Group 853

Puzzle 1

Martial dance art from Brazil
Game bird with a long, feathered tail
One of four equal parts of a circle
Pair of pads worn on the head to keep warm
1996 album by UK band Anathema
Cape headland in N Carolina with a lighthouse
Palm tree fruits with hard shells, white meat
Dorothy was searching for someone great and this
Prague castle, home to the country’s president
Yellow spring flower with trumpet shape
Ancient Celtic religion worships at Stonehenge
Garment worn specifically when it pours
Hormone that prevents blood sugar from dropping
US gangster known for bootlegging in 1920s Chicago
Microsoft’s original web browser: Internet

Puzzle 2

Pierced, perforated
2007 serial killer thriller starring Shia LaBeouf
The author of the Alex Cross book series
After he learned this, he did it better next time
Eddy, Christian Science Monitor founder
Energy given off by the Sun
A balanced one provides energy in the morning
Rolling Stones song implies the band is not this
Grappling sport common in Ancient Greece
Royal house that fought in War of the Roses
Long passages inside a building
A device used to help control abnormal heartbeats
North Spanish region with Santander as its capital
Trademarked vehicle for sleeping and travelling in
One who drops or sprinkles things, e.g. seeds
Another name for the Hydrangea flowering shrub

Puzzle 3

Trevor boxer, a world champion heavyweight
Rubbing of clothes or skin on skin from running
To move very quickly is to go hell for
Force created by pressure difference
Hungarian spice, bought in quantities by tourists
Vengeful Greek myth character with a complex
Passenger ship famously sunk by an iceberg
A truck with no sides for easy loading
Apps on a Mac Dashboard, e.g. calendar, weather
Water insect that skims across ponds
Opera singer Jenny Lind’s nationality
Collins, teens fight to death in her books
Hitchcock thriller based on a Du Maurier book
Years celebrated at a platinum anniversary
Mongolia’s version of the dollar
Crossings over Venice’s canals and waterways
Bender is bitten by a on Futurama
Dame Evelyn profoundly deaf percussionist
Halted, ceased
Where a book’s story takes place
Without any backing, e.g. curtains
Art of making clay into dishes, bowls, and cups
Tim re-created the journeys of St Brendan
Card game, known also as blackjack and twenty-one

Puzzle 4

To react by cringing; to flinch in fear
Dancing, Pet Shop Boys hit of 1988
Splits, crevices, fissures
Act of putting a body into the ground
Game play that is done from afar, on the internet
Jim who gave the world the Muppets
The Kremlin is located in this city
Leading airline of Australia
Barrier, innovative construction to save London
Wizard of Oz character who wanted a heart
European country with the most horse racing tracks
Her fans are Swifties but his fans are Twihards
Round window at the apex of a dome
An Italian frozen treat similar to ice cream
Great owl, or tiger owl, with tusk-like ears
Playwright of The Pittsburgh Cycle
Angle greater than 180 degrees

Puzzle 5

Villain of the Hellraiser series
Excursion for no more than 24 hours
Ms Daw, found on a see-saw with Johnny
Gallery, arts venue on London’s South Bank
Knife with a wide, sharp blade
The bone structure enclosing the brain
Johann Goethe novel: The of Young Werther
Identifying someone in a Facebook photo
Roman Emperor who built a wall in Britain
Knee length shorts; British island territory
Title of Camilla and Catherine
Use this to enhance your nails or your furniture
Fridge holiday keepsakes for the kitchen
A musician who plays alone
Rainbow, hosted by LeVar Burton from ’83 to ’06
Turned milk sour
Mathematical statement proven to be true
Faint, lose consciousness
Describes the corners of picture books, for safety
Filled with grief, mournful
The elongated teeth in extinct saber-tooth tigers