Group 857

Puzzle 1

Facebook app for private communications
When starting over they say they’re back to
Painful hard mass made from bile components
Ming the villain of Flash Gordon tales
Projected presentation for business or education
Square, downtown London with Landseer’s lions
Scientific word for germs that could be infectious
Hungarian dragons faced by Harry Potter
Bread made with lactobacilli and yeast
Stage of youth when you are read picture books
The co-founder and late CEO of Apple
A 1984 dance film starring Kevin Bacon
Place with many beds for hikers
Feather-like arrangement of leaflets on a leaf
Singer of Roar, California Girls and Firework

Puzzle 2

Emotion played by Mindy Kaling in Inside Out
Electric cars require a special one to run
Ian McKellen, Michael Fassbender role
Insect that eats wood, can destroy a house
Oh I do like to be beside the ; summertime song
Painter of The Yellow Christ : Paul
Forward movement, progress, making
An acid; Cockney slang for skint: lint
Canadian singer/songwriter Nelly
Employment field involving healthcare
Sickly child in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
Vacation in the US, this in the UK
Accompanies, travels with
Alain French director, Last Year in Marienbad
London debtors’ gaol on the site of the Old Bailey
Ear bone also known as the hammer
Clothing subscription boxes improve this sense
Famous, brainy sculpture by Rodin
Recommended action with plastic refuse
a hybrid between a tangerine and a grapefruit
Cheese that ranges from mild to sharp based on age
Peppering with missiles
To release inhibitions; throw to the wind
Rio de city in Brazil
John first governor of the Bank of England
Things aimed at in archery
Brown skin pigment
A person with copper to auburn hair, a ginger

Puzzle 3

Male child sponsored for Christian baptism
A CEO is expected to fill this role
Hole in the ground after a meteorite impact
roll; caterpillar-style avocado-topped sushi
Miss Universe winners sport satin ones
The Crucible playwright Arthur
Slender leg bone
Team list, lineup of players
Basin Blues, Louis Armstrong melody
Pinocchio was this before he became a real boy
Retriever dog with yellowish fur
Scooby-Doo’s scruffy owner
Creamy hair product that styles and shines hair
Capital city of Brittany; sounds like small bird
Spoil, on a spa day perhaps
Gamblers place bets with this person
Miss World winners sport satin ones

Puzzle 4

Rule or control people in the style of a dictator
Caught a basketball after a missed shot
Official currency of Bolivia
Large back muscle with a shapely name
Upper limit to wages
Written souvenirs that are sent without envelopes
Not on the guest list for a party
Material within a cell outside the nucleus
The kingdom that Anna and Elsa are from
A cone-shaped voice amplifier
This girl group sings Black Magic and Touch
Can have the outer layer stripped off
Last Mythbusters option after Busted and Confirmed
Wheeless transport carried by people
Largest isle in Indonesia’s Maluku Islands

Puzzle 5

Arc de a monument in Paris, France
Irrational anger when driving
Knee-length trousers worn by men in history
Internet connection without cables
Deep, intense
Vain and conceited person
Picture books promote this ability to read
Another name for a witch’s companion animal
Taking a chance in a card game
Another name for a Bavarian cream dessert
Food delivery service owned by rideshare firm
Francesco Italian 2018 golf Open winner
Franciscan monk shares name with a monkey
Precious metal found in catalytic converters
The Marvel superhero played by Ryan Reynolds
The first P in PPE, before protective equipment
British slang for broken and shattered
Unfinished Austen novel and 2019 UK TV series
Fooled or tricked someone
Beautiful Indian monument at the city of Agra