Group 854

Puzzle 1

Air deflectors on the back of racing cars
A system of morals and spiritual beliefs
Aragonese city and province once called Saragossa
A large airship; English rock band Led
Japanese rail hub, to be avoided during rush hour
French city that shares an airport with Basel
A scientific term for any singular substance
Victorians wore black clothing to signify this
Motivated, fired up, raved, gushed
Player’s autograph on baseball in The Sandlot
Lewis 12th-century gaming pieces
The part of the forehead between the eyebrows
Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry superhero
Disorderly, frantic rush (rhyming)
Dance style for which Celina Zambon is known
Type of meat in the Finnish dish poronkaristys
Large, flat marine creature with a barb
Len writer of spy books with hero Harry Palmer
A confection made from ground almonds and sugar
Piazza venue of Siena’s Palio horse races

Puzzle 2

The fictional country where Black Panther is from
Electric rotary tool for removing tough skin
Peach and prosecco cocktail from Venice, Italy
Performers created from socks, dolls, papier-mâché
A company providing regular air transport
Small onion used in pickling
Charles writer/thinker aka Lewis Carroll
French sculptor and Paris nightlife district
Like a lightning bug or a positive review
It’s Now ultimatum hit for Elvis Presley
A young tree, growing from a small plant
Comedy performed in front of a live audience

Puzzle 3

fritters, popular Jamaican dish with ackee
Biggest city in the US state of Maine
Performer of tricks at children’s parties
Messaging app with yellow logo, white ghost
Over the top gloomy and gritty campaign
High quality hotel, but not quite five out of five
Directing a friend to a subscription box you like
Headband with warm covers for the hearing organs
-clop, the fanciful noise a trotting horse makes
The Princess and the Pea needed many of this
Matthew ; circumnavigated Australia in 1802-03
Crack in a bone; break on a hard surface
Mystical, esoteric tradition stemming from Judaism
1967 film with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft

Puzzle 4

Gear used in fishing
Mowgli flees Shere Khan in this Book
Can be donated after death
Small weasel, sometimes kept as a pet
Occupation protests by demonstrators
Feeling a strong desire to have a baby
Books do this when they say the same thing twice
Use a power to give an opponent a penalty
Civil and religious leader in Muslim country
Written with flowing ink
Famous drawbridge over the Amstel in Amsterdam
Indonesia, airline named after legendary bird
Oldest sister of Michael Jackson

Puzzle 5

Safely remove a program or an app from a device
Someone with the right training is this
Rome monument near the Roman Forum
Canada has a Northwest one
Timetabled plan of stops on a trip
It’s a Life, George Bailey and angel Clarence
Tips of chromosomes
mole; nocturnal mammal with nasal receptors
Mary, who witnessed the Resurrection of Christ
Elected leaders of the US states
This spice is the seed of cilantro plants