Group 852

Puzzle 1

Old-fashioned term for carriage house or cart shed
When people visit other countries they go there
Gary piloted a spy plane over the Soviet Union
Sculpture such as David
Display cases for novelties
Doctors, people trained to administer first aid
Animated dog originally named Happy Hound
The Runaways sang first about this fruit bomb
Elephants have them, so do old-timey tourists
Chris the last British governor of Hong Kong
Katherine dancer and choreographer
Japanese raccoon dog
Bright blue hue from a metal chemical element
Dentists scrape plaque and this off dirty teeth
Grace Kelly became this country’s princess in 1956
Write untidily
The King, Steve McQueen in The Great Escape
Lake the world’s deepest freshwater lake
P. T., who started a circus
He sat at a round table in Arthur’s court
Bite noisily into a carrot
Mystery solved: the did it
German lyric poet of The Dance of Death
Michael most decorated Olympian of all time

Puzzle 2

Blocking a river’s flow
Some candles are made of this
Hit cymbals together, past tense
Chapel in the Vatican with a painted ceiling
Dissolution marriage
What you wipe your feet on before entering a home
Nuts used in marzipan
She sang the title song for Die Another Day
Seat made with pulses, perhaps
Barbadian artist who sings Diamonds, Work and Stay
Itza; archaeological site in Yucatán, Mexico

Puzzle 3

Are You Tonight? Elvis asks if you want company
A martial artist who starred in Fist of Fury
Weakening of an arterial wall causing it to bulge
Purses for Scotsmen with kilts
Vacuum-packed cooking in a warm water bath
An island off the coast of Spain
Took the film that captured JFK’s assassination
Gratified someone’s every whim
Painting, sculpture and architecture, collectively
Positive omen
World’s first vertical drop roller coaster (in UK)
Real ; Spanish football club from San Sebastián
A painful rash caused by varicella-zoster virus
Plato’s philosophical work on political theory

Puzzle 4

A very light and steady kind of rain
Ship that Captain Edward John Smith went down with
The organ that stores urine
Cheats never ; wise words on telling lies
Lin-Manuel of Hamilton fame
Charles, William, Harry, and George
This Moscow monument means fortress inside a city
Travis Morgan’s comic book alter ego
Within the law
Mislead, deliberately lie or tell untruths
Small, white dog breed named after origin country
Piece of matieral that may be used to cover roofs
Tree-based fat used in soaps, spreads, etc
Boeing’s water transport with wing-like mechanism
Run aground and unable to move
Adjective describing red-haired dolls Ann and Andy
Written thoughts, perhaps in search of a meaning
Kid ; 1962 Elvis film with Charles Bronson
Hey Ya! hip hop duo
Foot-operated pedal, eg on a sewing machine
Ballerina and a meringue dish

Puzzle 5

Lacking pigmentation, but not fully albino
Giant son of Gaia who fought Poseidon
Common name for Rome’s FCO airport
An electrolyte mineral found in bananas
Aussie souvenir yellow diamonds with messages
US novelist of A Death in the Family
Latin name for The Great Bear
Up to speed, clued up
2010 horror film about a ghost and a young boy
Nirvana’s second studio album with In Bloom on it
Professional joke tellers
Crystal structure common in cold weather
Jack climbed this to steal from the giant’s castle
Aerial light show that ushers in a New Year