Group 855

Puzzle 1

Memento brought back from a trip or holiday
Jef ; champion Belgian track cyclist
Residential property
A way to cook eggs popular in cartoons
Beliefs based on Lucifer, Prince of Darkness
Small furry monkey, also called a zari
Fragrant purple flower that helps reduce anxiety
Japanese Star Festival, celebrated each summer
Known for his portrayal of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Alec
The woodcarver who created Pinocchio
Milosevic, Serbian prosecuted for war crimes
Dance with emotional hit for Luther Vandross
Combustion ; engine components that burn fuel
Stroked lovingly
Returned a favour
Queen of the one of many nicknames for Venice
Place to stay near nature, sleeping in a tent
Type of mucus-producing cell inside the stomach
Metallic ornamentation used on posh book covers
The sickle-shaped moon
Titled sounding perfumed tea
Halfway landmark
Legal supervisions placed on other countries
James actor of Babe and The Queen

Puzzle 2

The actor and comedian in Ride Along and Jumanji
Officer who liaises with newly released offenders
Worker equine used for carrying loads
Academic who studies business, stock markets
arch, monument with curved doorways
Public green space where the Berlin Wall stood
When rappers make up their own lyrics
The flat stone laid over a grave
Type of yellow plum
To fall off of a ship into water; to go
Sleep-regulating hormone made by the pineal gland
A device used to count steps
sandwiches, food Paddington hides under his hat
Scottish author of Malcolm Fox novel series
Italy is an example of this landform
Holiday atmosphere captured in a tin

Puzzle 3

Red fruit or vegetable
Spanish location of Guggenheim art museum
Principles like honesty, kindness, respect
Swiss city known as the The Peace Capital
Let Not Poor Nelly Charles II’s deathbed words
Medieval tales often feature a knight saving one
Fatty substance found inside of bones
Number of silver coins paid to Judas
Mark ; Luke Skywalker in Star Wars films
Beatles song about paying the government
Leave a situation in the past emotionally
Mary ; pentathlete who won gold in 1972 Olympics
Damage to wooden furniture caused by fungus
Mortal Kombat’s princess of Outworld
Red fruit often mistaken for vegetable
Park, outdoor film festival in New York
SI units of electrical capacitance

Puzzle 4

Where everybody goes to catch planes
Oscar-winning screenwriter for Forrest Gump
Dense shrubbery and bushes
Roomy and open
article, the not uncertain part of speech
The baseball player who married Marilyn Monroe
Capital of French island of Saint Barthélemy
Cooler patches on the solar surface
Baked treat for Pooh, also nickname for a lover
Kitchen floor covering made from solid linseed oil
Kingdom of the Two political entity 1816-60
Knee-jerk, involuntary actions
City of Leofric and Lady Godiva
Hugh vocalist of The Stranglers
Runners go the
French cow’s milk cheese
The destruction of the world in Norse mythology
Focus on strength not this
Crowing cockerels who sing cock-a-doodle

Puzzle 5

Stretchy fabric similar to Lycra
Island group that forms part of Kiribati
Ribboned badge won at gymkhanas
Lambert, country singer of White Liar
Rodent kept as a pet; it runs on a wheel
The man or woman in command of a ship or vessel
Cape Angela is located in this N African country
Service to mourn the dead
To work so hard that you reach exhaustion
The yellow condiment that accompanies ketchup
The location of the French Quarter, New