument
A cone-bearing evergreen tree like pine and fir