Group 856

Puzzle 1

Without a mate
The first lady of Argentina from 1946 to 1952
Evening London newspaper since 1827
Irrevocable agreement
Verifying; putting bags in at an airport
Official declaration of love and marriage
Nocturnal rodent that hibernates for long periods
Greek muse of eloquence and epic poetry
Portable baggage to pack for an overnight stay
vinegar of Modena
Purple satchel friend of Dora the Explorer
Vocalist and pianist Stevie Wonder’s first name
Dark vinegar of Modena

Puzzle 2

Calderón y González, Frida Kahlo’s mother
Road to Hana is known for these terrifying turns
Greek afterlife mentioned in Ode to Joy
Horserace drops a flag to set things in motion
Hyatt premium leisure and business hotel brand
Golf clubs used on the green
Sally actress of The Shape of Water
Hen meat
Non-belief in gods or higher powers
Runners do this before a race to elongate muscles
Documents that allow people to fish
Claustrophobia location, if St. Nick got stuck
Is Lying tells story of five teens in detention
Short, military-style hairdo
Indian condiment of fruits, vinegar, sugar, spices
Vendors, traders
Lying under oath in court

Puzzle 3

A naval vessel that is able to operate underwater
Medical term for joint inflammation
Mistrust of someone
First name, surname of football-predicting octopus
Fabric worn on the hips and genitals, eg by Tarzan
Gathering background information on a suspect
Payment demand for H2O used by a home
Labyrinthine Polish salt mines with carvings
Author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Omelette and salad eaten at the carnival at Sitges
Anode or cathode
Bad way to begin; get off on the
One of seven rites of the Catholic Church
pen, posh fountain pen named for a French peak
Gig economy includes this type of writing, editing
Paul Simon hit with Ladysmith Black Mambazo vocals
Experimental style of painting, not old-fashioned
Sleep for a long time during the winter

Puzzle 4

Morals, principles
Electronic pen one might use to sign for a package
Uproar, confusion, chaos, disorder
Speed ; restrictions on how fast vehicles travel
Slides or flumes at water parks
First name of The Catcher in the Rye’s narrator
Margot Lois Lane in Superman
The device in a bathroom that can flush
The edible parts of globe artichokes
How many can dance on the head of a pin?
Liar, liar, pants ; children’s rhyme
Soil type of coniferous forests
John who might sing All of Me to Chrissy Teigen
Town, a slash gives Derry/Londonderry its name
Vets do this so male dogs don’t make puppies

Puzzle 5

Nationality of Mother Teresa at birth
Curved strap to hold hair off the face
Manual for learning magic spells
Opulence and sumptuousness
Nicholas Sparks novel turned movie in 2004: The
Girl; statue that stared down the Charging Bull
Radio comedy with Sellers, Secombe, Milligan
Leading edge of a developing territory, settlement
Flag carrier airline of Italy
1968 album by Simon & Garfunkel for the literati
Hindu mythological evil spirit
Inflated rubber orb for stretches or sitting
Narnia dwarf who says Whistles and whirligigs!
Café ; strong Spanish coffee with steamed milk
Fortified palace complex in Granada, Spain
Non-warring, a believer in peaceful resolution
Disease-causing bacteria or virus